Types of  Air Compressors You Should Know About

An best air compressor is a machine which converts power derived from electricity, diesel or petrol engine into potential energy of the compressed air. The device basically compresses the air until a certain point after which it automatically stops. The compressed air under high pressure is then used for various further purposes that are crucially important.

Points to Ponder

When looking for an air compressor, there are certain features that need to be assessed beforehand. These features are variable according to the demand and needs of the user which is why everyone should choose the air compressor with relative and suitable parts.

Type of Air

The quality of the air under pressure is also important in every scenario. Some compressors have dryers installed for de-condensing the air. Moreover, the coolers decrease the temperature and the paper filters help to remove dust, debris, oil, and other particles from the air with ease.

Size and Power

Small air compressors are run by electricity or gasoline motor, whereas, the large compressors come in three different power supply e.g. 208 V, 230 V, and 460 V. The small compressors are used at a smaller scale by people who want to use it for their personal use. However, the larger air compressors are for industries and factories.

Types of  Air Compressors You Should Know About


The air pressure is also variable according to each model of the air compressor.


The portability feature is an additional one as some small air compressors have transport wheels for easy carrying whereas, the vertical air compressors are meant to be fixed and used.

Air compressors are classified according to many different features that are first looked upon before buying.

One of the major categories from the list is the type of mechanism used to drive the compressor. The mechanisms are:

Positive displacement

Positive displacement refers to the idea when a piston compresses the air under pressure. In other words, the volume of the container is decreased to gradually increase the pressure of the air. The types of air compressors that function on this mechanism are as follows

Reciprocating air compressors

These are piston-driven for intermittent use.

Rotary screw air compressors

This type uses screws for compressing the air and are usually used for continuous time.

Vane compressors

These make use of a rotor with a blade to compress the air into the chamber.

Dynamic Displacement

This mechanism is a varied type which converts kinetic energy into potential energy. The rotating blades provide energy to the air that compresses it. Centrifugal air compressor is one of the types.

Centrifugal air compressors

  • Such compressors are for use in industries as large rotating blades generate energy for compressing the air.
  • Some other types of features and specifications that are considered while classifying the air compressors are
  • Number of stages
  • Cooling method either by air, water, or oil
  • Service pressure
  • Lubrication method by splash or forced lubrication
  • Drive mechanism run either by the engine, motor, turbine, or steam

Types of  Air Compressors You Should Know About

Uses of an Air Compressor

  • It is entirely safe to say that air compressors are the lifesaver. The machine is extremely versatile and useful for so many things that the count is lost. Some of the amazing uses of the air compressors are
  • The compressor can be used with a nail gun which is then used for carpentry and building up things.
  • The paint sprayer becomes super-efficient when used with an air compressor.
  • The compressor can be used for inflating the tires.
  • Pressurized air from the compressor can help getting rid of the unwanted weeds.
  • Some water pumps now make use of the compressors for operation.
  • Cleaning the machinery and tools is just another one of the uses of the compressor.
  • Air compressors are also used for air sanders that are smoothing off any surface using air.
  • A little fun under the snow machine is also possible with an air compressor.
  • There are many other uses that are not mentioned as it is out of scope. The uses of air compressors are all invented by people in times of need. There are various other uses that are not discovered yet.

Advantages of an Air Compressor

The uncountable benefits of the air compressor make it one of the most useful machines to date. The device is run on a very basic mechanism yet it is used by everyone for hundreds of reasons. The advantages are:

  • Efficiency
  • The air compressor is extremely efficient in doing its work. The machine has enough parts and features to carry out the desired effect easily.
  • Versatility
  • One air compressor can be used for many different purposes. The versatility of the machine is amazing.
  • Affordability
  • The air compressors for residential use is affordable and cost-effective as its size is small and the mechanism behind the operation is simple. The large compressors for industries are another story.

All in all, the air compressors are of great use as they are extremely easy-to-use with a vast range of things to get done with it. The device has long usage-life as the drive mechanism and the parts attached are simple and sturdy, respectively.

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