EDIAG YA-201 OBD2 Scanner

EDIAG YA-201 OBD2 Scanner

Nowadays, people use cars more than ever before. That’s why keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition is a must at all times. Whether you use it as a daily driver or travel long distances, using a car is inevitable. Since modern machines are heavily dependable on electronics, having an OBD2 scanner at hand is a must.

Believe it or not, this tiny widget can be of great help when your car’s check-engine light comes on. Suddenly, the small problem can become a huge issue, especially if you’re due to vehicle inspection. In such cases, an OBD2 scanner will help you find out the source of the fault.

Undoubtedly, the EDIAG YA-201 scanner is one of the most advanced DIY-level machines in the category. This small tool will quickly tell you whether you have a faulty gas cap or a bad catalytic converter. Perhaps, you’re eager to learn everything about your car’s system. Then, read on to learn more about the features and benefits that come with owning such a gadget.

EDIAG YA-201 OBD2 Scanner

Main Features

Perhaps, the first thing you’ll notice in the EDIAG YA-201 OBD2 scanner is that it’s completely suited for newer cars. This scanner works on both domestic and imported vehicles, including light-duty trucks, SUVs and mini-vans with standard protocol. What’s more, the makers of the unit have added the lifetime free update feature. Undoubtedly, Mode 6 and Mode 8 are just a few of the features loaded in this widget.

Apart from the real-time data graphs for battery testing and data stream recording, you’ll enjoy the plug-and-play design.You can choose between nine languages that will make using the scanner easy, like a breeze. Besides, the model boasts a 2.4-inch 240x320p clear display that will provide maximum comfort during operation.To make things better, the colourful LCD comes with Blacklight and a suitable resolution for eye protection.

In terms of functionality, the EDIAG offers a wide range of options. For example, you can read live data streams from vehicles produced in 1996 or newer. The information that you’ll get is in live graphic or text form. The View Freeze Frame Data will allow you to check for particular conditions recorded by the car’s onboard computer.

What’s more, the Playback Data History will provide multiple functions to the table for extreme versatility. Ultimately, you’ll quickly read VIN, screenshot data, and monitor data without an effort. It’s safe to say that this tool offers full functions for a car diagnostic tool. You can quickly do an EVAP system component test, check the O2 sensor, or retrieve I/M readiness.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightning-fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Mode 6 is Unavailable as a Reading Option


EDIAG YA-201 OBD2 Scanner

How to Use the EDIAG YA-201 OBD2 Scanner

Indeed, the EDIAG YA-201 is relatively easy to use. At the bottom, you have a set of four buttons – Up, Down, Return and OK. The compact casing resembles a smartphone, but the buttons make the scanner look like a game controller. To start your machine, plug it in your car’s system

DTC Lookup

Once you turn on the scanner, you’ll get a menu with four main categories – Diagnosis, DTC Lookup, Battery and Settings. If you want to select your car’s brand, press the DTC Lookup. There you’ll find the most common US and European car companies. Choose your car’s brand and input the error code. This option will ensure you get accurate readings of the error codes and the possible reasons for the issues.


The Battery function is a handy feature that will tell you when your battery is going bad. If you’re going on a long trip, you’d undoubtedly want to come prepared. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your battery before setting it off. The OBD2 scanner will measure how low your battery goes when you start your car’s engine. Indeed, the live data graph will display the momentary change in voltage for optimal accuracy.


Settings is another feature that you can use to better the efficiency of your tool. This section has four subcategories – Languages, Unit, Data Logging and Self-Test. There you can pick between 9 languages as well as the measurement standards (English or metric). What’s more, you may want to choose to switch on data logging or test the display or keyboard.


After you’ve set and set everything up, it’s time for the diagnosis. Once you start the process, the tool will quickly load up the scanner menu. Note that if you’ve input the error code of your vehicle, it may provide more accurate results. Also, make sure you turn the ignition again so the YA-201 can conduct a proper diagnosis. Through the Diagnostic Menu, you can get valuable information about the codes, I/M Readiness, Live Data and other features. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the functions you can find in this menu:

  • Read and Erase Codes
  • Live Data
  • Freeze Frame
  • Vehicle Info.
  • I/M Readiness
  • Mode 6
  • O2 Sensor Test

EDIAG YA-201 OBD2 Scanner

Easy to use
Value for money
Easy to care
Easy to read

Superb scan tool, worth the money.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the EDIAG YA-201 is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to ensure their vehicle is in mint condition. This handy widget offers a worry-free user experience with a 5-year warranty and lifetime free updates. Connect your unit using the USB interface to get the latest car model data. Another great thing about this OBD2 scanner is its low price. For less than 30 bucks, you’ll get everything you need – live data and battery readings and DTC lookup features. Undoubtedly, the YA-201 is a worthy purchase for every DIY enthusiast and professional.

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