Champion Power Equipment 200954 

 Champion Power Equipment 200954 

And if you start looking for the available options, you’d be distressed knowing that most of the options are pretty expensive. But have you heard of Champion 200954 Inverter Generator?

It’s an incredible power backup source designed to fulfill your needs from all aspects. And not only for RV but you can also use it for DIY projects and as a backup source for your home during power outages. Moreover, you can use it for outdoor festivals and events.

What else would you expect from a power backup source?

After testing this inverter generator for a few weeks, we can confidently say it’s one of the best options available. Under this price range, we barely found any other inverter generator with so many amazing features.

This detailed review of Champion 200954 Inverter Generator will solve your problem if you’re still confused about purchasing this generator.

Champion Power Equipment 200954

Value for money
For working out
Noise level
Easy to start

Best for DIY projects, camping, ice fishing, contractors, etc.

Design & Built

Champion 200954 has a lightweight construction that allows you to move the generator pretty easily. The strong and durable construction offers peace of mind so you may confidently use the generator in tough conditions. The manufacturers claim that it’s a portable generator. And we believe it’s true to some extent as you can put the generator into your vehicle and take it to your desired location.

But unlike other portable generators, you can move the generator using a handle because it doesn’t have the wheels. Yes, it’s light enough to hold into your hands but we’d still suggest that the manufacturers should consider adding wheels to make it more convenient for users.

Along with the indicators, there is an intelligauge meter that displays frequency, voltage, and run time. Then there is a 12V output receptacle that can be used to charge the batteries. Also, there are 3 AC outlets you can use to run different items in different situations.



Power & Performance

Many people often confuse the starting watts with the running wats. The starting watts represent the power a generator produces when you start it. And the running watts represent the power a generator provides consistently after starting up. The starting watts are always higher than the running watts because the generator needs extra power to run the electrical equipment without any interruption.

Champion 200954 comes with a 4-stroke engine…

That produces excellent power throughout the way. It enables you to run all the essential items within your home during a power outage. If you think that 3500 watts aren’t enough for your needs, you can connect another generator with this one because it’s Parallel Ready. However, you’d have to purchase the parallel kit separately.

With eco mode, you can continue running this generator for 22 hours if the fuel tank is full. But we recommend giving it a break of 30-35 minutes after every 8 hours because the engine needs to cool down to operate properly. The interesting thing about this inverter generator is that it makes very low noise compared to other generators because it has a noise rating of 64dBA.


We’ve shared the important information about different features of the Champion 200954 open frame inverter generator. And we’re pretty sure you’d be able to make an informed decision after reading these details. But if you have any other questions about this generator, you can get in touch with us.

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