How to make a generator safe for electronics

Another challenge with the generator is in the kind of power it supplies

A generator is a good addition to the power needs of the home. It will provide the much-needed power backup in the home. It can also be a good source of power in emergencies. However, if you want the generator to serve you for long, you will want to understand how to maintain it.

While many of the latest models produce clean power, the traditional generator produces dirty power. Dirty power is a term used to describe most of the electric power problems in the home. You can determine if the unit is providing clean energy or not by the way your electrical gadgets behave.

Why do I need to clean my generator power?

There are many instances when we all face dirty electricity. If you keep seeing the lights flickering or there is a constant fluctuation in powers and power surges, there are chances that your generator is providing dirty power. This is an indication that you need clean power.  If you see your equipment or transformer vibrating, this could be as a result of a lower system capacity.

This often occurs for sensitive appliances such as laptops, computers, or mobile phones. To ensure that your appliances don’t get damaged, you will need clean power. A major cause of dirty power is the power supply sources such as generators. A generator is mostly designed to handle an expected power supply. If the power supply needs are above normal, you will experience disruptions.


How to make a generator safe for electronics


This should be taken seriously as it will damage your appliances or cause them to malfunction. Dealing with dirty power can also be a big challenge. A generator can produce dirty power for several reasons. This could be a result of power surges, voltage variations, frequency variations, and a lot more.  An easy way of detecting if the power supply is dirty is by checking the electronics. Most sensitive devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets will quickly detect a faulty supply.

Causes of dirty power

Before you think of how to clean your dirty power, you will want to understand the common causes. This will give you an idea of the right solutions that the generator needs. There are several causes of abnormality in power. These include:

  • Load imbalance
  • The outage caused by a failure in one part
  • A voltage sag resulting from the voltage falling below normal
  • When the voltage rises above normal
  • A harmonic distortion

A generator often has a lot of voltage and frequency variations.  You will need to understand the cause as the solution for frequency variation is different from that of the voltage variation. If you don’t set up the right regulation system, this can be dangerous. While finding the right regulation system may look expensive at first, this can prove dangerous.

How to make a generator safe for electronics

A guide in cleaning up generator power

If you see any of the above signs, it’s an indication that you have dirty power. You will need to clean up the generator power. There are several ways of doing that. You can do so with an inverter, voltage regulator, or power line conditioner. Let’s now look at these methods.

Inverter generator

One of the benefits of best inverter generators is that it produces clean power. It is designed in a way that enables it to generate power as per the load. If there is too much load, it will create power that will suit the power need, and it will minimize the rpm. This will translate into less fuel usage. This is why an inverter generator is a good choice for producing clean energy.

If there any harmonic distortion, the inverter generator will remove it. This enables it to maintain the necessary voltage. Therefore, an inverter generator can be an upgrade to the traditional generators. But if you already have the conventional generator; it might not make sense to again acquire the inverter generator. So what are the options of getting clean energy from the traditional generator?

How to clean up generator power for electronics

One way of cleaning up generator power is through the use of an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS). This unit features the basic circuitry connected to one or more big batteries. To make the generator’s wave smooth, you can connect a UPS to the power supply. However, you will also need to ensure that you get a UPS that can connect to a generator.

You should avoid using any UPS as it may not be a safe option for connecting to a generator. The UPS can convert the dirty power into the best sine wave. To ensure that the power is safe for use, it converts the current internally. For cleaner power that has no hassles, you can buy the smart UPS. This is the right choice for providing power for sensitive electronics. It features an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that enables it to provide clean power to your gadgets.

A UPS works perfectly well in handling variations in voltage that cause dirty power. However, if you are experiencing frequency variations, the UPS may not be the right option for you.

The use of separate voltage regular for cleaning up generator power

Commonly known as AVR, an automatic voltage regulator can help to prevent any variations in frequency. This ensures that the generator provides clean power. Voltage regulators are regularly used in automobiles for providing stable power. If there is a change in power, an AVR will detect this and adjust the load. It is, therefore, a good choice for converting dirty power without any disruptions. However, you will want to ensure that the AVP can handle your current generator capacity. Also, confirm if it can handle the load well. You can add the surge protector if you deem it necessary.

How to make a generator safe for electronics

Use of a power line conditioner to clean up generator power

A power line generator can also be a good way of cleaning generator voltage. It will work well with regular generators and is also an affordable option. When you add the power line conditioner, you can ensure that the high voltage doesn’t damage your appliances. These also have an advantage as you can easily understand them. However, when buying a power line conditioner, you should ensure that you get the right one. You can also use a surge protector to protect your gadgets.

Check your generator

If the above solutions don’t work well, and the issue continues, it’s advisable to check the generator. This will enable you to determine if the problem is in the generator. There are chances of a frayed or loose wire that may be causing the regular fluctuations. If there is a lot of dirt or grime in the engine, it might be unable to generate the power it’s rated for.

You may want to consider buying oil filters. Therefore, if you aren’t maintaining your generator, this may result in fluctuating power supply. Before, you start searching for support; you will want to ensure that it is working well.

In conclusion

Securing your sensitive appliances should be a top concern for you. Dirty power is hazardous and needs to be solved as soon as possible. Fortunately, we have listed most of the possible solutions that will help you correct the issues.

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