Knipex Combra Pliers

Knipex is a German company known all over the world for their top-notch pliers.

From a handyman who loves fixing broken things at home to a professional who handles paid repairs, the best Knipex pliers are great. From functionality to comfort, they have exceptional products that stand out above the competition.

Clueless about the Knipexpliers to buy?  This guide will run you through some of the top products that should be on your list.

How to Choose Knipex Pliers

Like with pliers from other brands, there are a few considerations when evaluating the possibilities. Below are some things to ponder on as you decide on the Knipex pliers to choose.

• Weight: Lightweight is best when it comes to pliers as this is directly related to ease of use. Nonetheless, while the weight is kept at a minimum, make sure that the durability is not compromised in any way.

• Handle: Choose one that comes with an ergonomic handle. Good thing, as long as it is from Knipex, you are often assured of an ergonomic handle. Most of their pliers are designed to be easy and comfortable to grip in different applications.



• Adjustability: It is also critical for the Knipex pliers to offer several adjustments in a snap, which will make the tool more versatile. This will let it handle different materials with ease without the need for different tools.

• Inclusions: You will find Knipex pliers that are sold per piece while others are sold as a set. If the budget is not an issue, then it is best to choose one that comes with multiple pieces, especially if you are a pro who needs pliers for different applications.

Best Overall

Knipex 8701180 7-1/4-inch Cobra Pliers

Offering up to 30% higher capacity compared to a traditional pipe wrench, this plier is designed for comfort and performance, making it well-loved even by the pros.

Offers Easy and Direct Adjustments

One thing that we like the most in this product is that it offers several adjustments. This means that you can use it in multiple applications, making it a great single replacement to multiple tools. It offers fine adjustments at a button’s touch, so you can customize the amount of grip depending on what a specific application requires. All that you have to do is to place the upper jaw, press the adjustment button, and lock the other jaw.

Hardened Teeth Guarantees Durability

The gripping teeth has an exceptional hardness, which is also reflective of its top-notch quality. It has a hardness rating of 61 HRC. Even after years of use, this will remain durable. It also maintains its notable quality even when used in harsh applications.

Made Using Long-Lasting Materials

Aside from the hardened teeth, this product is also made using the best materials available. One of the most notable is the use of chrome vanadium electric steel. The high alloy and oil-tempered material will ensure the best bang for the buck. This is unlike other inferior pliers that will quickly ask for a replacement.

Stays Locked on Nuts and Pipes

One of the most important with pliers is to stay locked on the materials at which they are used. This will let you do your work safely and efficiently. That is one thing that you can be assured of with this product as it comes with a self-locking mechanism. This means that you do not have to worry that it will slip while you are doing your work. The best thing is that doing so will require minimal force, which is important to guarantee your comfort.

What Our Testers Say
"From turning threaded pipes to tightening nuts, this is an excellent product. It delivers an exceptional capacity, making it more powerful than its counterparts. The best thing is that it is designed with your comfort in mind."

Best for Versatility

Knipex 002006US1 Pliers Set

If you need more than one plier, this set is a great option. These pliers offer excellent grip on the material while also minimizing hand fatigue.

If one plier is not enough, then you should purchase this set with three pliers. This will make a great investment for professionals.

Three Pliers for Multiple Applications

This is more expensive compared to the product mentioned above, but there’s a reason for such – it is a set with three pliers. It has #7, 10, and 12 pliers, so you can easily pick one that is suitable for a specific application.

Unique Jaw for Gripping Different Objects

One of the best design features of this product is its distinct jaw. With its unique configuration, you can use the pliers for gripping different objects. From flat to round, you can work on various materials with each. Regardless of the shape of the material it will grip, it will have a strong grip so you won’t have to be repeatedly positioning the head

Push-Button Adjustment for Ease of Use

This is a common feature that you will find in other Knipex pliers, not just in this specific model. It will allow you to quickly adjust the size of the head to suit the material that you have to grip. No need for using any tool for customizing its fit. This also means that you can have the correct sizing any time, resulting in increased efficiency and better accuracy.

Provides Extended Service Life

If there is one thing that Knipex pliers are known for, it would be their durability. The precision-hardened steel is made of chromium and vanadium. These are top-notch materials that improve the cutting performance while also ensuring longevity. This is also the reason why it is more expensive than traditional pliers.

These materials will withstand even the most exacting work conditions. The pliers have been through extensive tests and they have proven to be exceptional in more ways than one.

What Our Testers Say
" It works on different materials and sizes, guaranteeing the best outcomes in every use."

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