Best Klein Tools

That’s why we’ve compiled a shortlist of the Klein Tools insulated screwdriver kits.

Undeniably, the screwdriver is a must-have tool for both experts and enthusiasts. This small accessory comes in different shapes and sizes, making it highly versatile in various tasks. These can include automotive, household appliances, plumbing and other types of repair jobs.

While the metal-made shaft may conduct electricity when exposed to electrical sources, proper insulation will quickly fix the issue. This feature makes insulated screwdrivers an essential part of every trade worker and electrician’s toolbox. But instead of buying each type of insulated screwdriver separately, you can get an entire set at a bargain price.

The American company is a leader in the manufacture of hand tools in the electrical industry. Their sets are of top-notch quality and will undoubtedly fit every pro’s and enthusiast’s needs.

 Best Klein Tools Insulated Screwdriver Kits List

Klein Tools 33526

“The essential electrician’s Klein Tools insulated screwdriver, plier, cutter and stripper kit suitable for all tasks.”

The combo includes three pliers, three screwdrivers, a cable cutter and a wire stripper. All tools come in a compact and durable bag with dedicated pockets for each instrument. As expected, each piece meets or exceeds the IEC and ASTM standards for insulation. This is more than enough to get you started in dealing with high-voltage tasks.


Best Klein Tools

Who is it for
If you’re a professional electrician, this Klein Tools 8-piece insulated screwdriver toolset is the perfect addition to your essentials

Perhaps, the best thing about these tools is that they all have two-part insulation on the handle. The high-dielectric plastic construction will ensure top-notch safety when doing hazardous jobs. What’s more, the combination of side-cutting, diagonal cutting and long-nose pliers will maximize your efficiency during electrical works. The package also includes two round-shank cabinet tip screwdrivers with 3/16-inch and ¼-inch tips and a #2 Phillips screwdriver. This kit will provide the ultimate versatility to your work arsenal, along with the wire and cable cutters.

Klein Tools 33528 

“This is the last insulated screwdriver kit you’ll ever need.”

If you don’t want to spend over $450 on the Klein Tools 33526, the 33528 is the perfect alternative. What you’ll get is a total of nine different insulated tools for nearly half the price of the 33526 kits. The insulated screwdrivers come in three different sizes of each tip style. In other words, buyers will get three 3/16-inch cabinet-tip screwdrivers, three 1/8-inch slotted screwdrivers, and three Phillips-tip screwdrivers.

Needless to say, the brand name guarantees high-quality products, and that’s what you get with this toolset. All screwdrivers are durable and have double-layer insulation for optimal temperature and electrical resistance. Each individual piece meets or exceeds the IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 insulation standards. The shank lengths range from 4 to 8 inches, so you get the best reach in all types of tasks.



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They’re also ideal for any other task that requires the use of insulated screwdrivers.

What’s more, the different point sizes, tip types, and widths will allow you to complete any task with excellent efficiency. The cushion-grip handles will ensure optimal comfort, making these items perfect for working in control boxes and terminal block applications.

 Klein Tools 94130 

“Arguably, this is the ultimate value insulated screwdriver toolset for professional electricians and enthusiasts alike.”

Arguably, the best thing about this Klein Tools 5-piece kit is the value. The 94130 1000V insulated screwdriver set will deliver the ultimate functionality at a reasonable price. Along with the two screwdrivers, you’ll get two pliers and a wire stripper that will cover all your needs. What’s more, all tools meet the ASTM F1505 and IEC 60900 standards for high-quality temperature and electrical current insulation.

The VDE certification is further proof of the quality of these Klein Tools products. Overall, the toolset comes with 9-inch side cutters, 8-inch diagonal cutters, and a wire stripper. There’s also a #2 slim-tip Phillips head and a 1/4-inch cabinet tip screwdriver. The three-part insulation with an underlayer on the pliers and wire stripper will protect you in all types of tasks. Moreover, the cushioned grip on the screwdrivers really makes a difference in terms of comfort and handling.


Best Klein Tools

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If you’re an electrician or a DIY warrior, you’ll love the insulation on all tools.

For example, the 9-inch side-cutting pliers feature induction-hardened blades. The 8-inch pliers can effortlessly cut screws, nails, and even hardened wires. What’s more, the wire stripper will strip and cut 8-16 AWG solid and 10-18 AWG stranded wires. If you want to shear screws, you’ll have no problems with sizes of 6-32 and 8-32. Let’s not forget about the screwdrivers. The slim-tip #2 Phillips and ¼-inch cabinet tips will prove extremely handy in restricted spaces. Apart from the ergonomic grip, the high-quality blades will prevent nicking insulation. For nearly $100, this Klein Tools combo will easily fit into the listof every pro’s essentials.

Klein Tools 32288 

“This kit is the best budget Klein Tools insulated screwdriver combo to have in your bag and on the job site.”

If you’re on a budget, you’ll really love this Klein Tools 8-in-1 insulated screwdriver kit. The combo includes a handle with 8 different tips – two 5.75-inch and three 3.5-inch double-ended blades. Perhaps the set’s best feature is its space-saving design, but there’s undoubtedly much more to it. The interchangeable 1000V multi-shaft system can replace a total of 8 individual drivers. This makes the package not only space-saving but also quite versatile.

What users get are bright-orange-colored items in a convenient small bag providing comfort and functionality. That way, the insulated screwdrivers will stand out from the rest. But what’s more important is the cushion grip handle and the five blades. They include two #2 Phillips blades, one #1 Phillips blade, two ¼-inch slotted, and a 3/16-inch slotted blade versatile enough to cover all needs and accommodate all tasks. What’s more, the long and slim knives will allow you to get better access in limited spaces.

Best Klein Tools

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Still, it’s a pure bargain for small electrical tasks. Besides, the price of a mere $50 makes it relatively affordable for everyone.

One feature that will amaze you is the handle lock. Even though it’s a simple mechanism, Klein Tools have made sure it’s firm enough not to budge. For example, if you try to push the blade into the handle, it will lock in automatically. You’ll experience the same ease when turning the collar and releasing the lock to pop the knife up. Of course, this mechanism isn’t completely fool-proof. The shaft will easily pop out if you use too much pressure.

How to Choose the Best Insulated Screwdriver Kit

Needless to say, insulated screwdrivers are among the essentials for both DIY enthusiasts and electricians. Many people have little or no knowledge of choosing the best kit for their needs, and purchasing the correct quality tools may be expensive. Luckily, we’re here to help you with a comprehensive insulated screwdriver kit buyer’s guide. You’ll quickly find the best-insulated screwdriver set on the market that will serve you for years.

What Are The Different Types Of Screwdrivers?

Since screwdrivers come in different types, shapes, and styles, it’s wise to first learn the different types. Each tool may vary in drive and recess type. What’s more, the head drive or recess type’s design may put each instrument into a particular group. Here are the most common types of screwdrivers that you’ll find helpful in your projects:

Manual Screwdrivers

Manual screwdrivers are the most popular. Typically, they have a thick handle with a cylindrical steel shank. The working tip is much smaller and requires a low twisting force to turn a screw. These tools are generally affordable and available at local hardware stores.

Ratchet Screwdrivers

This type of screwdriver eliminates the need to lift or reposition the screwdriver’s tip after every turn. Thanks to the internal ball-bearing mechanism, the user can make multiple turns without wasting time and effort. What’s more, every ratchet screwdriver has a switch button for changing the ratcheting action direction.

Best Klein Tools

Flathead Screwdrivers

Arguably, these hand tools are some of the oldest you’ll find on the market. As the name suggests, these screwdrivers have a flat-shaped shaft tip that works only with slotted screw heads. They are primarily manual and come in two subcategories – keystone and cabinet. While the former has a broader shaft tip, the latter is narrow, so it’s suitable for jewelry and watchmaking.

Phillips Screwdrivers

This is the most popular type of screwdriver. The well-known cross sign on the tip is rigid and has a long lifespan. Usually, it has applications in a wide range of categories.

Allen Screwdrivers

This type employs six straight lobes in the form of a hexagon. They are perfect for fastening bolts in fixture installation and other similar jobs. Like manual screwdrivers, these hex-head tools can come in a wide range of tip sizes.

Square Screwdrivers

Many people call the square screwdriver after its inventor’s name – Robertson. The Canadian developed the tool with a tapered square shape and protrusion. Thanks to the firm locking with the screw, the centering is much better. There’s no cam-out effect making the screwdriver ideal for automotive purposes.

Things to Consider When Buying an Insulated Screwdriver Set

Buying a set of insulated screwdrivers is cheaper than purchasing each type separately. What’s more, you’ll likely get a combination of different styles, so you have everything at hand when you need it. Still, there are some factors to consider before making your choice. They will help ensure you’re getting the best bang for your bucks.

VDE Certification

VDE, or Verband der Elektrotechnik, is a certification that the German Electrical Engineers Association gives to engineering tools. This accreditation will prove that your insulated screwdriver kit has gone through proper testing. In other words, products with such a stamp are usually of high quality.

Resistance to High Temperatures

The primary purpose of insulation when using screwdrivers is to protect the user from electric shock. This feature may also provide resistance to high temperatures. A decent temperature resistance will ensure you’ll complete your tasks without exposing your hand to hazards.

Voltage Resistance

Another crucial factor to consider is voltage resistance. Before you buy your screwdriver set, make sure you know about their voltage compatibility. Otherwise, using them for jobs with higher electrical current may result in unwanted injuries and fatalities. Typically, every brand will state the maximum safe voltage for each screwdriver. In most cases, your screwdrivers will easily withstand 10,000 volts, but it’s generally safe to work with 1,000 volts.

Best Klein Tools



While magnetics isn’t a must-have feature, it’s highly beneficial. It helps the head grip the screw firmly, especially when you’re holding it down. That way, you’ll save valuable time, and you’ll finish challenging tasks easier with the screw held in place. On the other hand, buying lower quality screwdrivers may mean weak or no magnetics at all. The inability of the screwdriver head to hold the screw downwards could possibly increase your job time.

Ergonomic Grip

Since we’re talking about handheld tools, it’s normal for every buyer to want to buy something easy on the hand. Therefore, a comfortable ergonomic grip is an essential factor when considering purchasing a screwdriver set. Typically, most screwdrivers have a rubberized coating that will allow you to maintain a secure grasp. High-quality brands offer products with non-slip handles that provide even better security when the job is more challenging.

Best Klein Tools



Durability is one of the main features that everyone wants to have. When you’re buying an insulated screwdriver set, consider its purpose. These hand tools will often come in contact with high electrical currents. Over time, they may begin to deteriorate in quality. Luckily, some sets come with heated coating for increased heat resistance. That’s why it may be a better idea to spend a little more and get a product of higher durability.

Set Content

There are plenty of variations regarding set sizes, types of screwdrivers, brands, etc. Of course, buying a versatile kit automatically provides you with more functionality. Typically, you may want to have Phillips or slotted screwdrivers, but some are more specialized for particular tasks. Also, some packages come with one type of hand tool in different sizes and versions. That’s why you want to make sure the set contains all the screwdrivers you’re going to need before purchasing.

Renowned Brands

Purchasing a renowned brand always boosts customers’ confidence. Quite frequently, a well-known brand with a good reputation offers high-quality products. Having pro screwdrivers will definitelyincrease the chances of completing a job successfully. That’s why it’s a better idea to rely on reputable brands. Ultimately, you’ll use your insulated screwdriver kit for years without any of the products deteriorating.

Keep in mind that some less known manufacturers will still offer screwdrivers of decent quality and may be less expensive than their brand-name rivals. You should carefully consider your options, budget, and expectations before choosing the right brand in such cases.

Total Price

Typically, there are a plethora of factors that may influence the price of a screwdriver set. As mentioned previously, brand popularity may have a significant impact, but not always. Such a kit’s price may depend on the set’s size, quality, and other extras. For example, insulated screwdriver sets tend to be more expensive than traditional ones because of their heat and electrical resistance. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a package that will fit your budget and needs.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a beginner, any of these Klein Tools kits will vastly improve your work. The brand easily lives up to its name, and so do these toolsets. Depending on your budget, you may want to go for the Klein Tools 32288 kit or pick something more expensive.

Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a worthwhile and quantifiable purchase. A great example is the Klein Tools 94130, which will give you the perfect combination of versatility and functionality. You’ll get all that at a reasonable price, too. Last but not least, let’s not forget about the more high-end options. They will ensure you’re perfectly safe during electrical work.

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