Best Dual Fuel Generators in 2019

best dual fuels generators

Best dual fuel Generators are devices used to supply electrical power to appliances or machines. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The mechanical energy is obtained from external sources such as engines powered by gasoline, liquid propane, natural gas, diesel, etc. It is important to understand that the generators do not create electricity, but supply the mechanical energy that forces the movement of electrons or particles carrying the charge that we call electricity through the wires in the circuit. Simplifying it further, let us compare the electrical charge to…

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Top 15 Best Portable Power Stations in 2019

What Is A Portable Power Station? It is a compact device that is fitted with Lithium-ion batteries and charging docks. These docking stations are used to charge these Li-ion batteries that store portable power in them to be used later.It is an environmentally friendly option as does not require combustibles, gasoline, kerosene, coal, wood, etc. It can be charged using solar and wind energy complementing this clean source of energy. These stations can be wired together in series or parallel to produce and store large amounts of electricity. Solar panels…

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Τop 15 Best Inverter Generators in 2019

best inverter generators cover

Best Inverter generators are a newer technology that provides you with ‘clean’ energy. They are a fuel-efficient and cost-effective solution to your power needs.In this blog post, I will share a few details about inverter generators and review one of the best inverter generators available on the market.Do you like to go camping or live in an area that faces a lot of power outages due to frequent storm or other weather conditions?If so, then investing in best  inverter generators  will prove to be an excellent solution to your problems.…

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Top 15 Best Solar Generators in 2019

best solar generators

In need of a permanent, long term solution for power outages? Having charging issues while outdoors? Or simply looking for an eco-friendly alternative to run of the mill gas power generators?Best  solar generators are the best option for you. The best of these generators come as portable, hybrid power stations. Not only can you use solar panels to charge these generators, but you can also charge them using home appliance AC outlets. On the other hand, while gas generators are effective for short-term power outages, their reliance on fuel makes…

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Top 10 Best Food Trucks-Trailers Generators in 2019

cover food trucks generators

Best food trucks-trailers generators are pieces of equipment that makes electricity off the grid. It is perfect for mobile businesses like the Food Trucks. The engine should be powerful enough to produce power for all the appliances. It should meet EPA and CARB standards to keep the environment clean and noise level down. As these generators run on fuels like propane, gasoline and diesel it should have a large enough fuel tank to get the truck from point A to B. Food trucks are a lucrative business and the industry…

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