5 Reliable Milwaukee Grinder

An angle grinder is one of the most important power tools for DIYers and pros alike. It is also called a disc or side grinder. It is an ideal replacement for several tools, and it can make arduous tasks a lot easier. From cutting to stripping metal, an angle grinder has numerous functions.

With the gazillions of brands available, Milwaukee should be on your list. In this guide, we will discuss the most notable options for the best Milwaukee grinder. We’llhelp you find one that provides the best return for every dollar.

Best Milwaukee grinder

Best Overall

Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel  Angle Grinder

From its long-lasting motor to the exceptional battery, this cordless angle grinder is powerful enough to match corded models’ performance.

This model is the world’s first cordless grinder. While it offers the convenience of a battery-powered handy tool, it does not compromise power. As the manufacturer claims, it has the same high performance you will expect in its corded competitors.

Fitted with an Innovative Brushless Motor

A lot of features make this model stand out, but one thing that we love the most is its brushless motor. The exclusive POWERSTATE motor makes it up to ten times more powerful than its leading competitors. Despite the added power, it is almost surprising that it is affordable.

Smart Features Optimize Its Performance

It’s as if this unit has a mind of its own. With REDLINK Plus Intelligence, it is smart enough to function with minimal intervention and without compromising the outcomes. From the overload protection to its electronic clutch, the different parts have intelligent connections to deliver the best performance.

Best Milwaukee Grinder

Thin Body for the Perfect Balance

If there is one thing Milwaukee seem to have perfected in its angle grinders, it is comfort. As expected, this model offers an ergonomic body, which you can easily hold even for a long time. The thin body delivers a well-balanced design, which is also what will prevent hand fatigue.

Interchangeable Wheel for Versatility

When you buy this Milwaukee grinder, it does not come with a wheel. Nonetheless, you will love how you can choose from two wheel sizes – 4.5 or five inches, so you can use what a specific task needs.

Adjust Without a Wrench

For a Milwaukee grinder that is as powerful as this model, most of you might think that it is complicated. Truth is, it is fairly easy to use. One of the reasons for the latter is its tool-free adjustment. Even without a wrench, you can quickly change the accessories. It positively impacts your productivity.

Durable Housing for Extended Functionality

A common misconception amongst many buyers is that cordless tools are less durable. That may be the case in some manufacturers, but with Milwaukee, there’s no basis for such assumption. In fact, this model has a sturdy housing, similar to what you will find in a corded grinder.

Best Value for Money

Milwaukee 2784-22 M18 Fuel ¼-inch Grinder

This kit comes with a grinder, battery, wrench, charger, and even a carrying case to keep everything in one place.

Those who are on a budget will love this product. It is not only economical, but it comes as a set. Aside from the main angle grinder, you will also receive a battery and a charger. Plus, there is a carrying case to easily transport the tool.

High-Performance Motor for Demanding Applications

Just like the other grinders from Milwaukee, the power is unmatched. Thanks to the 20,000-rpm motor, it handles even tough tasks without any difficulty. You won’t see it struggling, even when dealing with thick materials. It also has carbide burrs and three-inch flap wheels, both of which will contribute to its amazing functionality.

Best Milwaukee Grinder

Motor Does Not Have Wearable Parts

More than being powerful, another benefit of the motor is its brushless construction. This means that there are no wearable parts. It will be longer-lasting than many of its competitors with components that quickly wear out, mostly when frequently used with demanding tasks.

Long Battery Life

Another highlight of this product is its battery life, which makes it reliable. It comes with a RedLink XC5.0 lithium-ion battery as a part of the package. When the battery is fully charged, it

Best for Large Surfaces

Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 Angle Grinder

With a brushless motor, ergonomic design, metal housing, and lightweight body, it is difficult not to fall in love with this angle grinder.

If you need to work on large areas, we recommend this Milwaukee angle grinder. It has an inter changeable wheel that accommodates both seven and nine inches. Take note that it comes as a tool only, so buying the necessary accessories is an added cost.

Designed for the Toughest Grinding Applications

A common denominator amongst the products in this guide is that they handle even tough jobs without struggling. This model, however, stands out from the pack because of the large size of the wheel. It can have a diameter of up to nine inches, so it is perfect even for large jobs, ensuring that you are done in no time as it grinds a larger area.

Best Milwaukee Grinder

Delivers 18V of Power

As the first 18V angle grinder in the world, the performance is top-notch. While it is cordless, it is worth noting that it delivers corded performance. The way it works is comparable to many of its corded competitors. This gives you another reason to choose this product for a device that handles even the most challenging applications.

Minimize Downtime When Working

Many things can make you unproductive when using an angle grinder. A perfect example of the latter is changing the accessories. This model will not demand that much effort from you. It offers tool-less accessory changing, so you are done within seconds. Therefore, if you are looking for a user-friendly grinder, this is worth a shot.

Robust Housing Protects Against Wear

Another notable feature of this angle grinder is the metal housing, which protects against dirt and wear. This will protect the motor from damage. The metal housing makes it robust. Despite being a durable material, it does not add significant weight to the unit, so you are assured of comfort.

Best for Industrial Applications

Milwaukee Tools M-18 495-2680-20 

For professionals, this is a perfect choice. From speed to durability, it delivers a wide range of benefits that make it worth your money.

Looking for an angle grinder that will meet the needs of professional users? This product is the perfect candidate. It is constructed for longevity and is equipped with a top-notch motor to provide incredible power in a wide array of tasks, including the tough ones.

Large and Easily Accessible Paddle Switch

One notable feature of this product is the paddle switch. It is in a strategic position, so you can access it easily. It contributes to the tool’s ease of use. It is also large, which means you can operate it in a snap even when you are wearing padded gloves. You can activate the switch in multiple positions because of its user-friendly design.

Milwaukee Tools

Comes with Overload Protection

If you use a lot of handy tools, then you would know how overloading can wreak havoc. This is common when tools do not have the required protection. Luckily, this unit has overload protection. It protects the motor and the battery and is also one reason you can expect long-term functionality from this product. Even in abusive situations, it is easy to avoid damage to this tool.

Three-position Handle for Ease of Use

While it has many features making it comfortable and user-friendly, one of the best is the three-position side handle. You can make several adjustments depending on what you are most comfortable with. You can work in different positions for more precise outcomes. The handle is also large and comes with an ergonomic design.

Bare Tool Only

If you are purchasing this angle grinder, take note that it is only a bare tool. That means that it does not include a battery or charger. If you are a previous owner of a Milwaukee tool, you can use a compatible battery, so you won’t have to buy a new one.

How to Choose the Best Milwaukee Grinder

No doubt, Milwaukee is an unmatched name in the global market for power tools. Nonetheless, the manufacturer has a diverse product line, and deciding what to buy is n’texactly a quick decision.

  • Disc Size

The disc is the part of the angle grinder that directly touches the surface. A bigger disc is necessary for larger motors, as well as for more demanding tasks. 115mm and 230mm are two of the most common sizes available. You will also need to think about the material you will work on to find the right disc size.

  • Power Source

A corded Milwaukee grinder is often more powerful, but you need to plug it every time you use it. The length of the wire is also a limitation. For more freedom to move, use a cordless angle grinder instead. It is battery-powered, which means that you can use it anywhere and anytime. Find one with a powerful battery that will take a long time to drain and a short time to charge.

  • Wattage

The angle grinder’s power depends on the wattage. You do not necessarily need the highest wattage, especially if you are a casual user. If the wattage is high, the power consumption is also high, so we recommend this only for pros orif you need a tool for demanding applications. Those with higher wattage can also be expensive.

  • Speed

Your choice of grinding speed depends on various factors, such as the material. The best grinder is one that offers variable speed. Having lots of options is a good thing as you can customize the tool’s functions to suit specific requirements. Another important thing is for the speed adjustments to be effortless.

  • Comfort

Power tools can result in hand fatigue, especially with extended use. Some can be too heavy, while others are difficult to grip. Find one that is effortless to hold. It must generate minimal noise and vibration, making it easy to focus. An ergonomic grip is a must, which will also help improve precision in your work.

  • Safety

The best angle grinders pack innovative safety features, which will provide you with peace of mind. For instance, it is good to have the restart feature, which instantly restarts the circuit in case of a power interruption. Kickback protection is also a must to prevent the grinder from jumping in case of jamming. We also love grinders with overload protection.

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