Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw

If you have a woodworking project, one of the things you will need to consider is a good saw. When searching for one, you will want to choose between a band saw and a scroll saw. To make the right choice, here are the differences between the two.

The band saw vs. scroll saw: Understanding the differences

To help you make the right choice, let us look at the similarities and differences between the two:

Scroll saw

The scroll saw has a thin and short blade with a width of less than a quarter inch. The saw tends to oscillate at a higher speed. It has an adjustable speed and all you need to do is to press a pedal. One of the key considerations when choosing a scroll saw is the throat size. This is usually the distance between the blade and the back part of the saw. Depending on what you need, you can choose between a saw with a short throat and a long throat.

Pros of the scroll saw

One of the benefits of using the scroll on a tabletop is that you can rotate it. Therefore, if you need a tool for caricature carving, the scroll saw is the right option for you. The fine blade of the scroll saw will enable you to get fine the fine details you want to achieve.

Scrolls saws are also popular for their clean and intricate cuts. You can create the exact cut you need for your jigsaw puzzles. Since you can control the speed at which the blade is moving, you will get better control of the cut. This will also enable you to handle the material as desired as you can release the foot pedal and stop sawing completely.

Band saw

The band saw works similarly to the jigsaw and will provide a similar cut. You can use it as a standalone tool or you can place it on the table. The saw is a great choice for contractors who want something they can take to their job sites or those without space for bigger tools.

With these tools, you can cut a big curve into the wood, make some RIP cuts through hardwood, and other jobs. A band saw will in most cases have a fence that creates a great rip cutting. However, other jigs can help to cut arches, circles, and other similar shapes.

Pros of band saws

If you need accuracy and speed in your woodworking project, we recommend that you use a band saw. The saw is a great choice for creating those awkward patterns and angles cleanly and quickly. You might think that a jigsaw will work as well as a band saw. While there is some truth in that, you can use your hands to move materials, providing you with better accuracy and control.

Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw – Which One Should You Buy?

A band saw vs. scroll saw: The differences

When choosing between scroll saws and band saws, you will want to understand their differences. These tools differ in:


A scroll saw is a great choice for making intricate designs in a woodworking project. This is because the saws make an oscillatory movement that helps them to deliver a smooth and professional finish.

Material thickness

Your choice of a saw will depend on the material size you will be cutting. The scroll saw is a great choice for cutting thick wooden pieces as it has a thin and delicate blade with dimensions of 0.25 X8 inches long. This blade will not serve you well when cutting thick wooden pieces. On the other hand, a band saw can cut any material from 6 to 30 inches.

Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw – Which One Should You Buy?


If you would like to make circular cuts and curves or some detailed cuts, you should use a scroll saw.A band saw is a good choice for making a straight cut. If you try to make some designs using the saw, these will not be precise or intricate.


If you would like to make a wide range of cuts, you should use a scroll saw. On the other hand, a band saw is a good choice for making the normal cuts.


A scroll saw is usually cheaper than a band saw. The reason why a band saw is more expensive is because it is commonly used for commercial purposes by professional carpenters.


You can see that both the scroll and the band saw are a handy tool to have. Each of them has its place in your workshop. You can use this guide to decide which one to choose. But if you are still undecided, you may want to check out some of the best track saws.

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