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ST20K-6822 semi-trash water pump

ST20K-6822 semi-trash water pump is a must-have tool

Nowadays, the race for the most unique garden or backyard has gone to a whole new level. Perhaps, some of the latest trends include small fish ponds and inflatable swimming pools.

In such cases, the ST20K-6822 semi-trash water pump is a must-have tool that will save you valuable time and effort.Of course, buying a clean pump is not a wise idea, especially if you plan on pumping out muddy water. Typically, water that has a high particle, sand, and abrasive content opts for a more specific design. Therefore, the Generac 2-inch semi-trash water pump is bound to make a difference. Let’s take a more detailed insight into the pros and downsides this machine has to offer.

Semi-Trash Water Pump Generac 6822


Generac ST20K-6822

Easy to assemble
Suction power
Easy to assemble

shows a formidable force for small-time projects.


  • Powerful Engine

When you first look at this semi-trash water pump’s specs, you’ll notice the mighty engine. The Generac 208cc 4-cycle OHV engine delivers the whooping 158 gallons per minute.
No doubt, this semi-trash water pump is perfect for tough challenges of any type. For increased comfort, the manufacturer has included a low-oil shut down to protect the engine from damage. Also, let’s not forget the difference in the impeller design. The four-vane design allows the gadget to pump larger particulate.

  • Large Capacity

Of course, power doesn’t matter unless there’s some formidable capacity to use. Well, the 3.4-gallon steel fuel tank provides up to five hours of runtime in optimal conditions. Perhaps, this characteristic is more than enough to empty your garden pond.

  • Portable and Lightweight

Furthermore, the Generac ST20K-6822 wouldn’t be so attractive if it wasn’t for its portability and weight. While it’s not the most lightweight semi-trash water pump in the class, it’s still easy to carry. As for the weight, the 73.9 lbs on the machine is still too heavy to carry. Thankfully, the manufacturer has included two wheels to make it more maneuverable. Also, you can use the folding handle for effortless transportation.

  • Durable

Yet another advantage, dealing with heavy-duty tasks, opts for more durable construction. Arguably, the manufacturer has decided to bet on the traditional open-frame design. Buyers can enjoy the 1-inch frame that can withstand harsh weather.
Moreover, the silicon carbine mechanical seal is durable enough to prevent damage from abrasive particles. That’s one of the reasons why it’s essential to get this semi-trash water pump for unfiltered water.

  • Easy to Assemble

If you’re not so tech-savvy, you may find the assembling of this machine to be a huge relief. What’s more, the pump comes with a pre-measured amount of oil. Within a few steps, you’ll be ready to go. All you have to do is prime the pump and start.(we have also  written a comprehesive guide about the Best Laser Levels)

  • Additional Features

When it comes to the extras, the Generac semi-trash water pump has it all. Arguably, one of the notable features is the color-coded suction and discharge ports. You will no longer mismatch the hose connections. Perhaps, these small amenities can save you lots of time, as they will ensure you connect your hose correctly.

Apart from the onboard instructions, buyers get the “Easy Prime” custom funnel design. It allows for quick and effortless priming. Just fill the pump housing with water to remove the air and create a partial vacuum. That way, you’ll cool and lubricate the mechanical seal for a free flow of water. All in all, you get a ton of features, including an all-inclusive kit. It consists of a 12-foot suction hose, a 25-foot discharge hose, and a filter.

Semi-Trash Water Pump Generac 6822


  • Not CARB Compliant

If you happen to live in the state of California, don’t bother ordering this semi-trash water pump. As the manufacturer states, the product isn’t CARB compliant. Therefore, they simply can’t ship it to the district.

  • A Bit Pricier Than Expected

Even though it’s not the most expensive, this semi-trash water pump is still a bit pricier. Compared to other products in the class, it doesn’t showcase much of a difference. Besides, it lacks some standard features like automatic low-water shutoff.

  • Sub-standard Parts

Last but not least, there have been many complaints about faulty and sub-standard parts. Perhaps, these customer reviews are the opposite of what Generac claims. In this regard, the ST20K semi-trash water pump may not be as durable as one would expect.

In terms of durability, there have been numerous complaints about a malfunctioning start switch. Arguably, this part is one of the trickiest, so you should operate it with greater caution. The same goes for the pump housing. Unfortunately, some customers’ pump housings have blown holes.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Generac ST20K-6822 shows a formidable force for small-time projects. It makes tasks like watering trees, pumping out ponds, and inflatable pools a look effortless.The semi-trash water pump delivers decent quality for the bucks. Most of all, it’s ideal for both clean and muddy water. Now, that’ll save your garden from unpleasant flods!

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