roofing nail gun (review & buying guide)

After a lot of research, we settled on these 5 best roofing nailers…

If your roof requires installation, repair, or replacement, you will need to ensure that you have the right kinds of tools. Choosing to do it manually is tiresome and time-consuming. If you need to make the work easier, you should get the best roofing nailer. The air nail guns are a good choice for driving short and flat-headed nails, commonly used in roofing.

The best pneumatic roofing nailers ensure fast delivery as they feature a coil magazine. But since not all nailers are made the same, you will need to ensure that you pick the right choice. To help you make an informed decision, we created this review and buying guide.

Roofing Nailers


Best Overall

1. Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer 


Metabo is one of the oldest and most popular names when it comes to the making of roofing nailers. Therefore, if you are searching for a powerful and reliable pneumatic roofing nailer, you should consider Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer with Air Hose and Roofing Nails.

This is a well-built but lightweight air roofing nailer as it weighs 5.5 pounds. It’s easy to load the siding nail as the magazine is on the side. The tool allows you to choose between 5 different depths and, therefore, you can choose how deep you want the nail to go.

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The roof nail gun comes with a tool-free adjustment system and a push lever with a carbide tip to ensure durability. It also features an ergonomic rubber grip pad that will enable you to work with the tool for long without making your arm tired.

With the side loading of the pneumatic roofing nailer, you can easily reload the siding gun in between tasks. The design of this air-powered roofing nailer makes it a good choice for use in harsh weather conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick loading design
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber pad to prevent sliding off from the roof
  • Price is on the higher side

Previously known as the Hitachi Power tool, this roofing nailer has maintained the same good quality. You can set the nail depth without the need for further instruments. When empty, it shouldn’t take you more than a minute to load. If you would like to take a break in between roofing work, you can place the tool on the roof. It will not slide off as it has a rubber pad. Despite its high price, this is a well-made tool that is worth the money.

Best performance


If you are searching for a professional-grade coil roofing nailer, you should consider the MAX USA CORP. CN445R3 Coil Roofing Nailer. The air-driven roofing nailer is a good choice for fastening fiberglass and asphalt shingles, lath wire to plywood, siding installation, and assembly of the wooden box. The coil nailer comes with a swivel plug that helps to prevent the air hose from tangling. It also has a trigger lock that prevents accidental firing.

With this Max roofing nailer, you will never experience misfiring or jamming. This is because the roofing nail gun comes with a magnet that ensures that the last nail is held in place and, therefore, prevents jamming. The tool also comes with a unique end cap filter that uses patented technology to ensure that no unwanted particles get into the tool. This ensures the durability of the internal parts.

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The coil roofing nailer comes with a magnet hold that ensures that the last nail is held in place and therefore, prevents jamming. With the knob adjustment depth control, you don’t require any special tools to adjust the depth. The tool also comes with a tar resistance nose that can resist 4 times more tar than other conventional tools.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful tool
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Trigger rock prevent accidents
  • Ergonomic rubber grip
  • Easy to maintain
  • A bit heavy
  • A bit expensive
  • No feature to unjam nails

While the price of the MAX USA CORP. CN445R3 Coil Roofing Nailer is on the higher side, this is expected of a sturdily-made tool with a great performance. The tool offers great efficiency making it one of the best roofing nail guns. While it doesn’t come with an anti-jamming feature, this is understandable as you will hardly experience any jamming. Therefore, this is a great tool that offers good value for money.

best roofing nailers for the money.

3. BOSTITCH Roofing Nailer (BRN175A)


When it comes to the power of roofing nailers, no other brands beat Bostitch. One of their powerful brands is the BOSTITCH Roofing Nailer, Coil, 15-Degree (BRN175A) nailer. Even when set on the light setting, it will penetrate through the shingles pretty well. The coil nail gun can set nails at a consistent depth and the depth adjustment is also pretty easy.

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The tool also has an excellent build quality, making it one of the most durable options in this list. With this roofing nailer, you can use nails with a length of ¾ inch to 1 ¾ inch. The tool has a decent magazine capacity of 120 nails. At a weight of 4.8 pounds, this is one of the lightest nailers in the market. When combined with its compact size, you can keep using it for long.

To improve durability and performance, Bostitch upgraded the engine and feed system. The dual door magazine ensures that the tool is easy to use. The carbide nose insert ensures that the nose doest wear and tear.

Pros & Cons

  • • Reliable
  • • Sturdy and durable
  • • Compact and Lightweight
  • • Ergonomic handle
  • No dry fire lockout
  • • No magnet

The manufacturer would have made the tool better by including a magnet to ensure that the last nail is held in place. A dry fire lockout feature would have helped to prevent misfiring. However, with its durable construction, and great performance, this is the best roofing nailers for the money.

Best for home projects and DIY enthusiasts.

4. WEN 61783  Roofing Nailer

When it comes to the best budget roofing nailer, no tool beats the WEN 61783 3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer. But on top of its affordable price, the tool offers great performance with no jamming or misfiring issues. The roofing air nailer is a good choice for fastening nail shingles, siding, vinyl, insulation boards, fiber cement, insulation boards, waterproof tar paper, and much more.

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The framing nailer comes with a magazine that has a capacity of 120 nails. It can allow nails with a size 11 gauge, that ranges from ¾ inch to 1 ¾ inch. It’s easy to adjust the depth of the nail using the knob depth-setting features on the nailer’s head. The best framing nailer comes with a quick-release compartment on the magazine’s side that ensures any jamming is resolved immediately. The tool also comes with an adjustable shingle guide that ensures the fast and easy spacing of shingles of different sizes.

The tool drives 7/8 to 1 ¾ inch of round-head nails, making it one of the few tools that can drive 7/8 inch nails. It also comes with an ergonomic rubber grip that ensures comfort when working with the tool for many hours. When you buy the roofing air nailer, you will also get 3 different hex wrenches, a bottle of oil, and a blow mold carrying case that enhances the transportation of the tool.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Carryon case(included)
  • Not sturdily-made

With the cordless roofing nailer, you can be assured of 430-inch pounds of force at an operating pressure of 100 PSI. This will ensure that your siding remains in place. Despite its modest construction, this is among the best budget roofing nailers. Overall, this is a good tool for home projects and DIY enthusiasts.

Best for home projects and DIY enthusiasts.

5. 3PLUS HCN45SP Roofing Nailer

If you are searching for a top roofing nailer that comes at a good price point, you should consider the 3PLUS HCN45SP 11 Gauge 15 Degree 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ Coil Roofing Nailer. This roofing nailer will drive 0.75 inches to 1.75-inch head coil nails well through heavy-duty asphalt shingles. It comes complete with wrenches, safety glass, and lubricating oil. From the moment you hook it with your compressor, it will be shovel-ready.

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Whether you work with the tool at 80 psi or 110 psi, it will still work great in different settings. With the 3PLUS HCN45SP 11 Gauge 15 Degree 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ Coil Roofing Nailer, you will hardly experience any jamming especially when you use the right nails. The last nail tends to eject out and you will, therefore, know that you need a new coil. You will hardly experience any misfires when working with this pneumatic nail gun especially if you oil it well. The tool comes with a trigger feature that helps it to fire when in bump mode.

The best coil nailer comes with an adjustable shingle guide that ensures fast shingle spacing. It also features side skid pads that prevent the tool from sliding off the roof when you place it on the side. The tool comes with a high-capacity magazine that can hold a maximum of 120 coil nails. To ensure that nails fit controllably and consistently, the tool allows you to adjust the drive depth tool-free.

Pros & Cons

  • Fast and accurate
  • No misfires or jamming
  • Great performance
  • Affordable
  • A bit hard to load nails

The siding guns work perfectly well out of the box. The depth adjustment feature works well but turning it is a bit hard. It’s also a little hard to load nails but when you figure out where they should line up, this should be easy. As a budget tool, it only comes with a warranty of one year. Overall, The 3PLUS HCN45SP 11 Gauge 15 Degree 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ Coil Roofing Nailer is a great tool at an affordable price.

A buying guide for the best roofing nailers

You will find a roofing nailer that meets your needs in one of the above options. But if you still need to research further, here are a few factors you need to consider when choosing the best roofing nailers.

Nail length range

Before buying a pneumatic roofing nailer, you will need to consider the nail length range – This is important as different roofing jobs require different nail sizes. Remember that a tool with a bigger nail range will offer more versatility as it allows you to work on different jobs and with different kinds of materials.

Nail capacity

Some roofing nailers come with a capacity of 100 nails while others have a nail capacity of 120 nails. A roofing nailer with a higher roofing capacity will help you save time that you would otherwise have used in reloading nails. It should also be easy to load the magazine so that you will have minimal interruption when working on your project.

Roofing Nailers (review & buying guide)
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Jam release latch

When properly cared for, the best framing nailer will rarely jam. However, there are instances when the jamming will still happen. This is why you need your tool to have a jam release latch to help you clear jamming quickly.

Air pressure range

The majority of roofing nailers we have reviewed are powered by pressurized air. Therefore, they need to be connected to an air compressor for them to be used for roofing purposes. This is why the roofing air guns come with an operational air pressure range such as 70 PSI to 120 PSI. Roofing nailers that come with a bigger air pressure range are more flexible as they allow you to work on a low or higher pressure range.

Size and weight

Roofing is a project that takes many hours or even days. Therefore, you will need a roofing nailer that comes in the right size and weight. A compact and lightweight roofing nailer will enable you to work for long hours without your hand suffering from fatigue. A small roofing nailer will also easily fit in your tool kit.

Ample padding

You will need a rigid nail gun that comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle to provide a firm grip. The best roofing nailers come with a well-padded handle. It should feel well balanced to provide you with maximum control when installing fasteners. You can use such a tool for long hours without the need to rest. This can go a long way in increasing work efficiency.

The best roofing nailers also come with grip pads on the side that prevent the tool from slipping down from the roof when put down.


Dry firing can be a potential risk when working with a roofing nailer. This is why you should look for the best roofing nail gun that will prevent dry firing.

Nailing speed

The nailing speed will determine how fast you will complete your roofing project. This is why you should seek a roofing nail gun that can fire a minimum of one nail per second. The nail gun should also allow you to easily transition between contact and sequential mode.

The shape of the nosedive

The roofing nailer should come with a big, and flat nose that flush to the ground. This will provide you with optimal nail control.

Durability and warranty

Like it’s the case with any other tool, you will need to choose a roofing nailer that is reliable and durable. This will ensure that you can continue using the tool for long without the need to replace it. One of the best ways to determine the durability of a tool is by checking on its warranty. A cordless nail gun with a warranty of 7 years will be more durable than one with a warranty of 1 year. When you buy a tool with a longer warranty, this will give you peace of mind when working with it.

Roofing Nailers (review & buying guide)
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Faqs on best framing nailers

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the best roofing nailers.

What are the most common types of roofing nailers?

The two most common types of roofing nailers are pneumatic and cordless. The pneumatic nailers come with an air cord that produces steady pressure in the longterm. On the other hand, cordless nailers are usually operated through batteries or gas canisters, which needs to be switched on and off regularly. The cordless roofing nailers are usually more mobile but aren’t as powerful.

What amount of PSI does a roofing nailer need?

The majority of roofing nail guns will serve you well at a PSI of 70 to 120. A light or medium-duty air compressor can easily handle a PSI of 90. However, the compressor needs to provide more flow than necessary. A good idea is to always check for the PSI rating.

What firing mechanism of a roofing nailer is the safest?

The full sequential mode is the safest firing mechanism of a roofing nailer. This is because it only fires when the safety tip of the tool is bumped against the surface that is about to receive the nail. This ensures that no misfiring occurs.

Roofing Nailers (review & buying guide)
roofing nail gun –

Do the best roofing nailers accommodate all sizes of nails?

No. However, they usually accommodate the nail range that is most suitable for roofing. This is often 7/8 to 1 3/4.

Why should I choose pneumatic roofing nailers instead of electric nailers?

Pneumatic roofing nailers are more powerful and fast as compared to the best electric roofing nailers. The roofing nailer also produces more hits per revolution as compared to the electric nailers. Pneumatic nailers are usually cheaper than electric nailers as they have been designed for regular use. Air-powered nailers can be adjusted to produce more RPM and torque by adjusting the compressor’s airflow. By doing so, you can finish the job easier and faster.

Conclusion for roofing nail gun

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Roofing nailers are available in different shapes and sizes and choosing the best roofing nailers for your job can be tricky. Luckily, with one of the above options, you can be assured of a roofing nailer that will serve you well. If you are still lost on choosing the best roofing nailers in this list, we would recommend the BOSTITCH Roofing Nailer, Coil, 15-Degree (BRN175A).

What we loved most about this tool is that it’s powerful, durable, and efficient. With its seven years warranty, you can be assured of good service in the long term. The tool also offers great performance as it supports ¾ to 1 ¾ inch nails. We recommend it for all your roofing jobs.

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