VALUE FOR MONEY : Milwaukee M12 1/4 Brushless Impact Driver

Milwaukee M12 1/4 Brushless Impact Driver in USA

Why we choose this Milwaukee M12 brushless 2553-20 Driver?

You are wondering while searching over the Internet, “What is impact drill?” We know you mean “Impact Driver.”Impact drivers have quick-release shanks, capable of delivering more rotational force. And because of this high torques, it is most commonly used for driving wood screws in seconds.

There are several other uses like removing screws from wheels, plywood work that needs more precision while working. Impact Drivers are one best thing you should pick above in your list of tools.We reviewed one of the best and cheap Milwaukee tools, Milwaukee M12 Fuel 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (model: 2553-20) this month, and will share its list of specifications and features later in the article.

Because we already used its first-generation model 2404-20, for almost three years, without any complaints. That is a pretty long time with any power tool.

And when the upgraded model 2553-20 came, we are likely to review it and share necessary modifications, Milwaukee did. We write a detailed review, but first, take a look at its overview.

Milwaukee M12 1/4 Brushless Impact Driver Overview:

• Compact Size, It is 5.1″ long. Its weight revolves around 1.76lbs. Pretty much compact to put in any toolbox.
• 4-mode Drive Control provides more reliable speed outputs, set up to almost all applications that it delivers.
• Self-Tapping Screw Mode, 4th speed mode that provides high speed in the middle of driving, and reduces overdriving.
• Brushless Motor, capable enough to produce the constant power output, 1300 in-lbs of fastening torque.
• REDLINK Plus prevents damage caused due to overheating and overloading.
• Belt Hook made up of metal and lying on the right side. Changeable, if you are lefty.
• Highly responsive trigger to operate comfortably even in less spaced conditions.
• Bright single LED light presents above the trigger position, suitable for working in clogged spaces.


Milwaukee Electric Tools Impact Driver

Milwaukee M12 1/4 Brushless Impact Driver

Value for money
Battery life
Light weight

It is well built, has extended stability and safety for a beginner. Moreover, it is affordable.

1. Build Quality with Smart Design:

We all know Milwaukee because of its affordable power tools. Similar to Dewalt, Milwaukee also has a lot of diversity in their portfolio they are offering. Milwaukee Hex Brushless Impact Driver (2553-20) shrinks in and just 5.1 in length.

It is all built with Steel, feels solid in hands. It has weighed only 1.95 pounds. Likewise, it has 0.1 in wide in diameter and turning drive-mode buttons present at the above of the Impact Driver.
Vent locations present in between the middle of gearbox and impact mechanism, to reduce heat produced. The grip handle is slightly wider to add up more control while driving into woods and hard surfaces.

2. Brushless Motor & Variable Speed:

Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver (2553-20) provides constant power output with the REDLINK Plus feature. REDLINK Plus is an additional layer of safety provided by the Milwaukee brand to save the inner motor from overheating and overloading.

This M12 impact driver has four modes of driver control. Similar to Dewalt DCF887M2 Impact Driver that has only limited to three. By positioning a way ahead from its competition, Milwaukee also added the 4th self-tapping mode to avoid any overdriving.

Motor set up on maximum speed at 3300 RPM, by delivering power maximum 12V.
The self-tapping mode designed to tap in or strip out screws, programmed by the manufacturer Milwaukee itself. While reviewing, we found it heats up at the maximum torque easily more often.

3. Power & Performance:

Milwaukee 12V Impact Driver is a cordless driver, indicates that it operates will batteries. The company claims it works fine with M12 RedLithium batteries. It precisely achieves ‘everyday carry’ tasks like stripping out screws from car tires, fixing broken desks & tables, and repairing doors.

Our only complaint with Milwaukee M12 brushless driver is when you used it after for a long gap, it bearly drive any screw in. Please consider to charge it, before using it, if you do not have extended batteries.If you are considering it to buy, one more thing we have to mention. The package does not contain any battery or charger. You have to purchase these separately.

4 . Other Extended Features To consider before buying:

Metal Belt Hook: The first generation Impact driver did not offer any modification on Belt clip, but the second-generation upgraded Milwaukee Hex Impact driver (2553-20) does.It has a metal clip, providing the center of gravity while hooking with the pent’s belt. Pretty much handly feature if you work on rooftops. You can also change this metal clip side to the left if you work with left-hand.

 4000 IPM: When it comes to motor, people only acknowledge RPM. The 1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver has effectively torque around 1300 in-lbs, can give 4000 IPM ( Impact per Minutes) to any surface. Always remember, the more impacts a motor provides, the more effective it works.

LED light: When you press the trigger, LED light only takes 2 seconds to light up. It is positioning over the trigger, a smart placement to light up any work area. Lights stay ON for nearly 10 seconds when finger left over the trigger.

Warranty: It comes with almost 5 years of warranty. We request you to check the warranty and return policies before ordering from the official manufacturers’ website.


While using it for almost two months, we do not find any issues. But one thing we always request to our viewers that Do not abuse your tools. Use them carefully if you want to use them for a long time.We recommend this Milwaukee M12 Hex Impact Driver to people who are engaged in DIYer projects, Home decor, and furniture work. It is well built, has extended stability and safety for a beginner. Moreover, it is affordable.

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