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Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 12v 3/8 Cordless Ratchet.


This topic will give you details about the specification and the product details of Milwaukee 2457-20 – A ratchet is primarily a tool that consists of preferably a wheel or a bar at times with teeth that are inclined into a pawl, which helps in imparting motion to the wheel. This is used in hand tools like a screwdriver to allow unidirectional active movement—several companies in the market deal with such devices. Milwaukee is one of the leading manufacturers of these tools. This topic will give you details about the specification and the product details of Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 12v 3/8 Cordless Ratchet.

Milwaukee 2457-20 Cordless Ratchet

Value for money
Light weight
Reputable Brand
Battery Life

Milwaukee is one of the leading manufacturers of these tools.


  • The weight of the ratchet is approximately 1.81 pounds, which is pretty low for a device like this. The lighter weight is an advantage to carry on with the tasks effectively.

  • Material: The Milwaukee cordless impact wrenchis made up of steel, and few parts like the one for holding and grasping are made of suitable quality plastic. The durability of the product has been possible due to the quality of the materials these have been made up of.

  • Power source: The product is a battery-operated tool. This allows natural functioning if the ratchet and has been giving efficient results consequently. The product requires 1lithium ion batteries.

  • Voltage: The ratchet runs on 12 volts power supply.

  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the tool are 9.5×2.9×1.8 inches. The size being moderate helps to use the tool very efficiently.


milwaukee cordless ratchet

Product details:

This subcompact Milwaukee M12 cordless ratchet works on the best in class power is definitely a product worth every penny spent. Its speed, it’s durability, and other splendid features have been making it one of the top product in the market. This cordless ratchet is a perfect tool for auto mechanics, professionals who work in the field of maintenance and repairs. It provides maximum performance leasing to highly effective and efficient. Utilizing a power of 12v, which produces a torque of 35ft-lbs and 250rpm, it gives its users the speed and, consequently, the power of a pneumatic ratchet without the presence of air hose.

The product is powered by M12 red lithoum battery. The battery lack dies not comes included with the tool, has to be purchased separately. The device is also speeding belt portable and features and works on lie profile design of the head. The product is perfect for the small spaces and even for the engine bays. The maximum control is provided by the reinforced steel housing and the metal trigger, which operates on the variable speed. The product ensures durability with all the applications.


  • Onboard fuel gauge: There are lights on the sides of the tool. This enables you to know about the most if power left.

  • Led lighting: This feature enables you to see the work that you are doing if it’s low lightning across. Led light is present on the front of the tool.

  • Low profile head design is a feature that lets you work in right and small place seven in the engine bays.

  • Redlink intelligence: Milwaukee cordless power tools consist of a smart chip that allows it to communicate with the battery that has been plugged in. The main objective of this communication is to prevent it from receiving too much power and hence saves it from any unnecessary damage.

  • Recess forward: This is one of the most important features while using the tool. This prevents any accidental situations in the middle of any important work. The switch is situated on the back of the head.

The kit:

Milwaukee cordless power tools  MilwaukeeM12 fuel 38 ratchet kit consists of the following things:

  • The ratchet

  • 3.3″ to 1.4″ adapter

  • A charger with high amperes to charges the battery in almost 30 minutes.

  • Carrying case

So if you are looking for a cordless ratchet, this is undoubtedly the best one available in the market. Some of its advantages over other similar products are:

  • Flexibility: The adapter that it comes with gives you the flexibility between jobs.

  • Compact: The power tool comes with a carrying case which makes it easy to carry. It is easy to be transported across from one place to another without damaging it

  • Quick charging: The battery that gets quickly recharged for reuse makes it easy for the professional to get back to work quickly.


A tool that is perfect in every sense and useful for the professional’s cones with unmatched quality and affordable prices. This is one best price Milwaukee cordless tool available in the market.

Frequently asked questions:

Which is the best Milwaukee impact, driver?

Here is the list of best Milwaukee impact drivers:

  • Best overall: The impact driver who has been known to be the best overall is

Milwaukee Cordless Ratchet

  • Best value: Milwaukee Power Tools M-2462-20 ML12 is known to be the best driver with the best value for money.

  • Premium choice: Milwaukee Power Tools 2753-22M18 has been known to be the best premium range impact drivers in the market.

Can Milwaukee 2462 M12 impact driver?

The impact driver has been manufactured for a speed fastening. Milwaukee 2462 M12 impact driver delivers the fastening performance, which is best in class. It comes in a lightweight, tool belt design which is quite handy and easy to carry with minimum hassle. A motor with high performance delivers 0 to 2500 RPM for the purpose of increased speed of application.

Can Milwaukee 2462 M12 impact driver remove lug nuts?

Technically speaking the answer to this question is YES. But talking practically it is No. Let’s take a quick look at the logic behind this. When we take a look at the lug nut torque chart, it shows that most of the lug nuts should have a torque ranging between 80 to 100ft-lbs. Milwaukee 2462 M12 fuel impact driver actually tops the chart among all the ratchets at 120 in-lbs.

This does not even mean that these impact drivers can remove lug nuts for the removal of times because:

  • The lug nuts can be frozen or can get stuck.

  • Lug nuts can get rusted.

  • Lug nuts might have been tightened more than required previously.

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