How to Choose a Porter-Cable Combo Kit

Best Porter-Cable Combo Kit Review

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional handyman, the best Porter-Cable combo kit is a great investment. Depending on the specific product you will purchase, it comes with the most important power tools you will need.

By having a reliable combo kit, you will have easy access to high-quality power tools. Often cordless and lightweight, these tools will make any work easy for you!

While Porter-Cable is one of the most reliable brands, not all their products can deliver the same superior quality and performance. If you need help, keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share in this short guide.

Our Top Picks for the Best Porter-Cable Combo Kit

Ready to get yourself a reliable best combo kit? Below, we’ll talk about some of the most popular options from Porter-Cable.

Best for maintenance-repair-and-operations

1. Porter-Cable PCCK619L8 

The price of this combo kit is one of the first things you will notice. Sure, it can be quite expensive, but this is justifiable. It is costly because it comes as a set of eight tools. Compared to buying them individually, purchasing it as a set is a great way to save money.

Compared to most of the combo kits from Porter-Cable that are mentioned in this review, this specific product has better batteries. It has one 1.5 Ah and one 4.0 Ah battery, so you can expect that it will deliver impressive cordless power.

  • Drill/Driver

The compact and lightweight drill that comes with this set is designed for light-duty applications. It weighs only 2.5 pounds, so you will be happy to know that you won’t easily feel tired. There is also a two-speed gearbox, which means that you can choose from a speed range of 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1,500 RPM. The variable speed trigger lets you customize the speed of drilling to suit your needs.

  • Impact Driver

Whether you are removing or inserting screws, you will love how functional the hex impact driver can be. It offers 22 clutch settings, which is a great thing if versatility is what you are looking for. Another good feature of the impact driver is that there is a built-in light, which will come handy if you are working in dark environments.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 8-Tool (PCCK619L8)


  • Circular Saw

With the large cutting capacity of the circular saw, this is a great option even for aggressive jobs. It can also cut at a maximum of 50 degrees, which will make it more efficient in different jobs.

  • Tiger Saw

With the reciprocating tiger saw that is included as a part of this combo kit, you can enjoy a maximum speed of up to 3,000 strokes per minute. More than its speed, we also love the tool-less blade changes, which you will surely find to be convenient.

  • Jigsaw

If you are going to make straight and intricate curves, then you will love how it comes with a reliable jigsaw. There is also a variable speed trigger, which you can adjust from 0 to 2,500 SPM depending on the cut that you would like to make.

  • Multi-Tool

As the name implies, this tool is designed to provide multiple functions. There is also a variable speed trigger, which will let the tool run at 8,000 to 18,000 OPM. Plus, it comes with a tool-free clamp and built-in work light.

  • Grinder

With a speed of up to 3,500 RPM, this grinder is one of the best tools in this combo kit. It comes with a three-position handle, which will provide complete control of its use. There is also a spindle lock, which will make swapping wheels a breeze.

  • Flashlight

If you need a hand when you are working in dark areas, then the flashlight that comes with this combo kit can offer the perfect solution. We love how it comes with a molded grip, which means it is easy to hold. It is also amazing because of its bright output, which is because of the four LEDs that produce 120 lumens.


  • Powerful batteries
  • Saws come with sharp blades
  • Includes bits for the drill


  • Expensive
  • Trigger of the impact driver can be difficult to engage

Best for light to medium duty applications

2. Porter-Cable PCCK6116 

Like the set mentioned above, this combo kit also comes with six of the basic tools you will need. Before buying this product, take note that it is built only for light to medium-duty applications. If you will be doing a heavy-duty task, then you might end up being frustrated with the power and performance that this product can deliver.

This combo kit is a part of the 20V series of power tools from Porter-Cable. It comes with a 1.3 Ah lithium-ion cell battery. Anyone who has already used this product will agree that the battery is underpowered, which can be quite frustrating.

  • Drill/Driver

The cordless drill/driver that comes as a part of this kit has a high-performance motor, which lets it work effortlessly on wood and metal, among other materials. We also love how it comes with a 2-speed gearbox, which is also what makes it versatile to handle various applications without compromising its performance. With the keyless chuck, you can change bits within seconds. This is unlike others that will require a tool. Plus, it comes with a built-in light.

  • Circular Saw

Weighing only 6.5 pounds, the circular saw that comes as a part of this combo kit will be easy to hold. It delivers a maximum speed of 3,000 RPM, which makes it an excellent choice even if you will need to make aggressive cuts. Despite such a speed, it is targeted only towards casual users, so this is not recommended for professional projects.

  • Reciprocating Saw

With the compact and lightweight reciprocating saw that comes as a part of this tool kit, you will not complain of discomfort. Even when you have to work for a long time, you will be comfortable. It has an ergonomic and textured grip so holding the reciprocating saw will not be a problem. It is also versatile as it comes with a stroke speed range of 0 to 3,000 RPM. Plus, there is a pivoting shoe that will be in constant contact with the material you will be working on.


PORTER-CABLE PCCK6116 20V MAX Lithium Ion 6-Tool Combo Kit


  • Oscillating Tool

One of the most versatile additions to this combo kit, its oscillation tool can be used in several functions, such as trimming, flushing, and even grout removal. It comes with a tool-free system, so changing the attachments will be quick and effortless without the need to use any tool. To add, you can do so with the use of just two fingers. It also has a built-in LED, which will come handy if you need illumination.

  • Impact Driver

With the ¼-inch impact driver, you will enjoy 1,450 in-lbs max torque. This is great in most applications although, if you are doing heavy-duty work, then you will find that this power is insufficient. The quick-release chuck is also a notable feature, especially if you are looking for a tool that will be effortless to use.

  • Flashlight

If you have ever worked in low-lit environments, then you will know how difficult the latter is. It can make your work inaccurate. Not to mention, the lack of proper lighting can also be a safety issue. Luckily, when you buy his combo kit, you will already get an adjustable light to make things easier for you.


  • Comes with a large bag with comfortable carrying handles
  • Lightweight tools
  • Easy and comfortable to grip


  • Batteries drain fast
  • Some tools can be quite noisy

Best for electricians contractors

3. Porter-Cable PCCK6118 

Value for money – that is one thing that you can expect when you purchase this option for the best Porter-Cable combo kit. It comes with eight tools, including a lithium-ion battery, charger, and bag to keep everything organized and protected.

Like the other tools from Porter-Cable that are listed in this article, this product is also backed by a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Drill/Driver

Holding the drill will be effortless and comfortable because of its ergonomic design. Not to mention, it is wrapped with rubber, so your hand will not slip regardless of the material that you are drilling. You will also love how versatile it is because there are two-speed ranges, which you can change by adjusting the pressure that you exert when holding the trigger.

  • Circular Saw

With the high-performance motor, you can enjoy a speed of up to 3,000 RPM. Take note that it is designed only for light-duty applications. Despite that, we love how it has a shoe that pivots at a maximum of 50 degrees, which is one thing that will come handy when you are making non-traditional cuts.

  • Reciprocating Saw

Balance and comfort are two of the best things about the reciprocating saw in this combo kit. It comes with a keyless blade clamp, which will initiate effortless changes since there is no need to use any tool. There is also a pivoting shoe, which will help in improving control regardless of the material that you are using.

Porter-Cable Combo Kit


  • Oscillating Tool

From close undercuts to flash cuts, this is a great tool to use. It can produce anywhere from 8,000 to 18,000 oscillations per minute. You can easily adjust the speed depending on what is most suitable for an intended application. It also comes with a tool-free system, making it effortless to change the accessories.

  • Jigsaw

With three orbital settings, you can control this jigsaw as you wish, which also makes it capable of handling a variety of applications. Plus, there is a variable speed trigger, which can be adjusted from 0 to 2,500 strokes per minute. The beveling shoe is also a good thing, which will make cuts of up to 45 degrees. To add, there is a dust blower, making sure of optimal visibility when you are working.

  • Impact Driver

If you are loosening bolts and nuts, then this tool will come handy. It has decent power of 1,450 in-lbs with a speed rating of 2,800 RPM and a blow rating of 3,100 BPM. Unlike its more expensive counterparts, it does not have a brushless engine, despite such, in most instances, the performance is incredible.

  • Orbital Sander

Need help in sanding? Then this power tool won’t disappoint. Admittedly, it isn’t as powerful as its higher-end counterparts, but we like how reliable it is. It has a speed of 12,000 orbits per minute and has a diameter of five inches. There is also a rubber grip for your comfort as it helps in shock absorption.

  • Flashlight

The PCC701 flashlight that comes with this combo kit is smaller than the flashlight mentioned above. There is a pivoting head, so you can also direct the beam depending on the part of the area that you want to be well-lit.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Offers several adjustments for different applications


  • Some tools have flimsy construction
  • Batteries do not last long

Best for home-construction and renovation

4. Porter-Cable PCCK617L6 

A part of the 20V Max line of power tools from Porter-Cable, this set has almost everything that you will need for completing basic tasks. Whether in your workshop or out of home, it has a decent performance. Admittedly, however, it isn’t as powerful as its higher-end counterparts. Nonetheless, if you are a casual user, it will be more than enough.

Like the other products from Porter-Cable that are briefly reviewed in this article, it also comes with a three-year warranty. This should be enough to provide you with peace of mind. It is better than most products that are covered only for a year.

  • Hex Impact Driver

Whether you are tightening nuts or driving screws, the ¼-inch hex impact driver in this combo kit will be a great power tool. It has 1,450 in-lbs of torque and a maximum speed of 2,900 rpm. It also comes with a quick-release chuck, which is one of the reasons why it is user-friendly.

  • Circular Saw

The power saw that comes as a part of this combo kit is also notable. Looking at the technical details, it comes with a high-performance motor that delivers a maximum power of 3,700 rpm. The 5.5-inch 18-tooth carbide blade is also impressive, which is capable of handling different materials without compromising power and performance. Plus, there is a 50-degree beveling shoe, which will help in the proper positioning of the material that you are about to cut.


 PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 6-Tool (PCCK617L6)


  • Reciprocating Saw

With the push-and-pull action of the reciprocating saw, it will be effortless to cut a variety of materials, such as metal pipes and nails. In this combo kit, the reciprocating saw delivers a maximum speed of 3,000 SPM, which means that cuts can be done quickly. More than its speed, we also love how you can change the clamp without using any tools, making it user-friendly. It also comes with a compact design, which will let you use the reciprocating saw even when you are working on tight spaces.

  • Oscillating Tool

You will have complete control when you are using the oscillating saw that comes with this combo kit. Regardless of the application or material, you can make the necessary customization. The speed can be adjusted from 8,000 to 18,000 OPM. From sanding to scraping, you can easily customize the speed as you wish.

  • Drill/Driver

The compact drill/driver that is included in this kit comes with a 283-watt motor. It may not be as high-powered as the more expensive models, but in most applications, the motor will be sufficient. There is also a built-in light, which will make it easier to see the work area. This will be handy if you are looking for precision.

  • Flashlight

If you have to work in a low-lit area, there should be no problem. The pivoting flashlight will provide hands-free illumination, which will let you see in detail.


  • Bright flashlight
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Solid construction for long-term functionality


  • May struggle on tough materials
  • Batteries can be longer-lasting

Best for a variety of applications

5. Porter-Cable PCCK616L4 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the products that are mentioned above, this is one option worth considering. The main reason why it is more affordable is that it only comes with four tools. This is unlike the four other combo kits mentioned above with six to eight tools.

For casual users, this combo kit is enough. The motor isn’t as high-powered as its higher-end counterparts, but in most applications, you will be happy to know that the performance will suffice.

Aside from the four tools, your purchase will also come with two 20V Max 1.3Ah batteries. These are basic batteries and may not hold a charge for a long time. The charger can also be problematic, with some users noting that it might take forever to recharge the battery.

  • Drill/Driver

The ½ two-speed drill/driver has a maximum speed of 1,500 RPM. Plus, it weighs only 2.5 pounds, which makes it lightweight. There are 22 clutch settings, making it versatile enough for various applications. Plus, you can choose from two-speed modes. Under the slow speed setting, it has 0 to 350 RPM. Under the fast speed setting, on the other hand, it is 0 to 1,500 RPM.

Porter-Cable Combo Kit


  • Circular Saw

With this circular saw, you can expect a maximum speed of up to 3,000 rpm, which is ideal if you want to make aggressive cuts. It also comes with a pivoting shoe, which can pivot at a maximum of 50 degrees. The latter will let you complete even non-traditional cutting. The contoured and over-molded grip of the handle is also notable, which will make it comfortable to use. Plus, it is relatively lightweight, so you can be confident that using the circular saw won’t easily result in fatigue.

  • Reciprocating Saw

Coated with a rubberized handle, the reciprocating saw will be easy to grip. More than being comfortable, this will also provide you with better control of this power tool. There is a keyless blade clamp, which means that changing the blade will be a snap. This is unlike in this case of other products where you will need to use a tool for changing the blade. We also love the no-stroke speed of 3,000 strokes per minute. While it is great, take note that such speed will not be enough for industrial applications.

  • Flashlight

The work light/torch that comes with this combo kit is a lifesaver, especially during the times that you are working in a poorly-lit environment. You will not only be safer, but your work will also end up being more accurate. The pivoting head is one of its best features, which will let you direct the stream of light directly where you need it the most. It has adjustments of up to 160 degrees.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with two batteries
  • User-friendly design


  • Included charger is slow
  • Not commercial grade

Best for HVAC technicians

6. Porter-Cable PCCK615L4 

Similar to the product mentioned above, it is also a good choice for those who are on a tight budget. While there are only four tools included, the price is a bargain, especially considering the features of the tools included. Nonetheless, to avoid frustration, take note that the combo kit is only good for light-duty tasks.

When purchased, it comes with two lithium-ion batteries, which you can use in all the tools. However, there seems to be a recurring theme when it comes to battery complaints of the Porter-Cable combo kits included in this review. They are far from being the most powerful, especially when it comes to holding charge in power-intensive applications.

  • Drill/Driver

The drill/driver is one of the most important power tools. Luckily, the one included in this combo kit will never disappoint. With a maximum speed of 1,500 RPM, this will be more than enough for completing light-duty applications.

  • Impact Driver

Weighing three pounds and with a length of 6.9 inches, you will love how compact and lightweight is the impact driver that comes as a part of this combo kit. At its peak, this power tool can deliver a maximum speed of 3,100 bpm. Meanwhile, it produces 1,450 in-lbs of torque. There are 22 clutch settings for multiple applications. We also love the magnetic bit holder. Plus, there is an integrated light, making it easy for you to work even in the dark.


Porter-Cable Combo Kit


  • Reciprocating Tiger Saw

While the design is slightly different from that of the products mentioned above, they work pretty much the same. They have similar technical specifications, such as both weighing four pounds and a maximum speed of 3,000 strokes per minute. It has a variable speed trigger, so you can customize the cutting speed of the saw depending on what you assume is necessary for a specific job. There is also a pivoting shoe and changing the blades will be effortless, which is one thing that is common in the reciprocating saws from Porter-Cable.

  • Flashlight

One of the best things about the flashlight that comes with this combo kit is that it has four LEDs. This means that you can expect optimal brightness so that you can easily work even in dark environments. It delivers an impressive 120 lumens. The contoured and rubberized handle is also a plus, making it a breeze to hold the flashlight. To add, it also comes with a pivoting head, which will let you direct the beam of light exactly where you need it to be.


  • Affordable
  • Has an extra battery
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Durability can be an issue
  • Poor battery

Why Invest in a Combo Kit?

Need compelling reasons to buy a combo kit? Below are some of the things that can convince you that it is a must-have:

  • Value for Money: The right combo kit can provide the best bang for the buck. This is because you will get multiple tools without the need to spend a fortune. It is way cheaper compared to buying power tools individually.
  • Versatility: A combo kit can deliver versatile functionality, making it worth every dollar. Whether you would like to drill holes or cut materials, chances are, the combo kit will have the tool that you will need for a specific task.
  • Shared Power: Most of the combo tools will have a shared power system, which means that their battery can be used in other tools. This will prevent you from buying several batteries as the source of the power of your tools.
  • Storage: One of the best things about a combo kit is that it often comes with a bag. This means that there is something that will hold the pieces together to keep them organized while also protecting from external elements that can speed up wear, such as dust.

How to Choose a Porter-Cable Combo Kit

Especially if you are buying a combo kit for the first time, it isn’t easy making the right choice. Yes, Porter-Cable is a reliable brand, but this does not mean that all of their offerings are the same. To help you narrow down the options, below are the most important considerations.


PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit


  • Inclusions

One of the first things to do is to consider what is included in the package. Think about what you need, and from here, it will be easier to decide what to buy.

Do not assume that more is always better. In most instances, having more tools will mean additional costs. This can be a waste of money if you won’t be using the tools included.

If you are a casual DIYer, then you are most probably good with four basic tools. If you are a pro, on the other hand, you might need up to ten tools depending on what you often do for your work.

  • Source of Power

The source of power is important because it will impact comfort and performance, among other things. Choose corded tools if you are after power. The problem with the latter is that there is a wire, which can limit portability. This is because you have to be near a source of power where you will plug the unit. Your movements will also be limited by the length of the cable.

For portability, then you are better off with cordless tools in the combo kit. They are not as powerful as their corded counterparts, but you will have the freedom to move and work anywhere as long as the battery can provide the required power.

  • Battery

Opting for cordless combo kits? If yes, then you should look at the battery. Among others, one of the most important is to consider how long it lasts when fully charged. In the same, way, you have to think about how long it will take to fully charge the battery once it drains.

The weight of the battery is also an important consideration. If it is too heavy, then it will add weight to the combo kit, and this means that it can easily result in fatigue.

Porter-Cable Combo Kit


  • Ease of Use

It is also crucial to consider how easy it will be to use the tools included in the combo kit. Especially if you are a beginner, choose ones that will be straightforward to operate. Otherwise, you might end up in frustration.

To be easy to use, the combo kit should also be comfortable. The latter is possible if it is lightweight. To add, there should be an ergonomic design, which will make the tool easy to grip. It should have minimal noise and vibration, which will make it easier to concentrate on whatever you are doing.

  • Safety

Look for the safety features that are incorporated in the combo kit that you will buy. One of the most important is overload protection. This will prevent the tool from overheating, which is also a great way to extend the functional life of its internal components.

To be safe, choose a combo kit that has been through a series of tests conducted by third-party organizations. It should have stickers or certificates that can prove that it meets the required standards. This way, you can be confident that it has been thoroughly evaluated before being released in the market.


From woodworking to home repair, power tools are must-haves. If you want to have all the basic tools that you will need, then you should invest in the best Porter-Cable combo kit, including our recommendations above.

A combo kit is packaged with some of the essential tools you will need, such as an impact driver, cordless a drill, and circular saw, among others. While there are countless options in the market, not all of them can deliver the same benefits. We hope that the reviews above will make it easier for you to decide what to buy.

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