Tack Life Miter Saw EMS01A

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 Adjustable Speed and Durable Tool

With the single press of the switch, you can change over between two speeds (3200 RPM or 4500 RPM) effortlessly for progressively exact cutting, fast for wood while low speed for metal. The sliding cutting structure takes into consideration cutting longer sheets. Worked from hardened steel castings, it gives you a reliable saw that can withstand the day by day afflictions that accompany making a shot at a place of work 

• Bevel Cutting and Laser Guide 

A free slope goes from 0°to 45° permits you to make angled cuts for increasingly flexible employments. What’s more, the edge of miter seat is – 45°/0°/+45°with positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, and 45° in the two headings. Accompanies a laser that precisely tracks the ongoing position and permits you to make exact modifications. 

• Blades and Iron Blade Guard

Richer frill gives a broad scope of the decision, two 10″ 40T TCT edges for wood and plastic, and one multifunctional 10″ 48T TCT cutting edge for flexible use. Strong iron self-withdrawing saw shield is more sturdy than plastic and straightforward one, covering the teeth of the sharp slicing edge to shield you from incidental accidents. 

• Clean Environment and Extension Table

 Additional chip pack associates legitimately to the SAW and assists with gathering SAW dust away from the workpiece during the cutting. A 35mm residue port permits you to interface your vacuum cleaner with a connector to catch a greater amount of the residue. Expansion table with bad habit cinching offers better help and equalization, including steadiness when cutting. 

• Package Contents and 2-year Warranty

TACKLIFE propelled 10-inch 15-amp miter saw, 1*10″ multi-work sharp edge, 2*10″ edges for wood, 1* dust pack, 2*hexagonal wrench, 1* bracing gadget, 1*user Manual, 1*warranty card, two years Warranty.

This miter saw is intended to be utilized on different materials other than wood. That gives carpenters more choices should they have to trim plastics or lighter metals, for example, aluminium.

Some other Features of EMS01A Tack Life Miter Saw

• Extensible Table 

The broadened stage on the two sides includes the steadiness when cutting the extended material. A wrong habit clipping framework assists in fixing the article. 

• Laser Guide 

Red laser direction lights up the cutting line and includes the exactness when you work in diminished condition. 

• Convenient Tool 

Weigh just 31.5 pounds; it very well may be hauled around the place of work easily with the assistance of a built-in compact handle.

• Powerful and tough

TACKLIFE EMS01A sliding compound miter saw includes an incredible 15-amp, 2000-watt engine that conveys productive cutting presentation and sturdiness.

• Multi-practical 

It can be generally applied to different materials like wood, MDF, chipboard, pressed wood, blockboard, hardboard, wood with nails, 3 mm mellow steel plates and that’s just the beginning. 

Double speed modification for adaptable employments 

• Can set the speed guideline change to 2 distinct situations at the speed of 3200 RPM or 4500 RPM
• Adjustable rate can meet your diverse cutting prerequisite.
• Speed 1(3200 RPM): perfect for delicate aluminium, gentle steel plates, and then some.
• Speed 2(4500 RPM): perfect for wood, plastic, compressed wood, and then some.
• Now move to encounter TACKLIFE front line plan.


• This framework works at two paces. Your lower setting functions admirably when cutting plastics or light metals. The higher RPM setting is intended to be utilized when making cuts on wood. This component gives a ton of flexibility to this force device.
• An extra wellbeing highlight is offered with the iron sharp edge watch. The heavier material is sufficient assurance for clients slicing through light metals.
• Expansions are situated on the two sides of the table. These expansions add to the help offered to materials as you cut. 


• A faulty arrangement for the laser guide could make it become canvassed in the dust. As the saw goes through the cut, it will put the red laser in the way of lighter trash. On the off chance that you depend on the laser, you may need to stop for progressively visit cleanings. 

• You should be on your toes, as it were while working at different rates. Cutting materials at an inappropriate velocity could bring about helpless cut quality. That quality change could demolish the material you are working with.

Final Wordings

While I discovered incredible highlights on the Miter Saw, I feel that the TACKLIFE 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw EMS01A is the best miter saw for carpentry and development applications. It offers more flexibility than the other five saws because of its two-speed rating. You can make better than average cuts into light metals, plastics, and wood.

It is a sliding compound plan. It lets you make compound cuts over a more extensive region. That is inconceivable for the models over that don’t slide. It utilizes a 15-amp engine that is sufficiently able to keep the 10-inch edge moving. 

While the chip sack has restricted space, the 35mm port will permit a shop vac to be associated with acceptable residue expulsion—the entirety of this at a sensible cost for most apprentices.

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