value for money : Paslode finish nailer

Paslode Cordless Finish Nailer 902400

However, their finish nailers are made in a way that needs to be regularly maintained as compared to other brands due to their working mechanism

For the proper performance of your Paslode finish nailers, you should ensure regular maintenance. According to Paslode, the finish nailer should be cleaned and lubricated after every 50,000 shots. You should also clean it more often if you are using it more regularly. Cleaning the nail gun is usually easy procedure….

Paslode Cordless Finish Nailer 902400

Cleaning the Paslode finish nailer

To clean the unit, you should follow the following steps:

  • Remove the fuel cell, nails, and battery
  • Get rid of the head cap bolts
  • Use a clean cloth to clean the filer. You can blow through with air
  • Disconnect leads from the fan motor. Also, disconnect the spark plug to get access to the cylinder head of the tool
  • Spray the cylinder head assembly and remove the gunk using the link-free cloth. Alternatively, you can use compressed air
  • You can now do the spraying. Wipe off any deposits, together with the piston driver assembly.

Paslode, Cordless Finish Nailer, 902400

Light weight
Value for money
Easy to use
Easy to handle

Paslode is one of the most respected names in the building industry

Tips to maintain your Paslode finish nailer

Here are the tips you should observe when working with a Paslode finish nailer.

  • Use the recommended lubricating oil: One of the reasons why you should use the lubricating oil recommended by Paslode is because it has been formulated to withstand the high temperature that is caused by a Paslode nail gun. When you use other lubricants, this can cause combustion residue to build up. This can also result in the premature failure of the tool or cause it to be completely unrepairable.
  • Use the recommended degreaser cleaner: Again we advise that you use the official Paslode cleaner. Such a cleaner has been formulated to handle their machines. The use of other chemicals can damage the rubber, plastic, and electrical parts of the nailer. This can also result in a residue that will damage the tool.
  • Use a clean and lint-free cloth: This can ensure that you don’t scratch the inner parts of the nail gun.
  • Tighten screws when assembling tools: If your nail gun has loose screws, this can damage the unit
  • Test the finish nailer after cleanup: If there is a small amount of smoke coming out of the finish nailer, this shouldn’t concern you.

You should avoid soaking the nail gunner completely in the cleaner. You will also need to be extra careful and wipe out any extras very fast. If possible, we recommend that you air the finish gun to mop away the spots that you are unable to wipe. Finally, you should re-oil your finish nailer. You are now ready to put everything back. It’s advisable to follow the instructions on the manual for your exact Paslode model.


Important of regular servicing of a Paslode finish nailer

Now that you have cleaned your Paslode finish nailer, you will want to find out if it is firing well. On top of regular cleaning, your Paslode finish nailer will require some new spare parts regularly. Some of the units that should be changed regularly include battery pads, o-rings, and filters as these get worn out often and need regular replacement.

How to troubleshoot your Paslode finish nailer

While the Paslode nail guns are very robust and can withstand the harsh working environment, they often have issues. Here are some of their common problems and how to handle them.

A misfiring finish nailer

If your Paslode finish nailer is misfiring, there are several possible causes. These include:

  • Use of wrong Paslode nails
  • The nails are incompatible
  • The nailer is dirty. Particularly if you use it regularly but haven’t cleaned it in the recent past

A red blinking light

This is usually a sign that your nailer has malfunctioned. Some of the issues with the nailer include:

  • A faulty motor. A very common problem

Strange noise of the nail gun

This can be as a result of:

  • A faulty motor
  • A malfunctioning fan
  • Dirt

A bent firing pin

This could be caused by:

  • Dropping the nailer
  • Using the wrong Paslode nails
  • Regular wear and tear

How to clean and maintain a Paslode finish nailer

A broken firing pin

This is often caused by:

  • General wear & tear
  • If the O-rings were previously removed but were not installed well

Damage to the battery contacts of the nail gun

This could be caused by:

  • Bent contact due to inserting and removing the battery
  • Dirty or dusty contacts
  • Corroding contacts from water damage
  • Batteries that are noncompactable

To troubleshoot these issues, we suggest that you go through the manual that comes with your finish nailer. You can then see if there is a solution to the problem.

Final thoughts

If there is a finish nailer that hates dust and other forms of debris, it is the Paslode nail gun. This is you need to clean it regularly. You will also need to maintain it properly if it will continue being in top shape. Use the above tips to clean and maintain your unit. You can also consider some other leading finish nailer brands for yor project.

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