The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2022

The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2022

Formal garden and backyard maintenance don’t only require watering the flowers. Often, owners and gardeners need special power tools such as the pole saw. This unit’s perfectly designed for pruning dead and stubborn branches, keeping tree crowns in shape.In other words, this tool is the ideal special-care weapon for bulky garden greenery.

A high-quality pole saw will undoubtedly make every cutting task look effortless without jeopardizing your health while doing it. Moreover, you’ll never need a ladder to get rid of the tall branches growing close to your house. This tool will not only make cutting but trimming much more straightforward, too. Besides, it’s pretty affordable and easy to use. If you’ve already decided to buy one, here are the best units to consider purchasing:

Top 5 Best Pole Saw Products

Ryobi ONE+ P4360 Lithium-Ion Pole SawBest Pole Saws
WEN 40421 Cordless Pole SawBest Pole Saws
WORX WG323 Best Pole Saws
Greenworks GMAX 20672 Pole SawBest Pole Saws
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Pole SawBest Pole Saws

Best Budget

Ryobi ONE+ P4360 Lithium-Ion Pole Saw

If you have low-hanging or colliding trees in your backyard, the Ryobi ONE+ P4360 will trim every drooping tree effortlessly. The pole saw comes with an entire kit of essentials that you’d typically need to buy separately. What you’ll get for your bucks are a cutting head pole, an extension, and a handle pole. The latter has two contact points, specificallydesigned for the shoulder strap. What’s more, there’s also a multi-tool that’s suitable for chain tensioning.


The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2021

Speaking of the chain, it comes with a protective sheath. That way, you’ll always have optimal efficiency, and a pole saw that won’t overheat quickly. This electric tool has an 18V Lithium-Ion battery with its own charger for extra convenience. In terms of overhead reach and cutting diameter, the unit offers pretty standard features. The saw operates at an adjustable length of 6.5 ft. to 9.5 ft. and features an 8-inch bar and chain. These specifications make it ideal for trimming away 6-inch low-hanging and dead branches.

What’s unique about this tool is its affordable price. For a little more than $130, buyers get an automatic bar and chain oiling along with a clear-view fluid window.Another convenient safety feature is the safety lever. Like a real chainsaw, you’ll have to first hold down the safety lever to make the trigger actuate. You’ll get all this with a 3-year limited warranty by Ryobi for endless home pruning and trimming.


WEN 40421  Cordless Pole Saw

The WEN 40421 Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw is a clear contender for the “Best Value” title. This battery-powered pole saw isn’t the cheapest, but it will undoubtedly deliver top-notch quality to the table. The kit features a pivoting head, a telescoping pole, a 2Ah battery, and a charger. There’s also a sheath and a shoulder strap for increased convenience when moving around with the tool.


The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2021


Perhaps, the best thing about the WEN 40421 pole saw is its brushless motor. That way, you’ll minimize the maintenance while getting the most out of your machine. What’s more, the tool-free chain tensioning system will save you valuable time. Just put in either a 2Ah or 4Ah of the WEN 40V battery series, and you’re ready to go. The low weight of just 8.8 pounds and the durable batteries will ensure effortless work for up to 40 minutes. But don’t worry – the fast charger will get you back to work in under an hour!

Apart from the durable motor, this model offers great flexibility. The pole saw head can pivot at 30 degrees in each direction for precise angling. Moreover, the telescoping bar can extend from 7.1 ft. to 10 ft. for a whopping 14 feet of overhead reach. That’s more than enough for you to trim even the most unreachable branches. Thanks to Oregon saw chain, you’ll never have to worry whether you’ll get a clean cut or not. After all that, the 2-year warranty is enough to guarantee you an efficient cutting experience for years to come.

Best Value

WORX WG323 20V Electric Pole Saw

If there’s one pole saw that will give you fast and clean cuts without spending a fortune on it, that’s the WORX WG323. The company hascreated the ultimate 2-in-1 chainsaw that can quickly turn into a pole saw. As a result, you get a cordless tool with a 12 ft. reach and merely 10 pounds of weight. Best of all, the 20V battery is compatible with all 20V and 40V tools for optimal versatility.


The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2021

Like most pole saws, the WG323 has auto-chain lubrication for smoother and more efficient cuts. But the feature that makes the unit stand out from the crowd is the auto-chain tension. Turning the large knob on the saw head will make tensioning your machine more straightforward than ever. Besides, the safety button is positioned at a convenient reach for optimal comfort. Needless to say, the manufacturer has spent additional time in designing the best pole saw for the money. You can easily see this when you put on the extension. The ergonomic grip of the handle will ensure you have firm control over your pole saw.

One of the unique design features is the guard that will protect the user from unexpected kickbacks. Another great thing is the bumper spikes at the tip of the head body. They serve a great job at leveraging the saw when you’re cutting wood. Whether you’re using the unit with or without the extension pole, you’ll quickly cut through 6-inch lumber. Combined with the extra-long reach, you’ll get the best bang for your bucks.

Well balanced

Greenworks GMAX 20672  Cordless Pole Saw

When it comes to quality, overhead reach is not always that important. The Greenworks GMAX 20672 8-inch Cordless Pole Saw is living proof. Indeed, the unit doesn’t offer the best overhead reach but 11 ft. is more than enough for hassle-free trimming. And to make it even easier, the 2Ah 40V battery lasts for at least an hour.

In the package, you’ll get the standard pole saw essentials. For example, you’ll get a cutting head with a blade cover for the 8-inch saw chain. The extension pole connects to the cutting head through electrical connectors. The battery hooks up at the bottom of the handle pole. When it runs out of power, you can charge it with the fast charger in the kit. Like most quality pole saws, the GMAX also comes with a shoulder strap for easier carrying. It also features an automatic bar and chain lubrication as well as easy chain tensioning.


The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2021


But one of the impressive things about the GMAX is the twist-lock feature of the different parts. This feature will allow you to store it wherever you want after work. Another unique characteristic is the nearly perfect balance. The unit’s centerbalance is right in the middle, which will give you optimal control during tasks. Combined with the 8.36 pounds of weight, you’ll certainly enjoy using this tool.

Best Overall: Milwaukee

M18 Fuel  Brushless Pole Saw

Over the past few years, Milwaukee has garnered a reputation for designing high-end power tools. At first, some enthusiasts would find their M18 pole saw a bit expensive. But when you take a closer look at all its goodies, you’ll certainly realize it’s totally worth it. The kit comes with all the prerequisites to start trimming right away for the whopping 150 cuts per charge. The 10-inch saw blade is undoubtedly up there as it will readily cut all branches of 8 inches or less.

From start to finish, this tool impresses with different features. For example, the QUIK-LOK attachment system makes the device compatible with various pole heads like trimmer and edger. Thanks to the POWERSTATE brushless motor, you’ll easily cut through thick wood with just an 18V battery. Unlike higher-voltage models, this pole saw will surprise you even in the most demanding applications. Consequently, it won’t lose power but instead outperform most of its counterparts.


The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2021


Apart from all praises for its motor and performance, this unit boasts a featherweight body. The M18 weighs merely 2.38 pounds for super-easy handling and carrying. The handle and shoulder strap will help you get complete control over your pole saw. Another great feature that comes with most Milwaukee power tools is the REDLINK PLUS intelligence system. It provides overload protection during heavy-demanding tasks. Either way, you’ll get a 5-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about your tool breaking down.

How to Buy a Pole Saw

Typically, a pole saw is much similar to a chainsaw. The main difference is the pole that connects to a saw head. In most cases, the bar is extendable, so it’s perfect for landscaping and pruning trees and hedges. Therefore, it’s safe to say that a pole saw is much more effective in gardening and landscape maintenance.

If you’re looking for the best pole saw, you need to make it fit your needs. In this regard, there’s a set of factors that require careful consideration. Here are some of the critical aspects to look for when buying a pole saw:

  • Corded, Battery-Powered,or Gas-Powered

Before you look into any of the features, you must first decide the type of model you want to buy. You can choose between corded, battery-powered, and gas-powered. Of course, each style has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the main features of each type:

  • Corded Electric Pole Saw

Typically, corded power tools provide the best reliability. Moreover, they are often more powerful than their cordless alternatives. If you buy a corded electric pole saw, you won’t have to worry about running out of power. However, you’ll have to find a power source or simply limit your range of work.

  • Battery-Powered Pole Saw

A battery-powered pole saw will provide much better convenience. This will allow you to move around with ease without constantly having to look for a power source. Such a feature is convenient when you don’t plan on using your tool for a prolonged time.

Still, you’d want to have a spare battery to replace in case you need to finish your task. Otherwise, you risk losing battery power while in the middle of your project.


The Best Pole Saws to Buy in 2021


  • Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Like battery-powered versions, gas-powered pole saws are cordless, too. But instead of electricity, they use gas as fuel. This feature gives them the most power that may turn out to be the most cost-effective of all options.

Perhaps, the main downside is that you have to constantly reload your tool with gas. This means that you may face the same challenges as when using a battery-powered saw. What’s more, gas may be costly, and the process of refilling can be a bit messy at times.

Usually, the best way to determine which type will work for you is to decide what you plan to use it for. If you have a small backyard, you can get a corded pole saw. Since you won’t have to travel long distances, you can connect it to your power source.

If you have a more extensive garden or yard, you’ll need a unit that will allow you to roam freely. Then, you’d want to choose between battery-powered and gas-powered models. While the former is ideal for residential use, the latter have more power and are perfect for commercial landscaping.

  • Overhead Reach

The overhead reach is another essential aspect to consider when buying a pole saw. Essentially, the term refers to the length of the tool added to your arms’ length. In most cases, such instruments have 10 to 12 ft. reach. A taller unit will undoubtedly provide a better distance, but it will be much harder to control. Besides, it may pose a danger to your health.

That’s why it’s best to look for a model with a telescopic pole. It will allow you to modify the length of the tool manually for optimal control. This feature will give you much better versatility than stationary versions. Ultimately, you’ll effectively cut and prune trees and shrubs of different sizes. Still, make sure the pole saw of your choice has a high-quality locking feature to prevent accidents.

  • Cutting Bar Length

The cutting bar length is vital to determine the diameter of the branches that the pole saw can cut through. Usually, it ranges from 6 to 12 inches, but mostly 8 inches is standard. That’s enough for most shrubbery and branches. Still, you’d want to consider your decision carefully. Typically, you may need at least 2 inches more than the diameter of the wood you want to cut.

  • Weight

Undoubtedly, the pole saw’s weight is also crucial. The tool’s primary purpose is overhead use, so it’s essential to get a featherweight unit. Otherwise, tiring your arms can result in unwanted accidents or reduced work time.

In most cases, pole saws may weigh from 6 to 20 pounds, gas-powered ones being the heaviest. For this reason, you should look for a tool that will cause less arm fatigue. A battery-powered model of around 10 pounds may be perfect for most needs.

  • Additional Features

While additional features and accessories won’t make or break a pole saw, they may be crucial to your efficiency. Sometimes, a product may come bare-bones, which may require additional expenses on accessories. It may be a clever idea to look for a model that comes with extras in such cases.

A prime example is the self-lubricating tools. Also, you’d want to consider getting a unit with advanced safety features and extra chainsaw blades. Some brands even include an additional set of shoulder straps as well as protective blade covers.

  • Warranty

As you can imagine, pole saws are heavy-duty tools just like their chainsaw predecessors. In this regard, you must make sure the product you’re buying can withstand the test of time. Facing lots of wear and tear may eventually cause breakdowns, but a decent warranty can fix everything.

While most models come with a 2-year extended warranty, higher-quality pole saws may even offer 5 years. Such terms will undoubtedly mean the unit is far more reliable than its competitors. What’s more, you’ll keep your item in good shape for much longer.

  • Price

Finally, you’d want to consider the price of your pole saw. Money is always a decisive factor, especially when buying power tools. That’s why you should carefully weigh in all the features and accessories and compare them to the final price.

As expected, more extras mean a higher price tag. While gas-powered models are usually more expensive, you can find any other pole saw type in the range of $100. Ultimately, you’d want to determine your budget before you start shopping to prevent overspending.

Final Verdict

Finally, it’s safe to say that cordless pole saws can undoubtedly complete the most demanding tasks without effort. In other words, they’re perfect for both residential and professional landscaping jobs. Still, you’d want to consider your options carefully before buying such a powerful tool. Whether you decide to buy one of the abovementioned models or not, you should take our guide into consideration. That way, you’ll find the perfect pole saw for your needs.

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