Vastar Portable Air Compressor

Is the Vastar Portable Air Compressor a good product?

What are its benefits and drawbacks? To know more, read this short review and learn from the insights we’ll be sharing.It is a compact but functional tool that can be a lifesaver! You no longer need to worry that you will have a flat tire in middle of a ride. Among others, one of the best products to consider is the Vastar Portable Air Compressor.

Vastar Portable Air Compressor

Main Product Features

Here are some of the notable features that make Vastar Portable Air Compressor a great product.

Four Pre-set Modes

You don’t have to be left guessing about the right PSI for a specific application, although there is an option to customize the pressure as you deem necessary. It has four pre-set functions – car, motorcycle, bicycle, and ball. Choose one and the unit automatically suggests the pressure that it will generate.

Deflation Function

While most people will use this product for inflation, it is equally impressive when you use it for deflation. There is a side button that you have to press to deflate a tire, ball, or inflatable in a short time.

Trachea Storage

There is a small storage hole in this device, which you can use for storing the inflation tube. The latter is small and easy to lose, so it is a good thing that the product provides a convenient way to keep it handy.

Low-Voltage Protection

This is one of the best safety features that you will find in the Vastar Portable Air Compressor. It protects the battery from over-discharging or when the voltage gets extremely low. In such circumstances, the battery will automatically cut the power that it supplies.

Vastar Portable Air Compressor


If you are looking for more compelling reasons to choose Vastar Portable Air Compressor, below are some of its notable benefits.

Solid Construction

Right out of the box, I felt how tough this portable air compressor was. Holding it on my hand, I can say that it was solid. It does not have any creaking noise and it seems like this is one product that will withstand many years of use.

Easy to Use

If you have not used a portable air compressor before, you won’t have any problem with this product. It has a user-friendly interface. Plus, it has a multi-lingual manual with comprehensive instructions on how you can use this tool.

Large Display

This is one feature that makes the device user-friendly. The screen is large and bright enough so that you can see the display in different conditions. It displays several information you need to know, such as the chosen mode and the PSI setting.

Comes with a Built-in Light

One more thing that we appreciate in this portable air compressor is the built-in light on the unit. With the latter, it has a sort of flashlight, which will come handy when you are working in poorly-lit environments.

Includes Multiple Valves

This is one of the reasons why it is a versatile product. Right out of the box, it comes with multiple attachments or valves, so you can use it on different things. There is a ball needle, as well as a valve for inflatables.

Stops at Desired Pressure

It is dangerous to go beyond the pressure setting that the manufacturer recommends. This can end up in a burst tire. To prevent such an unfortunate incident, this product is capable of stopping automatically once it reaches the maximum pressure.

Vastar Portable Air Compressor


Despite the many good things about the Vastar Portable Air Compressor, it isn’t free of any problem. Below are some of the shortcomings that you need to know.

Not for Mid-Sized or Large Cars

Before buying this product, one of the most important things to note is that it is meant only for small tires. It works well for bikes, motorcycles, balls, inflatables, and small cars. however, for medium and large cars, including SUVs and trucks, this is insufficient. You will need something that is more powerful to provide the needed air for inflation.

Generates a Loud Noise

One more thing that many people did not like about this compact pump is that it is loud. On average, it has 80 to 85 dB. This means that it is a bit louder than a normal human conversations, which can make it annoying to use for some people.

Not for Use for More than Ten Minutes

It will only take a few minutes or even seconds before you are done inflating the things that are compatible with the device. The manufacturer suggests that you do not use it continuously longer than ten minutes. If you have to, then you will need to stop its use for three minutes before you continue.

Vastar Portable Air Compressor


How to Use the Vastar Portable Air Compressor

Simplicity is one of the best things about this product. Even if you are a beginner, you will not have any problem. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it.

  1. Start by unboxing the unit and having it fully charged. The box comes with a USB cord, but it does not have a charging brick. Wait until the unit is fully charged before using it. There is a flashing amber battery icon so you will easily know the battery status.
  2. Once it is fully charged, open the portable air pump. The power button is located on the side.
  3. Choose the desired mode depending on the intended use. Press the lower part of the power button to change the function. You can choose from car, motorcycle, bike, or ball. The latter is also the best function for inflatables.
  4. After picking the desired mode, you can now customize the PSI. While the unit automatically sets its recommended pressure, you can also personalize it. Just press the plus or minus button on the sides of the power button.
  5. Connect the hose and adapter to the tire or anything that you will inflate. Make sure that you are using the right connector to maximize the functionality of the device.

Vastar Portable Air Compressor is a must-have. It makes sure that you can inflate tires of small cars, bikes, and motorcycles, as well as balls and floaties, in an instant. It is compact, tough,and functional.

Vastar Portable Air Compressor

Large Display
Easy to Use
Solid Construction

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