Soyond Portable Solar Power Generator Review

 We’ve tested this generator for a few weeks to make sure that you get the perfect value for the money. Personally speaking, I really love this generator and I’m going to continue using it in the future as well.

But your preferences may be a bit different. That’s why we’ve created this review to help you out. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the details of Soyond Portable Power Generator Review.

Design & Built

Soyond Portable Solar Power Generator is a cute little generator that can easily fit into your pocket. I think that was a bit exaggerated but you’d agree with the fact that it’s pretty small in size that you can easily carry it with you anywhere you want. The design of this solar power generator makes you feel confident when you’re moving around people.

Thanks to the sturdy handle that lets you carry the generator into your hands. You can even adjust the height of the handle when it’s not in use. And that’s what people often find interesting because you’d hardly find a durable generator in this range.

There are many other surprising things you’d hear about this generator. This solar generator’s panel is a bit different from the normal solar generator. That’s because it comes with an mp3 player to keep you entertained during the trips. Right under the mp3 player, you’d find an LED light that can brighten up a small area at night.

There is a lamp on one side of the generator that keeps you on track if you’re walking at night. Along with DC and AC ports, you’d also get 4 USB ports to recharge your smart devices. The interesting thing about this generator is that it comes with a USB-C port and a QC 3.0 USB port that can charge your devices really fast.

And there are two 2.1A USB ports that can be used for normal charging. The most interesting thing about this solar generator is that it comes with the 6W solar panel that can recharge the battery within 4 hours. It’s a unique option you’d hardly get with other solar power generators of this range.

Soyond Portable Solar Power Generator Review


This cute little solar generator provides a peak wattage of 300 watts while producing a continuous wattage of 200 Watts for AC machines. That much power is enough for running a range of small appliances like a mini-refrigerator and a small TV. I used this generator to recharge my smartphone and the laptop. And I must say it worked really well.

With a fully charged battery, it can recharge your laptop around 3 to 5 times. And it can smartphone or tablet around 25 times. And I think that’s pretty impressive. I don’t have a mini-refrigerator so I asked a friend to test it for me because he owns one. So, he told me that the generator ran the mini-refrigerator for 9-10 hours after a full recharge.

The interesting part is that the Soyond Portable Power Generator comes with an effective battery management system that can protect the generator’s battery from potential damage. It’s not only a great choice for outdoor adventures but you can also use it in your home in case of an emergency.

We reviewed some other solar power generators in the past but we barely found any other generator with so many amazing features at such an affordable price. And what’s preventing you from buying this product when you’re getting a 1.5-years warranty with it? We’d highly recommend choosing this solar power generator if you need a cheap product with lots of amazing features.


  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Easily Affordable Price
  • MP3 Player and LED Light Included
  • USB-C and QC 3.0 USB ports included
  • 6W solar power included


  • Low Power Output


Soyond Portable Solar Power Generator is a unique product of it’s kind. It’s a small size generator that can be your companion on outdoor adventures. And you can get all these amazing features at a very affordable price.

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