Based on our experience, WEN 56310i is a powerful generator for RV users.

WEN 56310i-RV

To make a wise choice of which generator is best tailored to your needs, let’s continue reviewing other units available. So, let’s take a look and checkout the WEN 56310-i portable inverter generator without any further ado.

Power Output

WEN 56310i delivers a running wattage of 2800W with its 212-cc WEN OHV 4-stroke engine. We really like this generator because you can connect it to a second unit if you need more power. However, you’dneed a WEN 56421 Parallel kit to make it happen.This generator can accommodate your electricity needs for almost 7.5 hours with a full tank. It’sworth mentioning that it has a fuel capacity of 1.85 gallons. The best part is that you can charge your sensitive electronics using this generator. What we don’tlike about this generator is that it doesn’t have that electric starter feature. It means you’dhave to apply some force while trying to start the generator.

Noise level
Value for money
Safety Features
Easy to assemble
Pure Sine Wave

Best easily affordable generator - Based on our experience, WEN 56310i is a powerful generator for RV users.


WEN 56310i is a lot better than the typical open frame generators in terms of design. Its closed inverter generator design makes it perfectly suitable for recreational use. You can easily pull it out of your garage whenever you need a power back-up. Simply grab that strong foldable handle, raise the generator up, and carry it wherever you want.

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WEN 56310-i allows you to charge your batteries with its 12V 8A receptacle. Similarly, you can quickly charge your tablets and smartphones using its two 5V USB ports. This portable invert generator comes with the TT-30R receptacle, which means you can start using it with your RV right after pulling it out of the box.

Automatic Shut-off

The generator automatically shuts off when it’son overload or if the oil is running low. Thus, you’d get perfect peace of mind. The generator shows warning signs before shutting off, so you cansave your important data if you’re running any devices on it.


WEN 56310-i is CARB compliant, which means you can freely use this generator in open surroundings like camping sites, recreational areas, and also close to the house. You can even use it in forested areas as it comes with a spark arrestor.So, you need a top-quality, easily affordable generator for your RV.

Why don’t you buy the WEN 56310-i RV-ready portable inverter generator?

This generator successfully makes an amazing first impression with its appealing modern design. But don’tworry, the manufacturers have not only focused on cosmetics, but they’ve provided all the essential features one may expect from a portable inverter generator.No matter whether you need a solution for your road trips or need a perfect back-up for a basic household, WEN 56310i is the highly recommended option for you.


Based on our experience, WEN 56310i is a powerful generator for RV users. It can also provide an amazing back-up for your house. It offers some interesting features that can accommodate your needs in different situations. If you need more information about this generator, we’d be happy to help you.

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