Makita vs Dewalt combo kit

When searching for a combo kits one of the factors that you will need to consider is the brand. The best combo kit is as good as the name behind it. While there are so many brand names out there, one of the biggest dilemmas that buyers face is choosing between Makita vs. Dewalt.
Both of these companies are highly reputed and make some of the best power tools out there. While Makita is a Japanese company, Dewalt is an American Company. Their tools are popular with DIYers, hobbyists, and professional contractors. If you are wondering whether to choose Makita or Dewalt, this article is just but for you. We will help you choose by comparing between the two brands.

Makita vs. Dewalt: A brief history

These two companies share an interesting history. Both companies opened their doors in the early 1900s. While Makita was started in 1915, in Japan, Dewalt was started in 1924 in Pennsylvania. Makita started as an electric motor repair company before they started making portable electric planners and power tools.
With time, Makita started focusing on construction tools and have continued in this line up to date. They now offer a wide range of tools such as nailers, drills, rotary hammers, shears, nibblers, vacuum cleaners, saw grinders, shears, heat guns, rebar cutters, electric bicycles, trimmers, compressors, protective gears, and many more.
Makita has become popular in making innovative tools and was one of the pioneer makers of cordless tools in the 1970s. Today, the company makes some of the best power tools and has operations in 8 countries. It manufactures most of its tools in its headquarter in Buford, Georgia.

Dewalt started as a tool and machine manufacturing company.

The company started with woodworking machinery before they started making power tools. Today, they make tools that are more suitable for semi-professionals. Some of their popular power tools include grinders, drills, staplers, nailers, sanders, planers, oscillating multi-tools, screw guns, polishers, saws, demo hammers, and many more.
They also have a wide range of outdoor power tools, anchors, tool accessories, miscellaneous bits, hand tools, and many more. Dewalt only started making the cordless tools in the 1990s. However, this gave them an edge over Makita as they could make advanced tools basing on what was already in the market.

Best Makita Combo kits

Here are the best Makita combo kits.

Best harsh worksite environment

1. Makita XT1501 

Makita XT1501 is a cordless combo kit that uses an 18V LXT Lithium-ion battery. It consists of 15 tools that include a hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, and an impact driver. The Makita driver drill has 2 variables speeds of 0 to 600 and 1 to 900 RPM. It delivers a max torque of 480 pounds and weighs 4.0 pounds with the batteries on.

The Makita 18 V combo kit also comes with a circular saw that weighs 7.3 pounds and produces 3,700 RPM. The reciprocating saw weighs 7.3 pounds and deliver 0 to 2800 SPM and features a tool-less blade change. The Best Makita vs. Dewalt combo kits impact driver weighs 2.8 pounds delivers a max torque of 1,460 pounds.

The angle driver weighs 5.5 pounds, has a brushless motor, and delivers a max torque of 8,500 RPM. The impact wrench weighs 3.8 lbs and delivers a max torque of 2040 in.lbs. Some of the accessories that come with the unit are a flashlight, a radio, a four-position lantern/flashlight with 3 LED modes, and comes with a Xenon bulb, and a radio cordless blower that makes it easy to clean your workspace after a job.



The Makita XT1501 combo kit features 4 18 V lithium-ion batteries and 2 chargers.

The kit comes with a warranty of 3 years. Overall the Makita XT 1501 combo kit is sturdy and well-made. We particularly like the fact that it comes with 15 tools and accessories. The manufacturer would have made it better by including a sander, jigsaw, or nailer. But since it comes with two impacts, we can overlook the lack of these handy tools. While the batteries are only 3ah, this seems to be an issue with the angle driver only. Therefore, this is one of the best combo kits that are worth considering.

Best for performing tough projects on solid materials

2. Makita XT611PT 

The Makita XT611PT combo kit delivers excellent value as it features brushless tools with 2 four amp batteries enhancing the battery life. The brushless motor eradicates carbon brushes, enabling it to run more efficiently and for longer. The combo kit comes with a storage bag with retractable handles and wheels that enables you to roll the unit around.

The unit comes with 6 tools that are suitable for drilling, cutting, fastening, lighting, and grinding. The hammer driver-drill weighs 5.9 lbs (with battery)and produces a max torque of 1090 in.lbs. The impact driver comes with an option of choosing between 3 speeds and delivers a maximum torque of 550 in.lbs. It weighs 3.3 lbs.

The angle driver produces a speed of 8500 RPM and features electric brakes that make it more productive. The circular saw is powerful and features a tool-free blade change. The reciprocating saw also works very well.


Makita XT611PT 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 6-pc. Combo Kit (5.0Ah)


The Makita combo kit comes with a wide range of accessories such as an LED flashlight, a storage bag, and two 18 V 5.0ah batteries. The batteries are fast charging and will reach full charge within 45 minutes. Overall, this is a great Makita power tool combo sets.

Best for heavy construction

3. Makita CX300RB 

The Makita CX300RB combo set is another Combo kit that features 3 major tools that are lightweight and have a lot of power. The tools are a food choice for driving, drilling, cutting, and fastening. One of the tools that come with the kit is a two-speed driver-drill that weighs 2.8 lbs and features a brushless engine.

It also comes with an impact driver with variable speed and weighs 2.6 lbs ensuring minimal operator fatigue. The impact driver has an a-mode (assist mode) that ensures driving at slow speed until tightening starts. You can adjust the power of the drill and impact driver to suit the task at hand.

Another tool that comes with the combo kit is the Makita recipro saw that weighs 6.2 lbs and deliver 0 to 3,000 strokes per minute. At 12.5” long, the reciprocating saw is compact and ergonomic. The kit features the Star protection computer control for enhanced performance.


Makita CX300RB 


The kit features an 18 V LXT battery that charges in 25 minutes. The battery has an LED charge level indicator. The unit also features the Star protection computer control ensuring improved performance and long battery life.

The Makita CX300RB is one of the best combo kits in the market today. It has a great and lightweight impact driver with good battery life. However, it isn’t as powerful as the 20 V Dewalt brushless. The Makita recipro saw is also compact and has all the power you need to cut your 2 by 4 fence posts. But it drains the battery fast when using batteries with a high A.h.

Best for the professional users

4. Makita XT610 

The Makita XT610 comes with 6 lithium-ion cordless tools that can be used for driving, fastening, grinding, cutting, demolition, and drilling. The unit comes with a hammer driver-drill with 2 variable speeds that deliver a max torque of 480 in.lbs.
The unit also comes with an impact driver that delivers a max torque of 1460 in.lbs, enabling you to use it for various fastening needs.

Also included is a circular saw that measures 6.5 inches and will cut materials at 45 degrees, allowing you to view the material you are cutting. Also included is a recipro saw that has a variable speed of 0 to 2,800 spm and an angle grinder that has a max torque of 8500 rpm. The recipro weighs 8.1 pounds and features a tool-less blade change. The Makita combo kit also comes with an angle grinder that has a speed of 8500 rpm.

Also included in the Makita XT610 combo kit is a circular saw that weighs 7.3 lbs and produces a max torque of 3,700 RPM. The recipro saw weighs 8.1 lbs and comes with a tool-less blade change. The other tool is the angle grinder that comes with an automatic speed change technology. The unit comes with a wide range of accessories such as a tool bag, flashlight, a quick charger, and 2 18 V LXT batteries.


Makita vs. Dewalt combo kit


By looking at the Makita XT610 combo kit, it is clear that it has been made for the professional users who are searching for one of the best cordless power tools. With this Makita tool kit, you can be assured of cordless tools that are powerful and safe to use. The combo set comes with a warranty of one year

Best for DYIers projects

5. Makita XT613X1 

The Makita XT613X1 is a 6-piece brushless combo kit that has been built for the professionals who need some great tools for driving, drilling, cutting, grinding, fastening, and lighting. The tools are of good quality and have great power and battery life. While the circular saw is powerful with great performance, its major downside is that it comes with a blade that needs to be retracted manually for thin paneling cuts due to the guard shape.

The Makita recipro saw is a great addition especially because it comes with a tool-less blade change. The driver/drill/hammer is a great tool even though some users find its lowest speed to be high. The multitool is suitable for sanding, cutting, grout removal, scarping, and more. It features variable speed control, ensuring a speed of 6,000 to 20,000 opm(oscillation per minute) you can find a big on and off slide switch that has a lock-on button and also comes with a barrel grip that has a small diameter ensuring easy handling.The tool comes with various adapters that will fit different accessories, making it a good choice for plaster, tile, wood, PVC, sheetrock, and other applications. It features a low battery warning sign that ensures your job isn’t interrupted.



All the tools are brushless and come with two 4 amp batteries. The Makita circular saw features a brushless motor that produces 5,000 rpm ensuring fast cutting and ripping. At only 10-5/8 inches long and a weight of 6.4 pounds, the saw is compact and ergonomic.
The Makita combo set also comes with an electronic brake and a dual-LED flashlight that will illuminate your workspace. To ensure optimum performance, it adjusts the torque and speed automatically. The saw features an aluminum base and a blade that is made of carbon steel, making it durable.

The ½’’ drill-driver comes with two variable speeds to handle all your fastening and drilling needs. It features a two-speed transmission with a max torque of 500 RPM when in first gear. When on the second gear, it has a maximum torque of 1,900 RPM, making it a good choice for various fastening and drilling tasks.

Best Dewalt Combo kits

Now let us look at the Best DeWalt combo kits.

Best Overall


If you are searching for one of the best Dewalt combo kits that combine brush and brushless tools, you should consider the Dewalt DCKTS781DMI combo kit. The combo set comes with 7 tools to meet all your needs in the home. One of the tools is the brushless DCD796 hammer drill that measures 7.5 in. from the front to the back, making it a good choice for use in tight corners. The unit weighs 2.7 lbs (without battery).
Another tool included is a cordless random orbit sander that comes with a variable speed control of 8,000 to 12,000 OPM, making it a good choice for meeting your desired speed. The Dewalt combo set also comes with a ¼ in. impact driver that allows you to load with one hand for the hex that can accept the 1 in.bit tips.


DeWALT DCKTS781D2M1 20V MAX Cordless Li-Ion 7 Tool Combo Kit w/Tough System


Also included in the kit is a 6-1/2 in. carbide blade that can cut 2X4 lumber at 45 degrees in one pass. The best combo kit comes with an LED flashlight that has a rating of 110 lumens. The Dewalt DCKTS781DMI combo kit produces a high power of 8,000 RPM, making it suitable for grinding and cutting. The kit features a brushless oscillating power tool that allows you to choose your speed depending on the job at hand.

The brushless tools in the combo kit are the drill, oscillating tool, and sander. The brushed tools are the grinder, impact driver, and the circular saw. The flashlight and its charger are made in China while the battery cells are made in Korea but are assembled in Mexico. All the tools feature a charger indicator which is a great addition. Overall, the Dewalt DCKTS781DMI is one of the best combo set for the money.

Best value for the money

2. DEWALT DCK1020D2 

The 20 V Dewalt DCK20D2 features a wide range of tools such as a compact drill, impact driver, circular saw, recip saw, grinder, Jobsite blower, circular saw, and an oscillating multi-tool. The driver/drill is not only compact and lightweight but has a powerful motor with a power output of 300 unit watts.
The Dewalt DCK 1020D2 also comes with an impact driver that has a maximum torque of 1400 in.lbs. To ensure a wide range of fastening needs, it produces 2800 RPM and 3200 IPM. The unit features an oscillating multi-tool that has a brushless motor. It also comes with a circular saw that features a 6.5-inch carbide blade and cuts at an angle of 45 degrees.

The grinder has a motor that delivers 7,000 RPM and features a quick-change wheel release that allows you to change the wheel without any tools. The unit also comes with a reciprocating saw with a four-position blade clamp enhancing the versatility. The unit also comes with a tool-free blade that allows you to change the blade without requiring a wrench.

The job site blower is very strong and comes with a hose that will help you reach tight corners. The suction is quite convenient as it doesn’t come with huge vacuums or cords to drag. The saw also cuts very well without binding. The only downside is that it comes with two small batteries that drain fast. Other than the battery, this is a great Dewalt combo kit that is worth the money.

Best for carrying around multiple work sites.

3. DEWALT  (DCK445D1M1)

The Dewalt DCK445DIMI is a 4 tool combo kit that is suitable for a wide range of applications. It features an impact driver with variable speed control that ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 PM to suit the task at hand. The unit also comes with a 7.5 in. hammer drill that enables it to fit in tight areas.

It also comes with an impact driver that enables you to single-handedly load the hex chuck accepting a 1 in.bit tip.
The kit comes with a grinder with a motor that delivers 8,000 RPM. It also features an oscillating multi-tool that has a 3-speed selector and enables users to choose their preferred speed setting depending on their applications and a circular saw with a 6-1/2 in. carbide blade


DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit , 4-Tool (DCK445D1M1)


You can find a powerful circular saw that comes with a blade and included is the reciprocating saw that enables a quick blade change. The one downside is that the recipro saw doesn’t come with a blade-like the circular saw.

Overall, Dewalt DCK445DIMI is a great tool at a great price. It weighs 22 .6 pounds making it lightweight as compared to many Dewalt tools. 

Best for a wide range of applications


With 9 well-made tools, the DEWALT DCK940D2 combo kit is a good choice for a wide range of applications. It comes with an impact driver, drill driver, recipro saw, circular saw, grinder, oscillating tool, right angle drill, Bluetooth speaker, and a carry case. The unit also features all the accessories that you will ever need including a fast charger, Bluetooth speaker, side handle, wrench, and an LED light.
The driver/drill comes with a lightweight and ergonomic design that allows it to fit in tight corners.

The unit delivers a high speed of 1500 RPM and features a two-speed setting. It comes with a sturdy ½’ chuck that features a carbide insert. The unit has a fast-release chuck that allows for the fast-changing of bits. The kit comes with a recipro saw that delivers 3,000 strokes per minute. The reciprocating saw features a keyless blade clamp that enables the fast-changing of the blade. It also features a 4-position blade clamp that adds to its versatility.


DEWALT DCK940D2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 9-Tool Combo Kit with DCB205 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery-Pack


The impact driver has a length of 5.5” and weighs 2 pounds, making it ergonomic. The kit also comes with a circular saw that reaches a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm. It offers a great balance and a comfortable over-molded grip that makes it comfortable. Also included is a grinder that delivers 8,000 RPM and features a lock-off button and a two-finger trigger. The right angle drill allows you to easily drill holes in spaces that you wouldn’t reach with the Makita drill.

Overall the DEWALT DCK940D2 delivers plenty of torque. It comes with 2ah batteries that have a low capacity. The charger takes a long to charge. For extra power, you may need to buy the 2.60 V flex batteries.

 Best for HVAC Service Technician

5. DEWALT  (DCK483D2)

The Dewalt (DCK483D2) is a 4 tool combo kit that comes with a brushless motor. It features a high-speed impact driver and a brushless motor and has a 57% more run time. It has a three-speed setting that ensures precise control and versatility.

Another tool is the circular saw that comes with a 7-1/4″ blade and has a 90 degrees cutting capacity. With this saw, you can get your woodworking projects completed as it comes with a 5ah battery. It has a blade brake that works better than many tools and will take less than a second to stop. Since the saw is made of metal, it isn’t lightweight but is well-built.

While the 2ah battery seems like a deal-breaker, it also has the benefit of its small size. It also features a battery gauge which is another benefit. This size of the battery is a good choice for an impact driver.


DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Combo Kit, Compact 4-Tool (DCK483D2)


The unit features a bright flashlight that will illuminate your workspace. The flashlight isn’t so powerful as it is rated for 110 lumens. All in all, it will do what it says it will do.

Best for home projects

6. DEWALT (DCK590L2)

The Dewalt DCK590L2 is a 5-tool combo kit that features a wide range of tools. It comes with a hammer drill that has a powerful and efficient motor for great performance when performing lightweight and medium-duty tasks. The hammer drill is quite comfortable for long-term use. Included is also a ratcheting chuck that contains a carbide insert that guarantees a better bit grip.

The hammer drill has a 3-speed control, allowing you to choose the speed that is best suited for your job. The kit includes an impact driver that will hold a one-inch bit tips, ensuring convenient storage in tight spaces. At a weight of 3.4 pounds and a length of 5.55 inches, the impact driver will deliver a serious punch.

The Dewalt DCK590L2 combo set also comes with a circular saw that has a powerful motor that delivers a maximum output of 460 watts. The saw is a great choice for cross-cutting, framing, bevel cutting, plunge cutting, and ripping. It delivers 3,700 RPM and features a 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery that delivers over 50% more runtime than the 18-volt lithium-ion tools. The unit comes with a safety trigger that will take time to get used to.

The saw cuts very well and is quite accurate in setting depth and angles.

While it doesn’t have the power that comes with corded tools, it has enough power that can tear through 2X4’s and plywood. It chews the battery fast especially if your blade is dull or the material you are cutting is dense. However, it will still work fine for the average homeowner.

The Dewalt Combo kit comes with a reciprocating saw that is lightweight and compact, making it a good choice for accessing tight corners. It is also suitable for working for long hours. The recipro saw features a keyless lever-action blade clamp that makes it suitable for fast and easy changing of the blade.


DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 5-Tool (DCK590L2)


The flashlight is rated for 110 lumens and features an LED bulb that produces less heat than the usual Xenon bulb. The unit comes with a pivoting head. The kit features 2 3Ah batteries. Overall, the Dewalt DCK590L2 is a sturdy tool that features the majority of tools you will ever need for your home project.

Best for technicians

7. DEWALT  (DCK421D2)

The Dewalt DCK421D2 is a combo kit that comes with four tools. One of the best tools in the set is the impact driver as it is easy to change bits and has long battery life.

The kit also comes with a drill/driver that when paired with the impact driver provides the necessary tools that can help different professionals. Like other Dewalt combo kits, the driver/drill is compact and lightweight, making it a good choice for working in tight spaces.

It delivers a 2-speed variation for a wide range of applications.

The drill features a ¼’ hex chuck that accepts a bit tips of 1″.Another tool that comes with the unit is a circular saw that has a 460 MWO motor that delivers 3700 RPM. This is enough power to make heavy cuts easily.

While the circular saw is great, it’s advisable to use a battery with at least 5 amp-hrs if you are using it for a bigger task such as constructing a deck. The circular saw has a 6-1/2 carbide blade that will cut 2×4’s at an angle of 45 degrees in one pass.

The kit also features a flashlight that is rated for 110 lumens and has a head that rotates for 120 degrees. The flashlight has a 20 seconds delay ensuring that there is no shadow on your work area.


Makita vs. Dewalt combo kit


The Dewalt DCK421D2 is one of the best combo kits will no problems. The driver works great and has more power than you would find in a cordless tool. The circular saw also has plenty of torque. While the light will do what it says it will do, it isn’t sturdily-made. The kit also comes with a lithium-Ion battery that lasts long. Overall, this Dewalt cordless kit is a great set that is worth considering.

Makita vs. Dewalt combo kits: Factors to consider when choosing between the two.

Before you decide between Makita or Dewalt, here are a few factors you need to consider.


Dewalt combo kits come with a warranty of 3 years and a year of free service. Therefore, if a tool breaks down within the warranty period as a result of poor workmanship, Dewalt will replace it. Makita also offers a 3 years warranty for its tools. However, they don’t offer free service for their tools. While the difference in the Warranty of the two tools is minor, Dewalt is the winner here due to the free service for tools.


Makita XT611PT 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 6-pc. Combo Kit (5.0Ah)

Here are some of the features that make Makita that give them an edge over Dewalt.

LXT brushless motor:

The majority of Makita combo kits use the LXT brushless motors that are more efficient. The motors come in different sizes to match the needs of their tools. For instance, the impact driver has a 44mm brushless motor while the power saws have a 52 mm brushless motor.

• LXT Lithium-Ion battery:

This battery lasts longer by 50% and can be switched between different Makita power tools.
• Star protection technology. This is among the innovative technology from Makita. It involves an advanced communication system that allows their combo kits and batteries to exchange data in real-time. This ensures real-time monitoring and, therefore, prevents, overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

• Affordability:

As compared to Dewalt, Makita tools are more affordable.


Makita vs. Dewalt combo kit

Here are some of the key features…

of the best Dewalt combo kits that give them an edge over Makita.

• 20v Mac XR Line: 

Dewalt has a line of brushless power tools that include a 20 V lithium-ion battery ensuring better performance and efficiency.

• Flexvolt:

This unique Dewalt battery is designed in a way that allows it to change its voltage when put in different tools. This ensures increased power and longer runtime.

• Tool Connect:

This feature allows the user with a tool that has a blue-booth-enabled battery to track their tools from whichever location they may be.

Shock-active vibration control:

With this feature, vibration can be reduced by up to 50% making it easier to control the power tool

• Breakaway blades:

This feature is available in the best Dewalt recipro saw from the 2017 models. This design enables you to break away a used part of the blade and reinsert an unused part, increasing the blade’s life.

• Performance, value, and durability:

Both Dewalt and Makita combo kits have almost the same power and torque. The Dewalt Cordless drill is a bit bigger and heavier than Makita. This is because the best Makita drills are made of nylon bearings while the best Dewalt drills are made of metal bearings. In general, Makita combo kits weigh less, making them more ergonomic and easier to handle.

Makita combo kits have batteries that perform better than Dewalt. They charge in less than an hour and have a longer lifespan than the Dewalt battery. You will also work for many hours before you need to charge the battery.


So, should you go with Dewalt or Makita? It can be hard making this decision as there is no clear winner. Historically, Makita makes better tools. But in the recent past, Dewalt has also pulled up their socks and are giving Makita a run for their money.
Again, both of these brands that are suited for the DIYers, semi-professionals, and even professionals. The price, specs, and quality of their tools are almost the same. However, you will still find that some combo kits from either Makita or Dewalt have higher power or speed or may cost slightly less.

If you don’t want to overpay for a tool…

You may want to go with Makita as most of their combo kits are available at a lower price as compared to Dewalt. But overall, both brands have good quality tools. Therefore, there is no clear winner in this battle of Makita vs. Dewalt and your choice should depend on your brand preference. You might find that the toolbox of one machine shop consists of more Makita tools while another has more Dewalt combo kits. All this depends on brand loyalty.

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