Best Milwaukee tool sets

Best Milwaukee Cordless Tool Combo Kits

Whatever type of power tool you’re looking to buy, you’re making an investment. If you’re an occasional weekend warrior, you may find the abundance of options overwhelming. From power drills and drivers to saws, there are plenty of cordless units to buy. That’s why many brands offer cordless tool combo kits.

Of course, such deals are often a lot cheaper than buying each power tool individually. Moreover, you’ll get everything you need in a neat bag. That’s a good reason to take a look at Milwaukee’s cordless tool combo kits. While they’re not equal in type and number of tools, they’re all high-quality.

Ultimately, it’s safe to say that the brand has blessed its customers with their best cordless tools in dedicated kits. That’s why we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 best Milwaukee cordless tool combo kits. Investing in any of these combinations will step it up a notch for you. Still, we will break down the combos, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

While all Milwaukee cordless tool kits look great, you might really want to focus on the M18 combos. Of course, they are a bit pricy, but you’ll certainly feel the quality right out the box. Moreover, picks like the 2999-22 and the 2893-22CX kits deliver much longer runtimes and torque power.

Still, you can go for more budget options like the 2494-22 M12 and the 2498-24 M12 4-tool combo kits. These cordless tool combo kits are ideal for occasional weekend warriors. While they aren’t the best you can get from Milwaukee, these toolsets are perfect for household tasks.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

Best Milwaukee tool sets
Milwaukee 2696-26 M18 Best for heavy-duty work
Milwaukee 2696-24 Best for maintenance-repair-and-operations
Milwaukee 2498-24 M12Best for Maintenance/Electricians 
Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2997-22Best for HVAC applications
Milwaukee 2999-22 M18 FUEL 18-Volt  Best for performing tough projects on solid materials
Milwaukee 2691-22H Best for professionals and DIY enthusiasts
Milwaukee 2893-22CX M18 18VBest for home-construction and renovation
Milwaukee 2697-22 Best heavy-duty combo
Milwaukee 2494-22Best for home-construction and renovation
Milwaukee Electric Tools 2598-22 M12Best for DIYers

Best for heavy-duty work

1. Milwaukee 2696-26 M18 combo kit

Perhaps, the Milwaukee M18 cordless tool combo kits are pretty popular the DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Their main perks are the superior ergonomics and performance. But the best thing about the Milwaukee 2696-26 M18 combo kit is that you can use the M18 batteries interchangeably.

If you need to fill in your collection of power tools, the 2696-26 M18 combo kit will do the trick. You’ll get some of the best cordless 18V gadgets for a reasonable price. The equipment is a 6-piece set, including an impact driver, a hammer drill, a reciprocating, and a circular saw. Moreover, you get a grinder and a LED work light for optimal versatility.

Last but not least, it’s essential to note that the 2696-20 M18 cordless tool combo kit comes with accessories, too. Perhaps, you’ll love the multi-voltage charger and two M18 REDLITHIUM XC batteries. Also, you’ll get a contractor bag to store all the tools. Best of all, you get Milwaukee’s standard 5-year warranty.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • 2607-20 Hammer Drill/Driver

Arguably, the hammer drill/driver is one of the best tools in the package. The 2607-20 model is a robust ½ -inch machine that uses a frameless 4-pole engine. Thanks to the peak torque of 500 in-lbs, the unit ensures impressive performance.

What’s more, it boasts a compact and lightweight design. In terms of durability and ease of use, Milwaukee has added a metal chuck and all-metal gearcase. Now, you won’t have to worry about scuffs and bumps.

  • 2630-20 Circular Saw

Similarly, the 2630-20 circular saw comes with the same high-quality design. The unit sports rugged magnesium details that give it increased durability during heavy-duty work.

Along with the durable design, users get a powerful motor that boasts 3,500 RPM of speed. You can adjust the depth to up to 1-1/2 inches and make bevel cuts at up to 45 degrees. Besides, there’s an electronic brake that stops the blade when you switch off the saw.

  • 2656-20 Impact Driver

The 2656-20 hex impact driver is another high-quality product in the cordless tool combo kit. The unit has a 4-pole engine and delivers a 1,500 in-lbs of torque. Indeed, that makes it a perfect choice for both skilled handymen and hobbyists.

Besides, the cordless power tool has some great features. For example, users can enjoy a LED light that will provide better illumination when needed. Also, there’s an all-metal belt clip for quick storage.

  • 2680-20 Cut-Off/Grinder

If you need a compact grinder, the 2680-20 model will be an excellent addition to your collection. Thanks to its small size and mere 6 pounds of weight, you can bring it everywhere. What’s more, you get the impressive 9,000 RPM, so you can safely use it for masonry, welding, and metalwork.

Arguably, the best thing about it is the paddle switch. That way, you’ll have better control of the power tool. Ultimately, you’ll be able to use the grinder in the most challenging positions.

  • 2621-20 Reciprocating Saw

For optimal versatility, Milwaukee has included another saw in the cordless tool combo kit. The 2621-20 reciprocating saw is yet another well-designed piece that shows potent power.

What you get is an all-metal gear case for optimal durability. What’s more, the counter-balance mechanism will ensure minimum vibration for better precision and control. In terms of features, users will get Milwaukee’s signature QUIK-LOK clamp mechanism for easy blade change.

  • 2735-20 LED Work Light

Along with all the cordless tools, the combo kit includes a lightweight LED work light. The 2735-20 model is easy to maneuver, and you can adjust its head to up to 135 degrees.

In terms of light quality, this gadget will light up any area without an effort. Arguably, the 160 lumens of light will allow you to work whenever you need proper illumination. Besides, the LED work light comes with hands-free use and an integrated swiveling hook for extra comfort.

Best Milwaukee tool sets


  • Six Tools with Efficient Motors

Without a doubt, this 6-pack cordless tool combo kit will give you everything you need all in one. Most of all, all six tools are durable and efficient, so you’ll enjoy a long-term investment. The best thing about the kit is that all devices come with frameless 4-pole engines.

  • Compact and Lightweight

Apart from the robust engines, this combo kit comes with a lot of attention to details. All six pieces have an ergonomic and lightweight design, allowing you to use them safely while on the go.

  • Interchangeable M18 Batteries

Another significant perk is that you’ll get two M18 batteries to use with your cordless tool combo kit. Since they’re the same grade, you’ll be able to use them interchangeably. Most of all, you’ll be able to quickly switch batteries when using one unit at a time.

  • 5-year Warranty

Last but not least, all products come with the standard 5-year warranty for Milwaukee.


  • Expensive

Unfortunately, this toolset is a bit on the expensive side. Since Milwaukee is one of the famous brands, its tools aren’t in the cheap range.

  • Textile Case

Another downside is the carrying case. While it’s not a significant issue, a sturdy plastic case would have been much better. After all, you’re paying a little more than the standard.

  • Overheating Problems

What’s more, some customers have complained about overheating problems. Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, the motors on these tools quickly heat up, which may cause issues. If you plan on using them for heavy-duty work, you may consider looking elsewhere.

Best for maintenance-repair-and-operations

2. Milwaukee 2696-24 

If you’re a fan of Milwaukee, then you’ll love the 2696-24 cordless tool combo kit. The 4-piece tool set has everything you’ll need for a casual DIY experience. What’s more, you’ll get the 18-Volt M18 line of tools, so you can enjoy the power output and longer runtimes.

Essentially, you’ll grab the ½ -inch 2602-20 hammer drill/driver, 2620-20 SAWZALL, and ¼-inch 2656-20 hex impact driver. The cordless tool set comes with a work light, two REDLITHIUM XC batteries, a charger, and a carrying bag.

As usual, Milwaukee delivers quality with all products on the list. However, everybody loves the hammer drill right from the box. Of course, there is no perfect kit out there, but you’ll love the rest of the tools in the combo kit, too. Ultimately, you’ll get a decent balance between durability, power, and comfort.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • 2602-20 M18 Compact 1/2” Hammer Drill/Driver

Arguably, this tool steals the show with its balanced and durable build. Most of all, it’s powerful enough for light to moderate tasks. Indeed, the unit puts out 550 in-lbs of torque and a maximum of 1,700 RPM. Users also get 29,000 BPM for seamless operation during the simplest tasks.

  • 2620-20 M18 SAWZALL Reciprocating Saw

Arguably, this Sawzall is one of the best on the market. It offers excellent balance and feels packed with lots of power. With a maximum of 3,200 SPM and a 1-inch stroke length, this cordless tool is ideal for plumbers and woodworkers. Of course, it’s perfect for your DIY projects, too.

  • 2656-20 M18 1/4” Hex Impact Driver

If you’re a professional contractor, you’ll love this hex impact driver. It’s suitable for all kinds of jobs, including heavy-duty tasks. Thanks to its impressive 1400 in-lbs of torque, you’ll finish all tasks in a breeze. Besides, it showcases 2,750 of RPM, so you can drive lag bolts, work on drywalls or woodworking. Whatever the job, this cordless tool can do it all.

  • 2735-20 M18 Work Light

Indeed, this work light might come in handy, especially in low-lit areas. However, you may want to change the incandescent bulb with a LED one.


Best Milwaukee tool sets


  • High-performance 4-Pole Motors

Arguably, the most significant advantage of this toolset is that the drill and driver come with high-performance frameless 4-pole motors. They will ensure the customers get any light to heavy-duty tasks done in no time. As for the saw, users get 3,200 SPM for faster and smoother cuts.

  • QUIK-LOK and Patented Clutch System

Indeed, the QUIK-LOK blade clamping system provides easy blade changes for your Sawzall. What’s more, you can enjoy the patented clutch system for reduced vibration and impact. That way, you’ll increase your productivity and precision.

  • REDLINK Intelligence system

As soon as you see Milwaukee, you have to know that it has the patented REDLINK electronics system. In turn, you’ll get a longer lifespan on your tools without annoying malfunctions.

  • The Toolset Comes with a 5-Year Warranty

Last but not least, the cordless tool combo kit comes with the standard Milwaukee 5-year warranty. It’s longer than most, but mostly it ensures a long-term investment.


  • The Saw isn’t the Most Lightweight

Unfortunately, the saw isn’t among the lightweight units. If you’re looking for a more maneuverable option, you should look elsewhere, as this one weighs 6.4 pounds.

  • No Variable-speed Feature on the Impact Driver

While it’s not a breaker, the impact driver has one flaw, and it’s the missing variable-speed control.

Best for Maintenance/Electricians

3. Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2997-22 

The 2997-22 cordless tool combo kit features another set of Gen 3 combo. Again, we have the M18 FUEL ½-inch 2804-20 hammer drill. Instead of the hydraulic driver, this package comes with the M18 FUEL 2853-20 impact driver.

Overall, users get plenty of speed combined with compact designs and weight that won’t fatigue. Indeed, the toolset may lack a bit of torque, but they’re still a formidable force. Along with the two cordless tool units, buyers get two REDLITHIUM XC5.0 batteries, a multi-voltage charger, and a plastic case. Also, let’s not forget the accessories – the side handle for the hammer drill, two belt clips, and two bit holders.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver

As already mentioned, 2804-20 has identical specs as its 2704-20 predecessor. In other words, they share the same torque of 1,200 in-lbs. The difference here is that this cordless tool is 1-1/2 inches shorter in length. Perhaps, the 6.9-inch size may be the much-needed reduction everyone’s trying to get.

Besides, the handle feels far more ergonomic. What doesn’t need change is the POWERSTATE brushless motor. Its neverending power puts out a maximum of 2,000 RPMs. Of course, chances of overheating or overtaxing the hammer drill are minimal thanks to the REDLINK PLUS system. Overall, you get the excellent old Gen 2 model with a few upgrades.

  • 2853-20 M18 FUEL Impact Driver 

Similar to the hammer drill, the 2853-20 M18 FUEL impact driver sports an upgraded compact size. On top of that, you get an extra 200 in-lbs of torque in merely 4.59 inches of length.

Along with that, you get the convenient 4-mode drive control that has the self-tapping screw mode. Typically, this feature keeps you from snapping the heads off screws or ruining the bits. In terms of speed, you get a considerable increase of up to 3,000 RPMs. Also, you can insert and remove bits with one hand, thanks to the all-metal driver chuck.


  • Compact and Lightweight Design

Arguably, compact designs are the best features for both units. It seems like Milwaukee has explicitly worked on improving this aspect of the system. As a result, both cordless tools are significantly shorter. Combined with their weight, they’re ideal for all tasks.

  • Durable Build and Motors

What’s more, the POWERSTATE brushless motors ensure optimal performance in terms of power, runtime, and durability. As expected, both machines come with all-metal gear housings and chucks for increased life.

  • REDLINK PLUS Intelligence Systems

Thanks to the REDLINK PLUS system, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless work without overheating and overload problems.


  • Expensive

While the toolset may look great, it may not be a suitable option for people looking for a budget-friendly kit.

  • Plastic Case Too Small

Unfortunately, the plastic case is only big enough to pack the items included in the toolset.

Best for HVAC applications

4. Milwaukee 2498-24 

Of course, the M18 series is fantastic, but you shouldn’t underestimate the 2498-24 M12 4-tool combo kit. Even though you won’t get the same power output, the cordless tool selection will satisfy any weekend warrior’s needs. Thanks to the Milwaukee innovative cordless system, you’ll get all the torque you’ll need for your DIY applications.

In the kit, you’ll get the 2407-20 3/8-inch drill/driver, the 2462-20 1/4-inch hex impact driver, and 2420-20 reciprocating saw. Besides, you’ll get a work light, two REDLITHIUM CP1.5 batteries, a charger, a carrying bag, and two belt clips. Arguably, you’ll get everything you need to start using the toolset right out of the box.

What’s more, you’ll fall in love with the compact and lightweight design of all items. As always, they come with all-metal housings and integrated LED lights. All in all, the bundle comes with a 5-year Milwaukee warranty for a long-term investment.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • Milwaukee 2407-20 Drill/Driver

At first, you’d think that this cordless tool is just like any other Milwaukee product. However, it can quickly turn into the compact drill/driver you’ve been longing. Perhaps, the ergonomic design is enough to grab your interest. Indeed, this is an essential factor when searching for cordless drills.

Generally, the all-metal locking chuck gives out a decent 275 in-lbs of torque and 1,500 RPM of top speed. That’s more than enough to tackle household jobs and other light tasks. Thanks to its 2.1 pounds of weight, you’ll be able to use it in restricted areas without a hassle. What’s more, 2407-20 has a useful battery fuel gauge for increased comfort.

  • 2420-20 M12 HACKZALL Reciprocating Saw

The 2420-20 M12 HACKZALL is another decent machine on the list. This reciprocating saw will provide formidable power in a compact design. Arguably, the unit weighs merely 2.2 pounds, so you’ll easily integrate this handy tool into your carrying bag. Next, you can use it for all types of electrical, plumbing, or HVAC applications.

Just like its fellow models, it comes with a durable all-metal gearcase. Moreover, users get the classic LED lights and a battery fuel gauge for increased comfort. The icing on the cake is the variable-speed trigger and the keyless QUIK-LOK blade clamp.

  • 2462-20 Hex Impact Driver

Furthermore, the 2462-20 impact driver will ensure you got enough versatility for all kinds of household tasks. The unit can even do some light construction work. Perhaps, this cordless tool delivers the whopping 1,000 in-lbs of torque and a weight of just 1.9 pounds.

Needless to say, this product delivers high-speed fastening and outstanding portability. This cordless tool provides a maximum of 2,500 RPM no-load speed and 3,300 IPM. Besides, it comes with a battery fuel gauge and LED lights for better productivity. Just swap the batteries when it’s time for a change, and you’re ready to go.


  • Very Lightweight and Compact

The most significant advantage of this cordless tool combo is that all tools are incredibly lightweight and compact. If you’re looking for small drills and drivers to use in tight spaces, this toolset will do the trick.

  • Formidable Power for the Class

Compared to other M18 tools, this cordless tool combo kit performs really well. Indeed, the 1,000 in-lbs of torque on the impact driver is very impressive, given its lightweight design. Besides, the saw and the drill/driver have above-average specs, too.

  • Durable Design

As you can imagine, all Milwaukee tools feature durable all-metal gear casings. Moreover, you can enjoy the metal chucks on the drill and driver. Arguably, this will add to the lifespan of the units.

  • Onboard Battery Fuel Gauge

Perhaps, the on-board battery fuel gauge is a convenient feature. It will alert the user when the unit is about to run out of battery.

  • Work Light

Of course, you may not find the effective use of the integrated LED lights. In such cases, you can make fair use of the work light that comes in the bundle. Just make sure you replace the incandescent bulb with a LED one for better performance.


  • Not Suitable for Construction Works

Of course, you can’t expect to use these tools for everyday construction works. While they’re handy for various small jobs, they’re not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

  • The Drill/Driver Comes with a Brushed Motor

Moreover, the drill/driver comes with a brushed motor, which may reduce its life. Also, you can’t expect any exceptional performance from it.

  • Useless LED Lights and Small Carrying Bag

Again, the units have the same LED lights that switch off as soon as you stop the gun trigger. That way, they become quite useless. The same goes for the small carrying bag. Some customers complained that they expected a durable plastic bag instead of this small one.

Best for performing tough projects on solid materials

5. Milwaukee 2999-22  

As the manufacturer claims, the 2999-22 cordless tool kit is the best hammer drill and hydraulic driver combo. The high-performance M18 FUEL duo consists of a ¼-inch 2760-20 SURGE hydraulic driver and the ½-inch 2804-20 hammer drill. In the package, buyers get two REDLITHIUM XC5.0 batteries, a multi-voltage charger, and a carrying bag. Besides, there is a side handle for the hammer drill and a bit holder for the hydraulic driver. The two belt clips wrap up the excellent toolset.

Now, you’d ask why it’s so outstanding. Well, you’ll get the quietest hydraulic driver on the market. What’s more, it comes with a FLUID-DRIVE feature and 4-mode drive control. As for the hammer drill, you’re getting a brushless motor with 1,200 in-lbs of torque and 2,000 RPMs. That makes for a total of 60 percent more power and two times more speed.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • 2760-20 SURGE™ 1/4” Hex Hydraulic Driver

According to Milwaukee, this hex hydraulic driver is the quietest cordless fastening solution. Indeed, it’s significantly more subdued than most units, thanks to the new FLUID-DRIVE hydraulic powertrain. Moreover, it delivers three times less vibration, so you can enjoy smooth operation.

What’s more, the POWERSTATE brushless motor can put out a maximum of 3,000 RPM and 4,000 IPM for high-speed fastening. Indeed, that’s way more than the average for the class. Along with the REDLINK PLUS electronics, users get the most advanced system that will prevent overloading and overheating.

Besides, the 4-mode DRIVE CONTROL will provide optimal control over the output speed and power of the cordless tool. You get all that in a mere 2.3-pound gadget equipped with the standard LED light and durable build.

  • 2804-20 ½” Hammer Drill/Driver

It seems like the 3rd Gen version of the M18 FUEL hammer drill/driver isn’t much different from its predecessor. Perhaps, it has the same torque and drivetrain specs. In numbers, this means 1,200 in-lbs of torque and 2,000 RPMs of speed. And there comes the upgrade the 2804-20 cordless tool features a much smaller design. Besides, users can enjoy the comfortable side handle that no longer snaps off when things get tough.

Identical to the hydraulic driver, this unit features all conventional Milwaukee technologies. For example, the cordless tool comes with the REDLINK PLUS system that prevents overloading and overheating. Moreover, the motor is brushless, so it withstands a higher workload. Of course, let’s not forget about the all-metal ratcheting chuck that provides excellent bit grip strength and corrosion resistance.


  • Compact Design

Arguably, the most significant advantage of both cordless tools is that they’re compact. Combined with their high torque, you’ll be able to finish intricate jobs in a breeze.

  • Quiet and Low-vibration Performance

What’s more, the hydraulic driver delivers about 50% quieter operation, which makes it one of the best in its class. Thanks to the FLUID-DRIVE feature, it produces three times less vibration for smooth and fast performance.

  • REDLINK PLUS Electronics

As previously mentioned, the REDLINK system is an effective solution against overload and overheat. Its successor, the REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, will ensure optimal performance during heavy applications.

  • Durable Builds

As always, Milwaukee has made sure their products come are durable and long-lasting. The all-metal chucks and metal gear housings are all there, so you make the right investment. Thanks to the POWERSTATE brushless motors, these units can provide multiple times the power of their counterparts. Just put on the M18 batteries, and you’ll enjoy the mix of power, longer runtime, and life of the cordless tool combo.

  • High-torque Performance

One thing that makes this combo so great is the high-torque specs. Arguably, both tools can deliver impressive results without much hassle. The 1,200 in-lbs hammer drill/driver torque and 4,000 IPM on the hydraulic driver are above the average.


  • The Hammer Drill Is a Bit Heavy

While it’s exceptionally compact, the hammer drill may have too much weight to bear. In a sense, its high power may compensate for the 3.2 pounds of weight without the battery.

  • Too Expensive

Finally, you might want to take a careful look at the price of this cordless tool combo. Even though the stats on both units are totally worth it, some may not like the price. If you’re looking for a budget option, you should look elsewhere.

Best for professionals and DIY enthusiasts

6. Milwaukee 2691-22H 

Arguably, the Milwaukee 2691-22H cordless tool combo is the perfect kit for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Perhaps, the 2606-20 drill and 2656-20 impact driver are lightweight and powerful. As you can imagine, the “H” in the package name stands for the 2625-20 HACKZALL. It’s an addition that you won’t find in the standard 2691-22 combo kit version.

Either way, you’ll get a high-performance M18 3-tool set. Since all three tools boast high-performance stats, the combo is suitable for professionals, too. Just make sure the workload isn’t too heavy. Furthermore, you’ll get a 5-year warranty, two batteries, and a charger. You’ll get everything in a generic Milwaukee contractor bag.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • 2606-20 M18 drill driver

When you take a look at 2606-20, you’ll immediately notice the compact design. Perhaps, the 7-inch long cordless tool will allow easy access in all areas. Also, the ½ -inch chuck will give you the so-needed versatility. On a side note, you can use the variable speed for optimal control.

As for the specs, the tool boasts a maximum of 1,800 RPMs and the whopping 500 in-lbs of torque. That’s more than enough for all types of DIY projects, woodworking, or even light commercial tasks. Similar to other Milwaukee cordless tools, this one features an all-metal gear case for higher endurance.

  • 2656-20 M18 impact driver

Next in the list is the 2656-20 M18 impact driver. Arguably, this cordless tool ranks high in its class, as it flaunts everything excellent that comes from Milwaukee. There are the REDLINK Intelligence and the Impact Mechanism that will improve the longevity and efficiency of the tool.

What’s more, the motor is the classic 4-pole frameless one, so you get extra durability. Along with that, the 3.1-pound cordless tool features 1,500 in-lbs of torque and a maximum of 2,750 RPMs. That’s enough to provide both professionals and amateurs ease of use and an impressive combination of power and compact design.

  • 2625-20 M18 HACKZALL

As already mentioned, the 2625-20 M18 HACKZALL comes in the 2691-22H cordless tool combo kit. It’s a well-rounded reciprocating saw that’s suitable for both newbies and experts alike. Besides, it accepts both Hackzall and Sawzall-style blades.

As expected, this cordless tool comes with all standard Milwaukee amenities. For example, you can enjoy the QUIK-LOK blade clamp. Moreover, there’s the Dual Gear Anti-Vibration System that ensures unmatched accuracy and control. Along with the compact design, this unit weighs merely 4.1 pounds, which is pretty decent for a Hackzall. Besides, the gadget boats 3,000 SPM, so you can cut through anything.


  • Potent Performance and Durable Designs

As you can imagine, the combination of REDLINK electronics and 4-pole frameless motors is fantastic. Perhaps, it fits perfectly with the all-metal chucks and other details. As a result, customers get long-lasting products that put out incredible torque and speed stats.

  • Easy to Operate

According to customers, those tools are easy to operate. In other words, they’re suitable for users of all stripes.

  • Reasonable Price

Surprisingly, customers won’t have to pay a fortune to get this 3-tool set. Instead, they will have to pay a little less than $300 to get the full combo kit.

  • 5-year Warranty

As usual, buyers get the 5-year warranty, which ensures a safe investment in the long term.


  • May Not Be Suitable for Heavy-duty Tasks

Despite their high-torque and performance specs, these tools won’t deal with heavy-duty tasks. If you need more powerful tools, you’d better look for corded options.

Best for home-construction and renovation

7. Milwaukee 2893-22CX  

If you really want to impress with power, then the Milwaukee 2893-22CX combo kit is here for you. The cordless tool bundle features M18 Brushless 1/2” Hammer Drill Driver and a ¼” Hex Impact Driver. Both units have brushless motors and are ready to surprise you with power right from the box.

Similar to all other Milwaukee products from that category, these tools come with sleek and ergonomic designs. Moreover, they have the same durable all-metal housings with REDLINK electronics. Since they aim to serve you for longer runtime, you’ll really like how these little gadgets perform.

Indeed, they are compact and lightweight, so users can have excellent control over them in overhead or tight spaces. Best of all, the cordless tool combo kit comes with an XC4.0 and CP2.0 batteries. Along with the multi-voltage charger and belt clips, customers get a carrying bag. Besides, there’s an extra side handle for the hammer drill/driver.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • 2902-20 Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver

Speaking of the 2902-20 drill/driver, Milwaukee has put in a lot of work to make it the best in its class. Arguably, this cordless tool delivers 725 in-lbs of torque and a maximum of 1,800 RPM. These capabilities are more than enough to tackle a wide range of applications.

As you can expect, the cordless tool is light and compact, weighing merely 4.6 pounds with the XC4.0 battery. That way, you’ll be able to work in limited areas without a hassle. Besides, the hammer drill/driver comes with a side handle for increased comfort

What’s more, the ½ -inch metal chuck and an all-metal gear case will ensure longer tool life. Also, let’s not forget the REDLINK technology and the brushless motor that both make this unit exceptionally durable. Thanks to the M18 batteries, users can enjoy long runtimes.

  • 2850-20 Hex Compact Brushless Impact Driver

The second cordless tool in the package is the 2850-20 1/4-inch hex impact driver. Just like its fellow, this cordless tool also boasts a powerful brushless motor. Thanks to the robust build, this unit can deliver up to 1,600 in-lbs of torque. Also, the M18 will undoubtedly provide enough runtime for extensive work.

Surprisingly, the cordless tool is compact and small, which allows for access in small and tight spaces. Moreover, REDLINK electronics optimize the work of the REDLITHIUM batteries. That way, the impact driver can deliver 3,400 RPM for top-notch speed and performance.


  • Both Cordless Tools are Brushless

Arguably, the best feature of these cordless tools is that their motors are brushless. That way, they’ll have a far better operation for a longer lifespan.

  • Compact and Lightweight Designs

While both tools show formidable power, they’re both lightweight and compact. That way, you can easily use them in overhead and limited spaces. Moreover, they have integrated LED lights to use for areas with low light.

  • Durable and Powerful Operation

Similar to all other Milwaukee cordless tools, these two also come with durable and rugged build. Indeed, the all-metal gear housings and metal chucks ensure extensive resilience to wear and tear. Combined with the powerful torque and RPM rates, this combo will deal with heavy-duty tasks in a breeze.

  • REDLINK Electronics

Thanks to the REDLINK electronics, this cordless tool combo kit will rarely suffer from overheating. Therefore, you’ll enjoy safe and long runtime sessions.

  • The Hammer Drill/Driver Comes with a Side Handle

Another perk that comes with the toolset is that users get an extra side handle for the hammer drill/driver. This will allow for a more comfortable grip when working in restricted areas.


  • The Impact Driver is a Bit Loud

Unfortunately, many customers have complained that the impact driver is a bit too loud. While this issue won’t impact the performance of the tool, you might need some ear pads.

  • You Need to Start the Chuck to Activate the LED Lights

Another annoying problem is that the LED lights are somehow useless. The fact that they activate when you press the trigger button may confuse you. That way, you may lose the valuable light as soon as you stop using the machine. To get constant light at the desired spot, you need to run either unit continuously.

  • The Tool Bag is a Bit Small

Last but not least, some customers have reported that the tool bag is a bit too small. If you want to throw in more tools and accessories, you should consider buying a bigger one.

Best heavy-duty combo

8. Milwaukee 2697-22 

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty combo, the Milwaukee 2697-22 has the guts to do it all. The M18 18-Volt 2-piece cordless tool kit features the 2607-20 compact drill and the 2656-20 impact driver. Arguably, these gadgets are a lot more powerful than their smaller counterparts.

Therefore, you won’t have any trouble using them for masonry work, HVAC, remodeling, or construction. What’s more, you’ll be able to use the M18 batteries that will ensure longer runtime. As one of the heavy-duty cordless tool combos on the list, this toolset is also one of the most expensive.

Still, it’s a much better alternative to buying the tools separately. After all, you’ll get a charger and a carrying bag. Also, you’ll get two 3.0-Ah REDLITHIUM XC batteries.

Best Milwaukee tool sets

General Specifications

  • 2607-20 Compact Drill

Perhaps, you’d think that most Milwaukee products are identical. Well, the 2607-20 hammer drill/driver looks quite similar to its predecessor. However, you can barely mistake the cordless tool design and the 500 in-lbs of torque. Moreover, you get a maximum of 1,800 RPM using the Milwaukee M18 18-Volt batteries. The good thing is that the package comes with two of them, so you can swap batteries when needed.

In terms of build, the 2607-20 drill/driver comes with variable speeds and a frameless 4-pole motor. The new feature here is the REDLINK Intelligence that adds protection and communication between the battery and the gadget. As expected, users get a durable all-metal gear housing that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

As for the design and comfort, the cordless tool features a ½-inch metal chuck with three drilling modes. The compact design allows for effortless maneuvering, as the unit weighs merely 3.4 pounds. You can adjust the speed to your preference, thanks to the variable-speed control. Similar to other Milwaukee drill/driver units, you get a belt clip, a keyless chuck, and a LED light.

  • 2656-20 Impact Driver

If you’re looking to buy a cordless impact driver for your DIY projects, then 2656-20 will do the trick. Perhaps, it’s a far more robust option for heavy-duty tasks than other Milwaukee impact drivers. The cordless tool uses 1,500 in-lbs of torque, so you can enjoy a hassle-free work. Besides, the 2,750 RPM will help you go through the tasks with a breeze.

In terms of durability, this impact driver employs a four-pole frameless motor. Since it produces less friction and resistance, the user is sure to enjoy it for a more extended period. Also, the Milwaukee signature REDLINK Intelligence feature protects the motor from overheating and overloading.

Just like many other Milwaukee cordless tool units, this one has a built-in LED light, too. It will allow you to work in dark spaces without a hassle. This feature pairs well with the compact design of the machine. With a weight of just 3.1 pounds and a size of 5-1/2 inches, this gadget is small and ergonomic.

Best Milwaukee tool sets


  • Powerful Motors

Arguably, this cordless tool combo has one up on its counterparts with powerful motors. Indeed, the four-pole engines provide a top-notch performance. The tools have 500 in-lbs on the compact driver and 1,500 in-lbs of peak torque on the impact driver. That’s more than enough for tasks of moderate workload.

  • Built-in LED Lights

Perhaps, one of the best signature features on all Milwaukee drills and drivers is the LED lights. While they may not make or break a tool, they are essential for restricted areas. After all, you’ll want to make the most of your cordless tool.

  • Long-lasting M18 Batteries

Another great advantage of buying this cordless tool combo kit is that you’ll get two 3.0-Ah M18 Lithium-Ion batteries. Along with the charger, you’ll be able to use the drill and driver in locations without an energy source. Most of all, you can easily swap your batteries when you need more power.

  • Features REDLINK Intelligence

While many people don’t pay much mind to this feature, the REDLINK Intelligence option adds much to the durability. That’s why you’ll enjoy a long life of your cordless tools.


  • Somehow Expensive

While the bundle is significantly cheaper than buying each product separately, it’s still somehow expensive. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you might look elsewhere.

  • Super Loose Chuck

Unfortunately, some customers have complained about wobbly chucks. The wobble is so substantial that you could see it without a bit in any setting.

Best for home-construction and renovation

9. Milwaukee 2494-22 

If you’re up for a powerful drill/driver combo, Milwaukee has the 2494-22 M12 cordless combination. The 3/8-inch and ¼-inch drill/driver kit shows an impressive torque potential for the same size as other brands’ tools. Indeed, the compact size will serve you perfectly when working in limited spaces.

What’s more, the 2494-22 M12 cordless tool combo kit comes with two 12-Volt batteries. There’s also a 30-minute charger and a carrying bag for additional comfort. Still, that’s not the most impressive feature – when you see the low price, you’ll love the value of the toolset.

General Specifications

  • Milwaukee 2407-20 3/8-inch Drill/Driver

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly drill/driver, the Milwaukee 2407-20 is the perfect alternative to no-name options. This DIY-grade tool might be a bit underpowered for professionals. Still, the 12-Volt motor and 275 in-lb of torque make it suitable for all light tasks. Also, let’s not forget the 1,500 RPM of speed.

Arguably, the 2407-20 drill/driver elicits the typical Milwaukee standard. It has a compact and ergonomic design and weighs merely 2.1 pounds. Best of all, it features an all-metal locking chuck for increased durability. Moreover, it provides a superior grip, which eliminates the need for frequent breaks to re-tighten the bit.

In terms of features, users get an integrated LED light and a battery fuel gauge. They will make your drilling/driving sessions way more productive. When it’s time for a battery change, you’ll be able to use both M12 REDLITHIUM batteries from the pack.


Best Milwaukee tool sets


  • Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 1/4 Hex Impact Driver

Along with the handy drill/driver, this cordless tool combo kit offers a hex impact driver. The 2462-20 model packs versatility and power in its compact design. It’s suitable for all types of house jobs and can even handle some light construction tasks.

With a maximum torque of 1,000 inches per round, this cordless tool is ideal for your casual home projects. Moreover, it features a full no-load speed of 2,500 RPM and 3,300 IPM. Perhaps, you can safely use it to repair, assemble, or take apart furniture and various appliances. If you have enough skills, you can even use the 2462-20 driver for minor carpentry jobs.

Thanks to its 1.9 pounds of weight, you’ll have no trouble maneuvering with it. Besides, it has a built-in LED light that will come handy in dark areas. Similar to its fellow drill/driver, the ¼-inch hex impact driver has an on-board battery fuel gauge.


  • Compact and Lightweight Design

What makes both devices so great is that both have an outstanding design. They are compact and lightweight, but also ergonomic. That way, they won’t cause fatigue and hand numbness during longer sessions.

  • Robust Build and Solid Performance

Of course, these cordless tools aren’t the most powerful and may not be suitable for heavy-duty applications. Still, they will outperform most of their counterparts in the same price category. Most of all, they have robust builds, mostly the all-metal single-sleeve ratcheting chuck on the 2407-20 drill/driver.

  • Built-in LED Lights and Battery Gauges

Perhaps, one of the best features on this cordless tool combo kit is the built-in LED lights and battery gauges. LED lights are convenient when working in tight spaces with low illumination. On the other hand, battery gauges will alert you when it’s time to replace the battery.


  • Not Suitable for Heavy-Duty Tasks

Arguably, the main disadvantage of this cordless tool combo kit is that it’s of homeowner grade. Indeed, both products come with an underpowered brushed motor. If you’re looking for something to use for construction projects, this combo might not be it.

Best for DIYers

10. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2598-22 

When looking at the 2598-22 M12 cordless tool combo kit, you’ll see it as a considerable upgrade. Perhaps, the older Milwaukee models can barely match the 2504-20 hammer drill and 2553-20 hex impact driver. While they’re no new for the market, these cordless tools offer excellent value for the money.

Arguably, the best thing about this combo is that you get the updated version of the M12 FUEL impact driver. Along with the M12 brushless hammer drill, you’ll get the much-needed compact duo. With the 2598-22 M12 FUEL cordless tool combo kit, you’ll have no issues in terms of capabilities. Besides, it comes with two M12 REDLITHIUM batteries, a tool bag, and a charger.

General Specifications

  • 2504-20 M12 FUEL 1/2” Hammer Drill

At first, you’d think that this hammer drill is no different than its counterparts. However, this M12 FUEL model boasts a 350 in-lbs of torque power. Indeed, this seems a lot for a 12-Volt drill, but it’s quite real. Besides, the updated version is far more compact than before. At 1,700 of maximum RPM, you can use this tool for a wide range of applications.

What’s more, this hammer drill has one up on its rivals thanks to its sled drill model. Arguably, this cordless tool is one of the smallest 12-Volt hammer drills up to date. Similar to other Milwaukee cordless tools, this one comes with an all-metal ratcheting chuck. Also, don’t forget about the belt clip. All in all, you’ll get the typical Milwaukee quality and comfort at a fair price.

  • 2553-20 M12 FUEL 1/4” Hex Impact Driver

With the ¼-inch hex impact driver, you’ll raise the bar for 12-Volt performance. Arguably, this cordless tool has one of the best specs in terms of driving speed, power, and size. The 4-mode drive control impact driver boasts 3,300 maximum RPM with constant power output. But that’s not all – this tool outputs over 1,300 in-lbs of torque. No doubt, that’s more than enough for productive and enjoyable work.

Compared to the competition, this cordless tool will get you over 20% faster application speed. Thanks to the self-tapping screw mode, you’ll reduce overdriving, breaking, and stripping out screws. Just like the hammer drill, the hex driver is compact and lightweight. Therefore, you won’t have any issues using it in restricted spaces.

Best Milwaukee tool sets


  • Small and Compact Units

As expected, the M12 combo delivers compact and ergonomic designs. Even though the hammer drill could have been lighter, it’s a considerable improvement from the last version.

  • Durable Builds

Perhaps, the signature style of Milwaukee is building robust and durable products. Indeed, the brushless motor on the hammer drill will ensure a longer life. Meanwhile, you’ll all-metal ratcheting chuck for enhanced grip and extra durability.

  • Outstanding Performance

All in all, you’ll get excellent performance, given both tools are 12 Volt. Surprisingly, they will outperform most of their competitors. Compared to 18-Volt hammer drills, the 2504-20 one can even beat the odds and show better results.


  • There’s a Little Wobble

Indeed, both tools are compact and powerful. However, some customers have complained that there’s a little wobble when using the impact driver. While it’s not a crucial downside, it can be quite annoying. Still, the wobble is considerably less than some rival models.

  • The Overload Protection on the Drill is a bit Intrusive

Unfortunately, the impact drill gets hot too quickly and shuts off pretty easily. Therefore, it may not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks

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