How to convert gas generator to propane

Deciding to convert your generator from gas to propane can be a hard decision as each of these fuel sources comes with its pros and cons.However, with all factors constant, propane is the clear winner between the two fuels. This is why many homeowners are asking us how to convert gas generators to propane. Before we answer this question, here are the pros of propane.

Benefits of propane generators

There are several reasons why homeowners choose to convert their gas generators to propane.

Storage capacity

You might not have the capacity to store or carry a lot of liquid fuel.  Storing large amounts of propane gas is easier. Besides, liquid fuel can turn bad while propane doesn’t.

Fuel efficient

Every propane unit has twice the energy of a natural gas unit. This means that you will need half the amount of propane to achieve the same power needs as a gasoline unit.  Even in fluctuation in prices of the two fuel sources, propane will be cheaper.

How to convert gas generator to propane


In case of an emergency such as an earthquake or hurricane, gasoline may be unavailable. Propane can be a good choice for keeping the power in your home running. You will not need to worry about expensive downtimes when there is a power outage.

Cleaner energy

Generators also run smoothly and are quieter on propane than when powered by gas. Propane produces low amounts of carbon monoxide as compared to gas. It produces about half of what a gasoline generator produces.

With propane generators, you will not need to worry about the risk of spillages. Since this is stored in safe tank tanks with safety valves, the risks of spillages are minimal. All you need to do is to connect the generator to the tank using a hose and open the valve for fuel to flow.

Lower operations costs

Propane has a lower maintenance cost and is more reliable than a gas-powered unit. This is because many gasoline systems will often experience carbon buildups and deposits. This means a propane system will require less maintenance as compared to the

Steps in converting a gas generator to propane

If you don’t want to tot around a smelling gas can for a generator, you may want to consider turning your gas generator to propane.

Get a conversion kit

Some companies sell conversion kits and therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right kit.  The small devices make it easier to run on either gas or propane. For some kits, you may have to add stud extenders, reduce the crankcase tube, or cut into frames. Otherwise, you may simply connect it to the studs, install the regulator on the generator, and connect it to your gas supply. However, you will want to ensure that the kit is suitable for the model and make of your generator.

Remove air cleaner

You will now need to remove the air cleaner. You will then need to fit an adapter with propane fuel connecting the base of the air-cleaner to a carburetor. You will need several bolt extensions to enable you to remount the a/c.

How to convert gas generator to propane

Mount regulator

You will need to mount a regulator that the propane will pass through. This should be attached to the frame of the generator. Secure several brass fittings to the adapter and regulator. These should be made of aluminum. These fitting threads need to be wrapped using a Teflon tape before snuggling them down. Ensure that you don’t crank down hard on the fitting or you will have a bind with reduced aluminum thread.

Attach the hose

Once the regulator and adapter are secured and the fittings are tightened, you can attach a hose running from the regulator to the adapter.  You should also connect another one running from the regulator to the propane tank. When you do that, you will be ready to run the unit.

Press the small button at the back of the regulator and turn on the engine. Use the regulator’s adjustment screw to make the engine run smoothly and set your desired RPM.

Get a safety shutoff

You don’t want a situation where a motor dies when you aren’t around. This might result in the buildup of propane as it continues to run and may result in an explosion. To prevent such a situation, you should buy a safety shutoff that acts as an on-demand regulator. This will shut off the gas when the engine dies or isn’t running and enhance safety.


Remember that converting your generator from gas to propane may void its warranty. This may also destroy the unit if you don’t follow the instructions on the kit. Therefore, we recommend that you get the best propane generator for your home.

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