Different Uses of a Heat Gun

Heat guns, sometimes known as hot air blowers, are a highly necessary product for experts, artisans, and DIY enthusiasts. Heat guns are renowned for their application in removing paint, welding, and modifying the forms of plastics. On the other hand, these useful equipment are far more adaptable than merely plastic welding gear. Explore more about your heat gun’s fantastic common uses and suggestions!

What Can Be the Uses of a Heat Gun?

Here we discuss the uses of a heat gun in detail:

Stripping Paint

No research has evaluated why people buy heat guns. Nevertheless, we believe the mother of all explanations is that the heat gun was initially purchased to remove paint. These devices have grown so associated with this use that they are frequently branded as paint strippers rather than hot air blowers in retail outlets.

And maybe for a good reason. These hot air devices make stripping old paint a breeze. Heat guns are invaluable tools for repainting doors and handrails, as well as giving your furniture a new lease on life. Sadly, many users of these devices believe that this is their sole use for them.

Defrost Frozen Pipes

If you live somewhere the pipelines freeze during winter, a heat gun is essential for restoring the water flow again. The idea is to keep the heat gun going along the pipe and not to keep it still for too long. Also, avoid heating the pipes in which there are some solder joints, and stay away from combustible materials like foam insulation or timber.

Employ a heat gun with a reflector nozzle to guarantee that the heat is distributed evenly. Always utilize a heat gun to defrost metal pipes, not plastic pipelines. Extreme heat will surely thaw the ice inside, but it will also distort or destroy the plastic pipe.

Remove Car Dents

Are there several creaseless dents upon your vehicle’s body? Heat guns combined with a can of compressed air can assist in solving the problem. Begin by employing a heat gun on a moderate setting to warm all around the dent or above the dent directly, sliding the tool around frequently to prevent damaging the paint. Do this for several seconds before using the can to blast the damaged spot with air. This will result in a coating of ice forming, and the dent will pop up as the ice melts.

Removing Wallpaper

When it comes to décor, removing wallpaper is among those heat gun uses few people think of. Do you need to remove the paint? Everybody grabs a heat gun. But wallpaper removal? The chemicals, as well as the steamer, are brought out. This is disappointing because a heat gun works well for stripping wall linings without the use of toxic substances or turning your living area into a sauna.

Heat guns work by melting the glue paste behind the wallpaper, giving you the unmatched pleasure of removing a whole sheet of wallpaper. Start with the minimum temperature setting on the heat gun and slowly raise it until the glue starts to break down. If you employ too high a heat, your paper will catch fire.

Melt Some Wax

If you unintentionally spill wax on your floor or a table, a quick burst of hot air using a heat gun will easily clean it. You may also utilize the powerful gadget as a clever money-saving strategy. Rather than tossing out candle jars with an inch of wax remaining in the bottom, gradually melt and eliminate them with a heat gun. Once you’ve collected sufficient wax, use the hot air blower to melt everything together, place a wick, and voila! A whole new candle.

Repairing Phone Screen

Most modern mobile phones employ glue rather than screws to connect their external and interior parts, and they’re built in such a manner that you feel like you’ll need the teeth of life to even get to the broken bits. A heat gun can aid in the removal of parts such as the display so that repairs can be made. Just keep an eye on the heat.

Shrink Wrapping

Using a heat gun to apply shrink wrap is indeed a wonderful way to protect books, foodstuff, and mail. A dryer may be used (and several individuals do), but it lacks the necessary strength and heat intensity to create an airtight fit. A shrink wrap hot air blower isn’t a specially designed device; any general-purpose heat unit may suffice.

Generally, we’d suggest using a heat gun with a fantail nozzle to provide uniform heat dispersion on the wrap. Shrink wrapping’s sole drawback is that it’s extremely pleasant and addicting. Anything that doesn’t move within your home is at risk of becoming coated in film.

Final Words

Heat guns may be used in many ways, especially if you are a DIYer or crafter. If you require a heat gun, your local hardware store is the ultimate destination. You will discover a large selection to pick from, and we are sure that they have the right one for you.

Let your creativity with heat guns go wild and come up with your own innovative heat gun ideas; this article just scratches the tip of this powerful power tool’s capabilities. We hope that this article on different uses of heat guns has assisted you and addressed your queries.


Can a hairdryer be used instead of a heat gun?

You may use a hair drier rather than a heat gun for some purposes because their functions are fairly similar. A hairdryer may be used rather than a hot air blower to peel off labels, stickers, candle wax, and other similar activities.

Can you cook with a heat gun?

Heat guns may be employed to cook a range of red meats, but they’re especially good at precisely and delicately cooking steak. Preparing meat with a heat gun allows chefs to cook their meals in a hygienic, smoke-free environment, resulting in a remarkable feast.

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