Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator

With summers at our doorsteps and long hours of a power cut, the inverter or generators are a vital part of every household. Running for a longer time, this combination of inverter generator gives a long-running duration. Along with changing trends and modern innovation, there are various types of generators available in the market for you to buy. In the guide, we are introducing Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station Outdoor Inverter Generator.
The latest one in the market, this is one of the best-reviewed inverter generators in the market currently. Serving both as generator and inverter, the Rainier portable inverter generator is easy to carry around. Say it to be camping, power cuts or functions, you can use it anywhere. Here we are going to point out the specifications of the Rainier portable generator to make the generator buying process easy for you.

Rainier R2200i Digital Inverter Generator

Light weight
Value for money
Noise level

Best for powering low-demand appliances for DIY projects, parties, or camping

Determine how much watts do you require

If you want to buy the power generator, what you need to determine first is wattage. These generators vary in wattage and are certainly the most crucial aspect as too much wattage you consume on an average. The Rainier emergency power station is 1800 Rated Watts and 2200 on its Peak Watts. Powered by gasoline, the emergency power station can run up to 13 hours continuously without any trouble. Consuming 1.3-gallon fuel tank, this outdoor inverter generator is worth every penny.

Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Inverter Generator


Eco Mode

This portable inverter generator comes with the added feature of eco mode. Once engaged, this feature will automatically lower its idle standby speed and match the demands required to operate for a more extended time. With this feature, the generator will maximize fuel efficiency and run for a longer duration without stressing out its system.

Size and Portability

Being compact, this emergency power station is highly portable. Due to its size, you can easily carry it around wherever you go say it to be camping, outdoor activities or else. Following the latest trend, the Rainier portable inverter generator has become one of the most sought after portable generator in the market.


The Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station Outdoor Inverter Generator falls under the affordable price range. Serving its purpose to the fullest, this is one of the best deal on generators. Available for purchase both online and offline, you can easily buy it from anywhere.We hope this blog is sufficient to make up your mind regarding the generator.

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