Reliable Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide

Here is the additional information you may need to choose the best portable tire inflator for your day-to-day needs.

Types of Compact Tire Inflators

Understanding the types of compact tire inflators helps with narrowing down your choice quite easily. The compact tire inflators can be divided in three major categories.

  • 12-Volt Plug
  • Cordless
  • Direct Power

You can find a number of different products in the market if you start searching for the best cordless tire inflators. Almost all the popular models of cordless tire inflators look the same due to which the customers can’t make an informed decision. In fact, customers don’t even have enough time to compare different models of portable inflators.

Fortunately, we’ve compared the different features of the best compact tire inflators to simplify the process for you. After taking a look at these reviews, you’d be able to buy the best portable inflator for your needs. Now, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the reviews of the…

Best Compact Tire Inflator

Best Overall-Cordless

1. Milwaukee M12 

Milwaukee M12 has a pretty basic display but it’s quite easy-to-use. With a small profile, this portable inflator enables you to check and adjust the air pressure quite comfortably. The tool is so small in size that it can easily fit in your toolbox. Milwaukee M12 belongs to a huge list of 12V tools the manufacturers have produced so far.

It means you can blindly trust their product if you’re looking for a high-quality product with low voltage capacity. Milwaukee M12 offers a crystal clear display so you may easily read the tire pressure even under direct sunshine. You can monitor, the current PSI, target PSI and the tool’s battery life on an LCD display.

Even if you haven’t used a tire inflator before, you won’t face any problem with…

understanding the control panel of this tool. First of all, you need to turn on the tool using the power button. Then you can use the plus and minus to adjust the target PSI. Once the adjustments are complete, you can press on the air pressure button and it will start filling air into the tire.

Milwaukee M12 comes with a 26” air hose that can be wrapped around the tool when it’s not in use. The tool comes with some other important accessories such as Inflator Chuck, Presta Chuck, Ball Needle, and Schrader Chuck. There is a wide carrying handle on top of the tool that can be used when you’re taking it from one place to another.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


You need to understand that Milwaukee M12 takes some time to fill the air in the tire because it’s an inflator and not a compressor. Normally, it takes around 20 seconds to put 10 PSI in the tire. However, the performance may vary depending on the chuck you’re using. Fortunately, you won’t have to hold the hose in your hand while filling the air.

The hose stays fixed in its place and the machine automatically stops delivering air pressure when the targeted PSI is achieved. Milwaukee M12 Cordless Inflator offers better battery life than other portable inflators. This tire inflator can fix your problems in an emergency so you may continue your trip without any delays.


  • Easy-to-Understand Panel
  • Wide Carrying Handle
  • Air hose strictly screws onto the tire
  • Long Battery Life


  • Fills air slowly

Best Overall-Corded

2. Bon-Aire Craftsman 

Bon-Aire Craftsman Portable Inflator has a pretty basic design but it gets the job done quite efficiently. Unlike other portable inflators, this inflator comes with an analog meter. Those, who haven’t used an analog meter before, might have to take several tries to understand it. Based on our opinion, the analog meter is simpler than the digital ones.

The air hose is wrapped around one side of the inflator while the cord is wrapped around the other. The air hose is pretty large in size. So, you won’t face any trouble attaching it to the tire’s nozzle. The inflator comes with additional accessories that can be used to fill the air in tires, air mattresses, portable swimming pool, and other accessories.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide

The storage panel is also located on the back of the tool

It means you don’t need to buy a separate storage case to keep these items safe. Unlike other products, this inflator needs to be shut off manually. So, you need to keep an eye on it while it’s working. Moreover, this compact tire inflator doesn’t work on a battery and it needs to be connected to the wall unit whenever you need to use it.

However, it’s one of the most affordable portable inflators available in the market. And it fills the air in the tires faster than others.


  • Quick and Efficient Performance
  • Long Electric Cord and air hose
  • Analog Meter
  • Compact and Lightweight


  • Only works on wall outlet

Best  LCD Display

3. Dewalt 20V Max Tire Inflator


If you aren’t a fan of press-on adapters, Dewalt 20V Max Tire Inflator can be the right option for you because it comes with the screw-on Schrader chuck. Yes, it’s a bit difficult to attach this type of adapter but it stays in place accurately. Moreover, it doesn’t leak air upon removal. This device comes with an air nozzle, a sports ball adapter, and a Presta valve adapter.

The users rarely use the sports ball and the air nozzle but these are effective options you may use if you want. This air compressor can be connected to your vehicle’s power outlet using its 12V power cord. You may also attach it to a wall unit but you’d have to purchase the AC adapter separately.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


Yes, it’s a portable inflator but it’s a bit large compared to other models we’ve reviewed in this article. The interesting part is that it comes with a storage compartment where you can keep several important items. It can also be run on a battery. So, if you don’t have any power source around you, you can convert it to battery mode to fulfill your needs.


  • Strong and Durable Construction
  • Sturdy Handle for portability
  • Comes with a storage compartment


  • Size is a bit too large
  • Battery and charger not included

Best ventilation system


CRAFTSMAN V20 Inflator isn’t just suitable for your vehicle’s tires but it can also be used for air mattresses. It’s a recommended option for those who need a quick source for inflating their vehicle’s tires. This tire portable inflator has a sturdy yet aesthetically appealing design. On the main panel, you’d see the power button along with the DC/AC switch.

The DC/AC switch is used to change the current mode when the inflator is connected to an electricity source. The top handle enables you to firmly hold the inflator into your hand when you’re taking it from one place to another. Right under the power switch, you can see the LCD display where the current PSI is displayed.

The plus and minus buttons under the display can be used to set the target PSI. On the left corner, you’d see the air hose and the electric cable in an organized manner. You just need to put them back in the position after every use and they won’t create any mess for you. On the right corner, you’d see the pressure valve and the cig lighter charger.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


The inflator can be operated through an AC wall unit. But if you don’t have a wall unit around you, you can connect it to the car’s cigarette lighter outlet. Yes, the CRAFTSMAN V20 inflator can also operate on the battery but you must know that the battery isn’t included in the package. So, you’d have to buy the V20 battery separately.

Moreover, the inflator comes with an effective ventilation system that keeps it cool throughout the process.


  • 3 Power Sources
  • Easy-to-read Display


  • The battery isn’t included in the package

Best for outdoor activities

5. Black + Decker 20V 

Black + Decker is a popular name among the manufacturers of 20V tools. They’ve introduced a number of 20V highly efficient tools so far. Black + Decker 20V cordless tire inflator is an innovative tool designed to make your life easier. It’s not just suitable for your vehicle’s tires but you can also use it for your bicycle’s tire and even for football.

We also carried this tire inflator with us to a camping trip to quickly fill some air in our air mattress. Whether you believe it or not, this tire inflator offers incredible performance in every situation. The inflator has a cylindrical look and it looks quite interesting. Like many other tire inflators, there is a handle on top of the device you can use to carry it around.

In the middle of the operating panel, you’d see a clear LCD display with the plus and minus buttons under it. Use these buttons to set the target PSI and then press the center button to start the process. Obviously, you need to press the power button from the left side of the panel before you can perform these steps.


The right button is used to switch between the AC/DC current. The most interesting thing about this tire inflator is that the air hose is wrapped around the front panel and it doesn’t look messy at all. In fact, it adds an extra touch of beauty to the device. This tire inflator is equipped with a thumb-lever chuck that can be attached or detached within a second.

This tool doesn’t only work with the wall AC unit but it can also run on a battery. However, the battery and the charger needs to be purchased separately. It’s wise enough to buy the battery because it provides more safety in case of an emergency.


  • Thumb-lever for attachment/detachment
  • Accurate automatic shutoff
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Highly efficient ventilation system


  • The battery has a short duty cycle

Best Performance

6. SKIL PWR Core 12 Tire Inflator

SKIL PWR Core 12 Cordless tire inflator comes with an attractive design and it offers outstanding performance as well. This compact tire inflator is prominent among others because it has the ability to run 3 PSI to 160 PSI. It means you can use this tire inflator for filling the air in a truck’s tire.

The tool shows the current PSI and the targeted PSI on the LCD display at the same time. The screen starts showing these readings as soon as you press the power button. You need to adjust the PSI’s using the plus and minus buttons. The unique thing about this tire inflator is that you can press the play/pause button to stop the process whenever you want.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


And the tool also has the ability to automatically shut off when the targeted PSI is achieved. We recommend using this tire inflator for bicycles as well because it doesn’t exceed the limit once you’ve set the PSI. The side-mounted hose wrap can keep the hose organized when the tool isn’t in use.

The additional accessories can also be stored in this unit after filling the air in tires, air mattresses, and other things. Depending on the size of the tire, the duration of filling the air may vary. We used it on a 205/55R16 tire and it took around 6 minutes to go from flat to 44 PSI.

As you know, we normally use tire inflators to maintain the air pressure in the tires. So, it takes only 55 seconds to fill 5 PSI in the tires. We must say it’s one of the best options among the cordless tire inflators.


  • Easy-to-understand design
  • 3 to 160 PSI range
  • Offers accurate performance


  • The screen is a bit difficult to read

Best Lightweight Design

7. Vastar Porrtable Air Compressor

Vastar Portable Air Compressor looks like a power bank you use to recharge your smartphone. This air compressor is so small in size that it can easily fit into your pocket. And you can comfortably adjust the settings after connecting it to your vehicle’s tire. This battery-operated air compressor has the ability to inflate bikes, cars, scooters, and motorcycles.

Moreover, you can use the additional nozzle to inflate balls and other inflatable items. If you’ve ever used the Apple iPod, you won’t face any trouble using this air compressor’s panel because it’s similar to the iPod’s panel.



The digital display makes it easy for the users to read and adjust the settings. You can continue doing other tasks after pressing the start button because the device will automatically stop pumping air after reaching the pre-set pressure. The built-in flashlight helps with conveniently connecting the air hose to the tire.

The only thing we didn’t like about this product is that the manufacturers have used a mix of three different languages on their website. So, it gets really difficult to contact them if you need to ask anything about the product. Similarly, you can only contact them via email and you have to wait for 4-5 working days to get a response.

Thankfully, they’ve provided a detailed user-manual with this device. We found it quite helpful and we learned the additional features of the device with the manual. We believe the manufacturers should focus on improving the customer experience.


  • Quick Inflation and Deflation
  • Includes multiple valves
  • Built-in 0.5W LED light


  • The pump can’t be used while charging

Best Stylish and Attractive Design

8. Vaclife Portable Air Compressor

Now, here comes an attractive and stylish air compressor that can help with inflating car tires without impediment. With this inflator, you can maintain proper air pressure so you may enjoy excellent performance of your vehicle. Most importantly, it can ensure your car’s safety while you’re driving on the road. Now, you don’t need to worry about your car’s tires deflating as you can easily fill the air with this portable air compressor.

We really love the unique and attractive design of this portable air compressor. And it’s a major reason why it has become so popular among users. You just need to place the air compressor near the deflated tire and then connect the electric cord to a 12V power outlet while the air hose is connected to the tire.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


The electric cord is long enough that it can easily reach the car’s outlet. It doesn’t have any battery in it and it directly operates through the 12 power outlets. It’s not even important to have the battery in this device because it can be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. Another interesting thing about this unit is that it has an LED light that enables you to easily attach the chuck to the tire even in the dark. No matter whether you have a car, an ATV, a midsize SUV or a bike, you can easily inflate the tires using 4 extra nozzles that come with this unit.

You can inflate basketball, soccer, or other inflatable equipment with this air compressor. You can also deflate the tires with this unit if the air pressure has increased. This unit can provide you with a maximum pressure value of 150 PSI. This compact tire inflator is made of ABS plastic heavy-duty metal that can serve you for years.


  • Fast Inflate Speed
  • Even a Child can Operate it
  • Built-in flashlight


  • It’s a bit noisy


Best for DIY

9. Fortem Digital Tire Inflator


If your vehicle has a 12v power output, Fortem Digital Tire Inflator can be a lifesaver. This versatile and easy-to-use inflator helps you with checking the tire pressure before every trip. It shows the PSI readings on a large digital display gauge allowing you to get your targeted PSI. You can easily reach all tires of your vehicles while the power cord is connected to the power output.

Storing this tire inflator isn’t a problem at all because it comes with a high quality carrying case. Simply, put the tire inflator in the carrying case and then place it in your car’s trunk. The carrying case can protect the unit from the impact even if you’re driving on a bumpy road.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


Like the Vaclife Air Compressor, this inflator also has a built-in LED flashlight that can be pretty helpful in the dark. This portable inflator is also recommended for those who want to inflate air mattresses, sports equipment, and pool inflatables because it comes with additional nozzles.

If you’re in need of a battery-operated tire inflator, Fortem Digital Tire Inflator isn’t the right option because it only runs through a 12v power output.


  • Compatible with most vehicle models
  • Quick Inflating
  • Comes with carrying case


  • It’s a bit noisy


Best Cordless

10. Avid Power Tire Inflator

This compact and incredibly powerful tire inflator comes with a long-lasting battery. And it has all the important accessories including a charger, an air tap, a 12V power adapter, and an inflating needle. This unit’s design is a bit different from other tire inflators which means you don’t get a storage container to store the additional accessories.

However, the package includes a tool bag that can be used to keep all accessories safe and in place. The auto shut off feature of this cordless tire inflator reduces the risk of over-inflating tires or other items.

You can even charge it using a 12v socket in your car. You’d get to enjoy the excellent performance with the lithium-ion battery. Interestingly, it takes only a few minutes to recharge the battery. From sports balls to pool toys, you can quickly inflate anything with this rechargeable cordless tire inflator.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


Avid Power Cordless inflator can be easily stored in your car’s trunk. You can even hold it in your hand when carrying it towards your vehicle. The unit has a built-in LED light that can provide a better view at night. This unit doesn’t directly work on a wall outlet. So, you need to charge the battery before you can use it.

But it can directly work on the 12V car outlet in case of an emergency. The battery life is displayed on the digital display gauge. Thus, you’d know if it’s important to charge the device before usage or not.


  • Versatile and Easy to use
  • Automatic Shut off
  • Made of Quality Materials


  • Price is a bit high

Best for low-duty applications

11. Oasser Air Compressor

Oasser air compressor is another rechargeable cordless tire inflator that ensures peace of mind for a long time. You won’t have to worry about finding a power source if the tire got flat in the middle of nowhere. The 2200 Lithium-ion battery can fix your problems in any situation.

Without any doubt, this air compressor is more compact and portable than any other tire inflator on our list. Something that makes this air compressor prominent among others is that it stores the pressure settings in its memories. So, if you use this air compressor on a single vehicle, you won’t have to adjust the settings again and again.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


The machine will automatically show you the recent settings as soon as you attach it to the tire. The built-in flashlight helps with attaching the air hose without any mistakes. The only thing we don’t like about this device is that its digital display isn’t very bright due to which you can’t see the readings under sunlight.

Yes, you can place your hand over the display or take it under a shadowed place to check the readings. But we believe the manufacturers should focus on improving this aspect. Overall, this tire inflator is one of the best we’ve found so far. And you can confidently rely on it if you need a companion for your road trips.


  • Built-in Flashlight
  • Ability to Produce 150 PSI pressure


  • The display isn’t very bright

Best Portable Design

12. Oasser Portable Air Inflator

Oasser Portable Mini Air inflator is another battery-powered tire inflator that ensures your safety on the road. It takes only 1.5 hours to fully recharge the battery and it provides quite an interesting experience. This device supports three different levels of air pressure. And it has the ability to reach the maximum level of 150psi.


Best Compact Tire Inflator- Buying Guide


It’s also a lightweight and compact tire inflator you can comfortably hold into your hand. The LCD display comes with a backlight making it easy for the users to check the readings at any time of the day. Moreover, the LED light provides you with peace of mind so you may easily adjust the chuck at night.

The device weighs only 1 pound and it comes with a stylish handbag. It means you can keep the additional accessories in the bag.You’d hardly find this feature in other products of this price range.


  • LCD with Backlight
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • Built-in LED light


  • Doesn’t work when charging

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